CleverDev Software is a web development company serving tailored-made software solutions.

Our brand philosophy

Driving businesses forward with
excellent service quality
Delivering custom solutions tailored
to specific business needs,
however big and ambitious
Developing business
relationships built on trust
and reassurance

Maintaining a strong focus on the customer is a must for a competitive successful company. But to receive such a service we need to understand who our customer is, draw his portrait.

CleverDev Software is a customer-focused service. But we’re looking for not just a client – we’re looking for a partner.

We’re interested in a merger with our customer’s business that’s why it important for us to work with entrepreneurs who share our values and view of the business. These are people who:

Our customers know that one of the top ways businesses become successful is to use recourses effectively but to be ready to choose the best, finding like-minded people.

Real partnership is impossible without trust. We vouch for professionalism of our specialists and our partners know and feel it. Starting work we became a team. Together, there’s much we can achieve. Together, we’ll execute long-term business strategies and create a really unmatched product.

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