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From digital banks to insurtech and accounting, our FinTech software development company helps financial organizations, insurance providers, and other businesses harness the power of edgy technologies to promote business resilience and growth. Our FinTech services are rooted in domain expertise and technology proficiency to produce innovative solutions that solve your business challenges.

Fintech Software Development Company

Our FinTech Software Development Services

Building on our experience and industry knowledge, we offer end-to-end software development for FinTech to help you revolutionize experiences with the least hassle.

Custom FinTech App Development

We offer custom financial technology services based on your unique business requirements. Our solutions unlock real-time data flows to help you upend traditional models and deliver change to customers.

  • Digital payment solutions

  • Lending and finance

  • Financial management

  • Market and exchanges

  • Banking software

  • Wealth management platforms

Web App Development

Let our FinTech software developers digitize your services through secure, reliable, and dynamic web solutions. Improve user experience, accelerate business processes, and give more exposure to your services.

  • Account management solutions

  • Customer support

  • Digital payments

  • Customer portals

FinTech Mobile App Development

Our financial mobile apps enable your customers to access their funds and insights at any time. Create convenient, on-the-go payment experiences that click with your customers’ lifestyles or add more portability to your business operations.

  • Personal finance apps

  • Digital banking apps

  • Investment and trading applications

  • Loan and micro-transaction applications

  • Insurance apps

  • Digital wallets and payment integrations

Digital Banking Services

We help you merge banking and technology for added accessibility of your services and greater service reach. Our FinTech solutions company gives you the tools to go digital and offer competitive experiences for your customers.

  • Neobank applications

  • Asset management platforms

  • Digital KYC and onboarding solutions

  • Back-office automation

FinTech Payment Solutions

Meet and exceed modern consumer expectations with seamless, convenient, and secure digital transactions. Our company powers your payment and billing applications with smart business logic, custom functionality, and robust security.

  • POS and mPOS solutions

  • Contactless payments

  • Peer-to-peer digital payments

  • Digital wallets

  • E-invoicing systems

  • Payment gateway integration

Data Analytics in FinTech

Enable customers to stay on top of their financial health by easily tracking their spending patterns within a single dashboard. Turn your data footprints into insights for better decision-making and streamlined operations within the company.

  • Risk analysis and monitoring

  • Credit modeling

  • Financial analytics solutions

  • Transaction data analytics

  • Automated fraud detection

Cloud and SaaS Financial Solutions

Support volatile business cycles with cost-effective, value-added, and easily scalable cloud architectures. We deliver cloud-based solutions for you to elevate your back-end operations and offer innovative experiences to end users

  • On-premise to cloud migration

  • Financial Infrastructure-as-a-Service

  • Payments-as-a-Service software

  • Banking-as-a-Platform solutions

  • Cloud-based accounting software

  • Cloud-based CRM software

API and Integration Development

Our developers help you provide omnichannel customer experiences and unlock seamless data flows. Transform your internal ecosystem into an interoperable digital estate to improve operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, and spot new growth opportunities.

  • API management

  • Banks’ APIs Integrations

  • Payment Providers Integration

  • Third-party Integration

  • Assets Integration

Cybersecurity Services

Our software engineers help you improve the security posture of your applications and protect sensitive financial data with end-to-end data encryption, access management, and industry-best data security practices.

  • Data security and vulnerability audit

  • Data encryption

  • Role-based access control

  • Securing networks and applications

  • Cloud security

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

We deliver compliance-ready FinTech innovation that meets regulatory needs. Face an ever-changing regulatory environment with transparent data architectures, real-time transaction monitoring, and other solutions.

  • RegTech applications

  • Automated KYC verification and AML

  • Risk assessment

  • Validation of enabled compliance mechanisms

  • Penetration testing and vulnerability audit

QA and Software Testing

Our quality assurance engineers validate every aspect of your FinTech solution to make sure it’s up to your expectations and user needs. We also ensure the high performance of your applications through multiple rounds of testing.

  • End-to-end testing

  • Performance testing

  • Integration testing

  • Testing during software modernization

DevOps Support

Our DevOps teams will help you accelerate your financial software deployment through automated development, continuous delivery, testing, and monitoring. Enter the market faster without compromising product quality.

  • Development pipeline automation

  • Continuous release and deployment

  • Continuous integration

  • DevOps resource planning

Financial Technology Solutions for Your Business

One of the trusted FinTech solution companies, CleverDev Software provides tech solutions for all kinds of organizations, whether it’s banking or healthcare providers.

  • Building digital-first financial services products
  • Modernization of core banking platforms
  • Migration from legacy to modern architecture
  • Delivering lending platforms that streamline loan servicing
  • Engineering data analysis solutions for banking and finance
  • Building digital loan management solutions
  • Engineering automated underwriting applications
  • Delivering credit scoring solutions
  • Embedded digital lending software development
  • Integrating lending solutions with third-party services
  • Onboarding, underwriting, loan fulfillment, and loan collection APIs.
  • Custom corporate finance software development
  • Enterprise accounting software development
  • Automating complex, non-standard financial processes
  • Delivering accounts receivable automation software
  • Engineering automated billing workflows and invoice processing
  • Improving your revenue management with data-driven architectures
  • Building custom solutions for personal wealth management
  • Setting up account integrations for finance management application
  • Implementing data security and eliminating application vulnerabilities.
  • Adding real-time spending and tracking based on data analysis
  • Solutions for detailed budgeting and user’s net worth tracking
  • Real-time notifications and spending alerts
  • Building investment tracking applications for crowdfunding, private placements, SME, and real estate fundraising
  • Automating your investment business operations
  • Delivering investment portfolio tracking for analyzing and reporting investments across portfolios
  • Leveraging real-time market analytics
  • Facilitating admin back office for your investment platform
  • Delivering tailored customer relationship management software for banking, insurance, and wealth management
  • Customizing ready-made CRMs to match your unique business needs
  • Building and integrating finance management modules into your CRM systems
  • Establishing omnichannel internal and service-customer collaboration for banking organizations
  • Enabling real-time client-insurer interactions
  • Integrating EHR/EMR systems with claims management solutions and payment processing software
  • Simplifying care expense management and patient payment
  • Building automated digital Health Savings Account (HSA) enrollment
  • Delivering healthcare banking applications and healthcare accounts payable solutions
  • Benefit assessment and reimbursement software development
  • Streamlining claims management, underwriting, and customer identification verification
  • Integrating insurance systems with healthcare providers
  • Automating credit scoring and insurance payments
  • Internal workflow automation with document management software
  • Building customer portals for a fully digital onboarding experience
  • Maintaining and modernizing your existing legacy insurance software
  • Marketplace lending and SaaS lending platform development
  • Delivering loyalty program management software
  • Automating and unifying sales and marketing processes
  • Facilitating customer analytics and real-time decision-making
  • Integrating payment gateways for in-app transactions
  • Digitizing consumer point-of-sale financing

Technology Stack We Use for Our FinTech Solutions

Our FinTech software company prioritizes secure, scalable, and cloud-ready architectures based on the latest technologies that easily accommodate your dynamic workloads.

Custom Solutions for Individual Needs

CleverDev Software is one of the top-rated FinTech software companies with a dedicated service line for tailored FinTech software development.

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icon End-to-End Product Development
End-to-End Product Development

Delegate the full cycle of custom software development to our experienced team. We offer all-in FinTech development services to build a winning MVP from scratch and turn it into a worthwhile investment.

icon Team Augmentation
Team Augmentation

Hire an experienced team of FinTech development experts for development speed-up, flexible team sizing, and faster time-to-market. We need 2 to 4 days to schedule an interview with the qualified developer talent required for your position.

icon Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

Minimize the effort spent on your low-value business operations and add more agility to your critical processes with cutting-edge technologies. Transform aging architectures into flexible, automated, and future-proof ecosystems offered by our IT consultants.

icon Maintenance and Support
Maintenance and Support

Our team provides post-release maintenance for all our projects to keep your software up-to-date. We eliminate security vulnerabilities, fix issues, and deliver updates so that your application delivers a high-quality user experience at all times.

How We Approach Software Development

One of the mature finance technology companies, CleverDev Software relies on time-tested processes for successful product delivery.

Development in Accord with Your Business

It’s not enough to build a high-quality product and deliver it on time. It’s market-fit and business-led applications that deliver the greatest value. Our company develops a deep understanding of your business objectives and matches them with market gaps that your application can fill. The result is an unrivaled digital experience with high ROI.

Defining an Optimal Tech Stack for Scalability

The financial sector has to deal with an ever-growing amount of data. We make sure your product can accommodate growing workloads and place your application on top of elastic architectures. We also work with you to define the best technology stack for your needs and estimate all bottlenecks.

Guaranteeing Security and Compliance

We put data security and confidentiality at the center of our development processes to keep your data secure and confidential. As financial service providers have to operate under strict regulatory compliance, we help you achieve compliance excellence by building your product according to the applicable regulations.

Creating an Impactful Customer Experience

The lasting change in FinTech has to center on customer buy-in. Whether it’s insurance software or a budget management app, we make sure it delivers the best-grade end-user experience based on the best design practices, intuitive user flows, and your customer persona.

Why Choose CleverDev as Your FinTech Development Company?

Working with us you get access to our vetted developer talent pool, cost-effective solutions, and turnkey development services.

Customer-Centric Approach

We deliver innovation with your unique requirements in mind.

Latest Technologies

Our products are built to last and grow together with our business.

Impeccable Product Design

We make sure your customer needs are heard and taken care of in your software.

Speed to Market

Jump-start your product development and release ahead of competitors.

Agile Development Processes

Our team applies an iterative approach to increase software quality and business value.

Scalable Teams

We offer scalable team sizing to let you change the shape of your team based on current project needs.

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