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As of May 2020, RoR (Ruby on Rails) is ranked fifteenth in the TIOBE index. This index is calculated based on search queries related to programming. In addition, Ruby is used as a server programming language by about 5.2% of sites in September 2021, while back in 2010, this figure was 0.5%, and in 2018 - 1.6% of sites.

Need a custom ERP, HRM, CRM, or any other web solution to take your business to the next level? Bring your project to life. It will start making a profit in the shortest possible time with Ruby on Rails! What are its features and benefits, and what kind of sites can we create? The answers to all these questions and even more are in our article. In order not to deal with the complexities of programming on your own, entrust the project to professionals from the Ruby on Rails development company CleverDev Software. You will receive top-level service and cooperation with the best specialists in this field.

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Why Choose Ruby on Rails?

Ruby has a user-friendly syntax that is nice to read and easy to write. That's why programmers love it. Why should you choose this particular programming language for developing your project?

Thanks to this, the technology has gained particular popularity over the past few years, and many companies and startups want to order a website with Ruby.

If your project requires the implementation of complex business logic, should work quickly, and be designed for high loads, then Ruby on Rails as a development platform is a good choice.

Notable Services and Apps Developed with RoR

Although the developers of the technology tried to make creating a site in Ruby as simple as possible, it is better to trust the specialists from the Ruby on Rails web development company. Many well-known and popular sites have been developed with Rails. The framework itself is based on the MVC concept and uses the best practices in development: DRY, Convention over configuration, focus on automated testing, and a set of Ruby Way principles. The most famous projects based on RoR are:

Some Myths about Ruby on Rails

There is an opinion that it is impossible to find specialists who develop projects on Ruby on Rails. Of course, they are, it's just that their group is insignificant. This is partly true. Ruby on Rails is available only to good specialists with many years of experience. These can be found at CleverDev Software.

Also, many argue that RoR developers need to be paid a lot. It should be understood that true professionals in their field always have high fees. The Great RoR project is available only to high-level specialists.

Besides that, there is a misconception that this framework does not scale. All projects that are built on Rails have never had scaling issues.

It is worth noting that the performance of Ruby can compete with PHP very well. But this does not play a special role, because the main thing is the time of page generation. The main advantage of RoR is the high speed of project creation at an affordable cost of support.

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Industries We Work With

Application Development Based on Ruby on Rails Technology

CleverDev Software offers the development of solutions based on Ruby on Rails to achieve the business goals of our clients. The flexibility of RoR technology and our expertise in this area allows us to create reliable and stable solutions for various industries. We always satisfy all the needs of customers with the subsequent professional support of finished products. 

CleverDev Software is a trusted Ruby on Rails app development company with years of experience in software development. We have successfully designed and implemented hundreds of projects, winning the trust of customers around the world.

Benefits of Working with Us

We are hiring professionals with at least 5 years of experience in Ruby On Rails, JS, and HTML5 development. We guarantee the high quality of our products

Only relationships based on the principles of partnership can be productive and highly effective. We are building a single team with our partners to achieve the goal.

We build our development process on Agile principles. We make our development process flexible to changes, but taking into account the project delivery schedule.

CleverDev Software RoR Development Services

The success of a software development project largely depends on the right choice of development methodology and project management. Depending on the specifics of the project, we use flexible methodologies and software development practices. Our company provides the following Ruby on Rails Development Services:

We specialize in the development of complex projects in Ruby on Rails and have many years of experience in this area. Rails development is an excellent choice for projects with complex business logic and high security, reliability, and performance requirements. Contact us for more details and to discuss your future product with Ruby on Rails development experts.

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