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Accelerate Your Practice with EHR Innovation

We specialize in delivering seamless EHR software development services tailored for healthcare businesses committed to elevating clinical productivity, streamlining processes, fostering interoperability, and strengthening doctor-patient communication. Our team of skilled engineers excels at smoothly migrating data from legacy applications to cutting-edge EHR development, ensuring a flowing transition for your systems.

EHR Development
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What Is EHR Software?

CleverDev Software builds platforms to facilitate the real-time sharing of information with authorized caregivers outside your organization, offering a comprehensive perspective on an individual's health. They play a pivotal role in the digital transformation and dissemination of crucial health information.
EHR Software
  • Tailored for private medical environments
  • Immediate access to digital records on-site
  • Provides an in-depth understanding of an individual's treatment
  • Openly available to all actively involved caregivers
EMR Software
  • Laboratory information systems
  • Pharmacy orders and e-prescriptions
  • Patient management and engagement
  • Billing data

What Are Our EHR Software Systems for?

We develop corresponding programs to efficiently handle operational activities, electronic documents, customized chart templates, and clinical dashboards. Our engineers distribute reports, appointment scheduling, people’s profiles, medication lists, and access control modules.

With customized web technologies, providers can easily access the following data:

Bespoke EHR Solutions Tuned to Your Business Needs

We provide unique and reliable advancements that enhance the storage of reports, simplify digital prescriptions, provide faster test results, accelerate details about treatment plans, and much more — all within a centralized database.

EHR Software

Personalized Medical Services

Elevate your practice by optimizing staff productivity, raising care standards, and reducing overall costs. Our personalized operating systems enable smooth appointment scheduling, integrated communication tools for patient-doctor interactions, and more.

Electronic Health Records Software

Interactive Patient Portal

Revolutionize your experience with the portals provided by our EHR development company. Facilitate enhanced communication and e-prescription handling, along with managing and consolidating clinical procedures.

Custom Electronic Health Records Software

Medical Analytics

Integrate modern technology into your custom development of EHR. Utilizing machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science, we incorporate predictive, prescriptive, and precision diagnostics. Empower decision-making in managing and preventing chronic diseases through reliable predictions based on comprehensive details processing.

EHR Software Systems

Security and Compliance

Prioritize safety and consent with our HIPAA/GDPR-compliant strategy. By leveraging secure cloud hosting options, we ensure optimal storage, safety, and scalability. We adhere to protected health information (PHI) rules, meeting HL7 standards for secure transfers. Trust in a technology that guarantees the confidentiality and compliance of sensitive facts.

Telemedicine Applications

Telemedicine Applications

Unlock the potential of telemedicine with our innovative apps. They perfectly integrate with health tracking technologies, including wearables, sensors, and IoT connections. Utilize unique applications with cloud-based data collection and monitoring capabilities.

Elevate your experience with tailored solutions designed for efficiency and precision.

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Benefits of EHR Customization

Being among the leading EHR software vendors, we prioritize creating projects with essential capabilities, empowering organizations to deliver top-tier care. We pay close attention to secure protocols and documentation, ensuring excellence in healthcare services.

Proficient Appointment Scheduling ull Details on Each Patient

Boost patient empowerment through comprehensive access to health records and a user-friendly portal, fostering engagement and collaboration. Elevate the overall individual experience with streamlined appointment distribution, improving efficiency, and reducing no-shows through our intuitive scheduling and reminder system.

Customizable Templates and Electronic Chart Forms

Customize clinical documentation to meet specific needs, enhancing productivity and accuracy with adaptable templates and electronic forms. Access valuable insights effortlessly with detailed dashboards, offering a comprehensive overview of information for informed decision-making and thorough governance.

EHR Practice Management Software

Simplify practice operations with our integrated administration module. From appointments to billing, manage it all seamlessly in one place. Keep your team on track and ensure no critical tasks are overlooked. With our task tracking and reminder system, you can amplify coordination and accumulate your clinical workflow.

Forecasting Health Conditions

Reveal trends and patterns in symptoms, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning with our advanced analytics for symptomatic identification. Anticipate people’s needs and plan proactively by utilizing our forecasting feature, staying ahead in managing health conditions effectively.

Evaluating Departmental Productivity

Assess the impact of treatments on persons outcomes and elevate the quality of care through our tools for evaluating treatment effectiveness. Optimize resource allocation and overall efficiency with our instruments, offering insights for assessing and improving departmental productivity.

Storing Insurance Information

Securely store and organize insurance details, simplifying billing procedures and ensuring accurate reimbursements through our dedicated storage. Establish financial clarity by accurately identifying payer credentials and reducing errors with our intuitive payer details specification feature.

Distributed Access Control

Tailor access permissions to align with your organization's structure, increasing security and confidentiality through our flexible access control levels. Fortify your system against unauthorized access by ensuring security with our multi-factor authentication feature, ensuring your customers safety.

Secure Transfer and Encryption

Ensure the confidentiality and security of sensitive information through cutting-edge encryption, guaranteeing its safety at all times. Safely and reliably transfer reports through secure channels and protocols. Facilitate uninterrupted flow from medical devices to your system, improving accuracy and competence with our integration capabilities for gadgets.

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients

Electronic Health Records Software Development Integrations

We aid providers in consolidating varied health information into a cohesive and precise source. By consistently integrating health charts with internal systems, wearables, and third-party sources, we facilitate protected information flows to improve care and enable proactive treatment.

Customer Management System
Lab Information System
Hospital Management System
Pharmacy System
Development Electronic Health Records for Mobile Apps

Client Success

Uncover the revolutionary influence of our elite team of EHR solution providers and their exclusive successful projects for intricate business performance.

Our Tailored EHR Development  

Being a highly reputable EHR developer, our company delivers a diverse range of personalized digital health functions, modernizing health transcription processing and storage across global facilities. Our meticulously chosen team of developers excels at crafting new platforms from scratch and transforming existing systems into top-tier centers within the industry.


Our experts offer comprehensive support to providers in selecting, developing, integrating, migrating, and deploying the project. We guide providers in determining the necessary functionalities to meet their specific needs. To upgrade the existing platform, we conduct audits, providing recommendations for updates and ensuring it remains up-to-date, effective, and compliant.

Personalized EHR System Development

Leverage the power of custom applications to tailor your system with specific modules and apps. Our team ensures smooth integration of features and user experience design relevant to your practice, resulting in a scalable and user-friendly final product. Discover how bespoke programs can significantly benefit doctors and nurses in anticipated ways.

EMR Integration Software

Facilitate faultless and secure data flow between various systems with our expertise. Tailoring integration to your specific IT infrastructure and business requirements, our consulting team assists in selecting the optimal strategy. Some of the options include RPA integration, uniform access, and API integrations. Choose a strategy that aligns perfectly with your needs and ensures efficient interoperability in your ecosystem.

Updating the Current Data Governance Structure

CleverDev Software current e-record systems are enhanced and customized to properly match evolving business requirements and industry standards. In addition to end-to-end modernization, we create and install bespoke elements, such as financial systems, customer interaction tools, handling of claims, and other modules.

EHR Development Plan

Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of the technologies essential for coherent integration and end-to-end custom electronic health records software development. Our versatile operating system is designed to be implemented in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments, ensuring scalability and secure oversight of personal details in any scenario.

Identifying the Requirements

Our team meticulously analyzes and defines the requirements while selecting the optimal technology stack. This ensures a strong foundation for the project.

Project Mapping

We create a detailed project blueprint, outlining milestones and setting realistic estimates. This step ensures effectiveness for project managers and coherent resource allocation.


Leveraging insights from requirements and project mapping, our developers craft a customized platform, aligning perfectly with your organization's unique needs.

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated QA team conducts authorized testing and certification to ensure the functionality, security, and reliability of the robust and error-free system.


We immaculately integrate the electronic health record systems software into the broader hospital ecosystem, including data migration, for a unified and proactive environment.


We audit and optimize system performance, promptly addressing operational issues and implementing upgrades for sustained efficiency.

Collaborate with Us for Electronic Health Records Software Solutions

Seize the opportunity to collaborate on the sophisticated development of the electronic health record. Elevate your systems with a partnership focused on precision and professionalism. Initiate the journey towards progressive innovation and excellence in management.

Logistics Software Applications

Demonstrated proficiency in healthcare projects, encompassing various types of electronic health records.

Practical familiarity with document sharing and interoperability standards (HL7, FHIR, XDS/XDS-I, and more).

Strict adherence to recognized regulations (HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, and more).

Seamless integration with proprietary systems such as Epic, Meditech, and others.


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