Healthcare Integration Solutions

Higher Interoperability, Better Care Outcomes

Our custom healthcare integration solutions help providers eliminate the burden of fragmented systems and usher in more data standardization into healthcare workflows. Bridge the gap between disparate health systems to make well-informed, timely decisions.

Healthcare Integration Solutions

Build Custom Healthcare Integration Software to Improve Care Coordination

In healthcare, data orchestration is essential to achieve a unified view for faster insights.  Our healthcare integration solutions help you break from decentralized data repositories and create an ecosystem of data-driven solutions that connect all key players in real time.


Connect across clinical and non-clinical systems to streamline digital care pathways, reduce task load, and provide more effective treatments based on accurate data. CleverDev Software helps clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other organizations navigate the technical complexity of integrations and embed necessary data protection mechanisms in compliance with regulations.


Promote faster claims management and better care coordination by weaving seamless EDI transactions into your data exchange flow. Our developers help insurers ramp up operational speed, enable unimpeded data transfer with providers, and make use of analytical models to prevent fraud.

Life Sciences

Collate data from multiple sources into a single, unified dataset to accelerate innovation. Our integrated healthcare solutions help pharma, biotech, medical device manufacturers, and other life sciences companies to get a panoramic view of product development life cycles and adhere to strict regulatory and quality requirements.

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients

Healthcare Integrations We Perform

We facilitate smooth and secure healthcare data integration between the systems, devices, and applications to optimize your workflows, reduce the cost of care, and comply with the regulations.

HL7 Integration
EDI X12 Integration
EHR/EMR Integration
RFID-Based Integration
Clinical System Integration
IoMT, Devices, and Wearable Integration

Our Approach to Healthcare Integration Solutions

Our developers peer into your current tech infrastructure and identify an optimal way to create a link between your systems.

Our integration experts centralize and integrate your data into a standardized view by building a single data warehouse storage that stores data in a unified format.
We remove your barriers to data accessibility by building public, private, or hybrid infrastructure in the cloud to facilitate easy access and data storage.
With our custom API solutions, you can securely exchange data between healthcare platforms and other applications according to healthcare standards like FHIR.
Our developers build a middleware solution that unlocks data exchange between EHRs, legacy systems, and other applications that can’t be integrated via APIs.
For simple integrations, our developers apply Robotic Process Automation to replace the manual steps required to get the data from one application and enter it into another.

Our Healthcare Software Integration Expertise

Leverage our hands-on experience in data transformation and healthcare integration software to tap into data-informed care that builds on analytics, care coordination, and provider integration to achieve better experiences for every person.

Share your integration challenges and our developers will advise you on the suitable integration method, necessary improvements, and potential risks. We’ll tell you what data to prioritize for integration and determine the right data storage option.

Our integrated care systems expedite a joint approach to care that brings together providers from different specialties and areas — at an administrative, organizational, service, and clinical integration level.

Disparate health systems lead to security risks, inefficient workflows, and overly complicated IT management. With our custom integrated healthcare system, you have all data in one place, including unified dashboards, bundled payments, and more.

We build custom mobile applications for Android and iOS that interface with EHRs, patient portals, remote patient monitoring systems, telehealth solutions, and health data analytics, so you can manage patient data anytime from anywhere.

Custom Integration Solutions That Fall in Line with the Regulations

In healthcare, you have to balance innovation with compliance. Our development team integrates compliance into your solutions from the early stages of development, so you don’t have to choose between the two.


Our developers implement physical, network, and process security measures at the design stage to make sure your solution meets the stringent requirements of HIPAA.


We prepare documentation for solutions that fall under FDA regulation and add necessary safeguards to ensure your application keeps up with the latest requirements.


Our solutions are designed to support HL7, providing a consistent and structured way for healthcare systems to exchange data.


We perform a thorough risk analysis to identify and execute the specific set of HITECH compliance requirements that apply to your solutions.


Our custom healthcare solutions are built in line with the GDPR, implementing data encryption, two-factor authentication, and other requirements.

Our Collaboration Models

As your technical partner, we offer a variety of engagement models that account for your project scope, budget expectations, and talent needs.

Fixed Price

This collaboration model is suitable for small and medium-scope projects with clearly defined requirements, specifications, and schedules.

Time and Materials

As a flexible engagement model, the T&M option is ideal for projects with an evolving scope where requirements, specifications, and schedules aren’t defined at the start of the project.

Budget with Float Scope

Under this model, we adapt to your implementation budget and develop a digital product that meets the core requirements, without exceeding the pre-agreed cost of development.


We fill the talent gaps in your on-site workforce by augmenting your team with our skilled experts — without the commitment of permanent hiring.

Overcome the Toughest Challenges of Healthcare with Our Integration Solutions

Managing data might feel like a balancing act for healthcare professionals. By integrating your internal systems, you can pull patient health data from a multitude of sources to get a patient-360 view.

Unify data from various sources, promoting a seamless flow of information across systems and locations.

Standardize data formats and facilitate interoperability between diverse healthcare systems, ensuring secure data migration and continuous data exchange.

With our integrated healthcare software, you don’t have to flit between the systems. All data entry is automated and standardized, so you can focus on more mission-critical tasks.

Put patients in control of their care by supplementing mHealth apps, patient portals, and other patient-facing solutions with real-time access to health records.

Unified and complete data gives you the insights you need to optimize and improve resources, including staffing, equipment, and facilities.

Whether it’s clinical or organizational decisions, integrations unlock real-time data sharing, facilitating quicker and more informed decision-making processes.

Develop Integrated Healthcare Solutions with a Reliable Tech Partner

CleverDev Software is a trusted healthcare digital product development partner for global organizations. Use our time-tested expertise and mature quality management processes for building high-quality solutions on time, on budget, and on value.

Logistics Software Applications

Hands-on experience with HIPAA, HITECH, FDA, GDPR, and other regulatory requirements

Solid security and quality management processes backed by ISO

Top-tier talent synced with your company’s processes and full-cycle development expertise

A proven track record of healthcare projects

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