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In an industry dependent on movement, it’s crucial to stay agile. Our logistics application software development company helps you achieve the agility of your T&L operations by building custom logistics tracking software fine-tuned to your specific needs.

Logistics Application Software

Logistics Tracking Solutions That Accelerate Your Growth

Logistics supply chains are known for being nonlinear and complex. Our logistics software applications will take the complexity out of your operating cycles and bring upstream and downstream visibility to your T&L management needs. Whatever industry you’re operating in.
Logistics-3PL, Freight Forwarding, and Distributors

Our logistics management software applications help you keep tabs on all things shipment, delivery, and everything in between to make sure nothing is left behind.

Post, Parcel, and Express

With our shipping logistics and tracking management software, you can monitor all parcels in real time and manage their leg-to-leg movements, so no shipment gets lost in the shuffle.


Shipping can be a time-consuming task that steals resources. Our shipping tracking software makes this task easier for you by automating and streamlining shipping and fulfillment tasks.

Freight Rail

Our company helps rail transport companies of any size to make their rail shipping simpler, more efficient, and less resource intensive.

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Custom Software Application Development for Logistics

Get the technology you need to work smarter, not harder, and prevent bottlenecks in the supply chains.

Supply Chain Management Solutions
Fleet Management Software
Inventory Management Software
Order Tracking Systems
Compliance Management Software ent Systems
Performance Analysis and Reporting

Logistics Tracking Software That Runs on Data

Gain insight into crucial metrics at a glance to control costs, assess profitability, and make better decisions for your organization. That’s exactly what our shipping logistics and tracking management software is up to.  

Data Collection

On-vehicle sensors collect data via GPS/OBD

Data Transfer

Sensor data is sent to local gateways

Data Processing

Data is processed and sent to the application server in the cloud

Data Analytics and Reporting

Data is analyzed and visualized for users

Logistics Management Software Applications

Cutting-Edge Tech We Use in Our Logistics Tracking System Software

Our software development company relies on the latest and greatest tech to amplify the scope of your logistics application software with competitive features like asset tracking, demand forecasting, and route planning.

Internet of Things

From end-to-end product tracking to fleet logistics, our IoT-based solutions assist T&L companies in improving fleet performance, inventory management, and shipment tracking.

Business Intelligence

Just capturing data is not enough to act on it. With our BI system in place, you can make sense of the KPIs, surface new opportunities, and spot challenges before they become problems.

AI and Analytics

CleverDev Software embeds AI-driven solutions into your logistics software to enable advanced features like dynamic route optimization, capacity planning, and chatbots.

Your Ultimate Tech Partner for End-to-End Logistics Software Development

Our company offers a wide scope of logistics software development services to help your company achieve desired outcomes through technology.

Whether you’re just making inroads into logistics tech or already far in your journey, our team can provide expert guidance at every stage of your IT maturity to facilitate software adoption and leave common implementation challenges behind.

  • IT assessment and strategic planning
  • Tech stack and feature selection
  • Roadmap development and resource planning
  • Prototyping and wireframing

We offer custom software development for logistics to give your business ideas a real turn. No matter what platform or application type you need, our experienced developers can rise to your challenge.

  • Mobile app development
  • Web app development
  • MVP development
  • UX/UI design services

Getting started with an off-the-shelf logistics platform? Our team helps you customize your platform-based logistics solutions to align them with the unique needs and challenges of your business.

  • Odoo-based software development
  • Zoho-based software development
  • Salesforce-based logistics solutions

Our developers build upon your legacy app to transform it into a reliable, scalable, and feature-rich application that can keep up with your business dynamics. No more maintenance burdens, crashes, and usability issues.

  • Cloud migration
  • Application re-architecturing
  • Application re-engineering
  • Mobile and cross-platform compatibility

Our software maintenance team makes sure your applications are up and running at all times. Continuous monitoring, scheduled maintenance, and intelligent support give you the maximum return on your development investment and promote business continuity.

  • Ongoing system maintenance
  • Application upgrades and new feature development
  • Managed IT services

Our business process automation services transform your ops into standardized workflows with minimized manual effort and higher efficiency. Our team delivers smart dedicated systems that support your operations department and help your company adjust to growing workloads and changing market dynamics:

  • Supply chain management
  • Customer relationship platforms
  • Accounts payable management
  • Mailroom automation
  • Enterprise data management
  • Digital asset management

Our Logistics Tracking Software Development Roadmap

We implement your business vision iteratively and in small sprints to maximize the quality of the deliverables and easily adapt to the evolving project requirements.

Business Analysis

  • Define your software requirements
  • Assess the existing infrastructure
  • Identify your business goals and expectations

Architecture Design

  • Create software specifications
  • Develop detailed design specifications
  • Define an optimal tech stack


  • Create a master project plan with the project timeline and schedule
  • Develop project roadmap
  • Build a system architecture


  • Develop the front-end and back-end of the solution
  • Set up integrations
  • Stick to continuous integration and continuous delivery

Testing and Deployment

  • Perform system testing
  • Run system Integration testing
  • Release the product into the environment

Maintenance and Support

  • Provide L1, L2, L3 support for post-deployment
  • Software performance monitoring
  • Deliver new features

Logistics Tracking Solutions That Tackle Your Biggest Roadblocks

Our custom shipping and tracking software is tailor-made to cater to your specific needs. It fits your business environment like a glove, promoting scalability, adaptability, and seamless integration with existing systems.

Improve efficiency, planning, shipping, and delivery time

By crunching and analyzing real-time data, our solutions revolutionize production processes, making it easy to track inventory levels, process orders, and optimize transportation routes.

Expedite real-time tracking and inventory management

We help T&L companies transform how they manage inventory by simplifying their auditing, planning, and forecasting processes with a digital inventory system.

Coordinate warehouse, shipping, and transportation management

Absolute visibility into all processes is something only 6% of supply chains have. Our centralized software makes sure your supply chain processes are fully visible and can be managed from a single platform.

Optimize fleet, transportation, and operations expenses

With all performance data at hand, you can spot inefficiencies, up your supply chain efficiency, and identify hidden growth opportunities.

Why Choose CleverDev as Your Tracking Software Development Company

Reach out to our company and be confident in your business idea being brought to life.

Logistics Software Applications

Agile Development Processes

We apply best Agile practices to foster an adaptable, predictable, and cost-efficient development process. The result? High-quality software that brings real business outcomes.

Experienced Developers

Our team includes 80% of senior and middle developers with hands-on experience and strong domain knowledge.

Data Security and Protection

We have NDA and internal IP protection policies in place to keep your data safe and sound during development. We also keep up with the latest industry data and compliance requirements.

Proven Track Record of Projects

Our developers have implemented hundreds of projects like yours, so we'd love to help bring your next idea to life — just how you envision it.

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