Upgrade Your Legacy App

Custom web development is a surefire way to get the solution that is fully aligned with your business needs. By building unique web apps, you establish a direct rapport with the customer and add a personal touch to your brand image. Our team of certified web developers delivers high-performing, stable and secure solutions that support mission-critical workflows and deliver value through web platforms.

Healthcare IT Consulting Services for Your Business

Our healthcare IT consulting company enables healthcare providers, care teams, and pharmacies to provide top quality services for larger audiences. CleverDev Software acts as a contracted third-party advisor to improve your organizational competency, streamline low-value processes, enhance the interoperability of your internal medical systems, and upgrade your business growing potential.

Strategy Consulting

  • Analysis of your business needs and technology proposal.

  • A step-by-step IT strategy to enable digital transformation.

  • A roadmap for scaling your healthcare organization.

  • System analysis and technical documentation review.

  • System integration planning.

  • Guidance on data security policies and compliance requirements.

Technology Consulting and Audit

  • Review of your business needs and workflows.

  • Analysis of the current IT environments, data flows, dependencies, and others.

  • Security review and risk assessment of the IT ecosystem.

  • Identification of optimization opportunities.

  • System enhancement planning.

Digital Health App Consulting

  • Revision of your business needs, operational processes, and idea viability.

  • Technical architecture design.

  • Integration analysis and planning.

  • Healthcare project cost estimation and ROI analysis.

  • Healthcare app development and testing.

Health Tech Startup Consulting

  • Market fit analysis and project discovery.

  • Software design (feature prioritization, architecture, tech stack).

  • Prototyping and MVP development.

  • Healthcare software development from scratch.

  • From MVP to a full-fledged product.

Add New Potential to Your Legacy Apps

As one of the mature legacy app modernization providers, CleverDev Software guides companies through the entire legacy software modernization cycle. From ideation and business analysis to mapping the right upgrade strategy, our software experts will analyze, plan, and execute a secure update with no disruption to your business.

Our team specializes in compliant-heavy industries, helping healthcare providers and finance companies achieve their transformational goals through best data security practices and compliance excellence.