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CleverDev Software is a web development company serving tailored-made software solutions.

Our brand philosophy

Driving businesses forward with
excellent service quality
Delivering custom solutions tailored
to specific business needs,
however big and ambitious
Developing business
relationships built on trust
and reassurance

Focus on the business side of your business, while we focus on providing you with the right technology and a top-notch web development service.

Last week, we spoke of what makes a company stand out. For us, the answer was quite definite: it’s the people, the core team making things happen.

Well, it’s time to start introducing those people and their values to you! We’re very excited to tell you more about CleverDev Software — or, as it happens this week, to let the CleverDev Software team speak for themselves.

A while ago, we sent out a small questionnaire. The reason to do so was to ask questions about who the people on our team REALLY are — not just as professionals, but as humans.

And we got some gems!

These our some of our favorites:

(Side note: it would potentially take a whole blog post to cover all the areas this team member of ours is proficient in — so that’s actually true.)

(That was a great thing to be mentioned during mental health awareness month.)

(Don’t we all, honestly.)

And we got more! Stay tuned to find out about our crew’s special hobbies and the values they’ve singled out as the most important.

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