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EMR and EHR Management Success Story

Clever Dev Software developed and tuned an exclusive EMR and EHR management ecosystem for our client and transformed tedious workflows into a smoothly integrated solution with strict adherence to the regulatory procedures. The solution received 88% of positive feedback from healthcare specialists in our client’s company for improved diagnostic capabilities and upgraded outcomes for their patients.
EMR and EHR management

About Client

An acknowledged care provider, headquartered in the US, supports its patients with responsive rehabilitation therapy, treating physician and nursing care, and also custodial assistance. Our client gives the community even more than professional assistance — it delivers family-like help and support.
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Effective data management solutions are at the rage today as it is crucial across industries to streamline information flawlessly, effortlessly, and with the highest level of security.

Moreover, healthcare providers cannot operate in entirety without EHR and EMR integration across hospitals, clinics, insurers, and clearinghouses. Meanwhile, according to IBM, data breaches in healthcare are at the top of the list of the average data breach cost of any industry. As for 2022, this amount reached $10.1 million. So, protected concepts are of vital importance for such a significant part of our life as the healthcare industry.

The advanced project of our client has a secure EMR and EHR management solution in its core that is fully compliant with legal regulations and requirements and ensures extra protection of its patients’ data. We, at CleverDev Software, proudly contributed our skills, expertise, and commitment to this truly important social project. The details of building the EMR and EHR management ecosystem are unveiled in our extended case study.

EMR and EHR management for BPA

Business Challenge

Our client needed a robust EMR and EHR software solution to boost the efficiency of its business processes. It also aimed at providing healthcare specialists with quick access to patients' data for effective treatment and care services. One more essential requirement was enabling smooth data to streamline insurance partners and clearinghouses.

Before turning to CleverDev Software, the company relied on a general CSP provider for EMR management processes like data collection and consolidation, billings and invoicing, payments tracking, and approvals. However, as the system was poorly tailored to our client's specific tasks, it disrupted workflows that caused specialists’ burnout, serious data retrieval, and security problems.

One more critical disadvantage was the failure of the previous system to catch the development strategy of the company and provide up-to-date support to the rapidly growing patients and caregivers user audience of our client. Another problem laid in the perspective of security and regulatory compliance for sensitive EMR and EHR data of patients as the former CMS provider was not a fully reliable solution for the demanding business of our client.

On that account, it was a smart decision of our client to approach CleverDev Software and build exquisitely-tuned, innovative, and confident software for EMR and EHR management for BPA delivered by our seasoned certified development team.


With IT-intensive custom software development being the only solution to the challenging problem, CleverDev Software was a logical choice for the customer. As an EMR and EHR management software vendor focused on healthcare software development, we are experienced in building custom EMR and EHR management software for our clients. In this way, we started the process of developing remote patient monitoring software that integrates EHR and EMR fully from scratch.

With this product, we aimed to create a well-balanced tailored solution that would securely process sensitive data, lock it away and store it, facilitate smooth integration with insurance providers, then analyze all the available information. Providing healthcare specialists with cutting-edge opportunities and capabilities was our goal.

In an easy and intuitive system, CleverDev Software's team introduced innovative tools for automating remote patient monitoring. These core functionality is made up from:

  • EMR and EHR Management Cycle. It facilitates the complete life span of medical records management starting with their creation, storage, maintenance, and streamlining. It follows all the strict requirements and legal regulations (HIPAA) for sensitive health data.
  • EHR and EMR Tracking. The functionality opens additional capabilities for medical specialists — they can add notes or statuses, for example.
  • Online Document Approvals. The feature significantly reduces specialists' overloads as they can approve treatment plans, recommendations, and diagnoses based on EMR and EHR data. The processes work without tons of paper documents or additional visits of patients.
  • Billings, Invoices, and Insurance Integration. All functionality can be found in one place: healthcare specialists get a BPA solution that creates billing reports and controls payments.
  • Monitoring and Control of Patient Compliance. EMR and EHR information is also provided for analyzing patients' demands using the control feature.

With our dedicated teams of skilled experts in a variety of related tools and technologies for projects such as this one, we are proud of the quality of our omnichannel solutions.

A critical aspect of this healthcare project was the encryption of EMR and EHR files as well as the safe sharing of insurance provider data. As well as integrating and analyzing financial data, we implemented a business intelligence system.

As the EMR and EHR management for the BPA project is built from scratch, our senior developers worked along with business analysts, system architects, quality assurance professionals, and UX/UI specialists.

EMR EHR Management Feedback
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The BPA solution we created for our client is resourceful, speedy, and particularly productive. Our strategies for effective EMR and EHR management are delivered with full compliance with legal requirements and regulations and guarantee the highest degree of data safety.

As of now, a proprietary system custom-tailored to the needs of our client has yielded outstanding results.

Top-Level Data Security

The information stored in our clients’ EMRs (including patients' PHI) is carefully guarded against hacking or unauthorized access. We also protected data transmission across chats, notifications systems, and integration with insurers and clearinghouses.

Data Consistency

Our unified EMR and EHR management ecosystem creates a reliable source of patients’ data ready for advanced utilization and further analysis.

EMR and EHR Integration

Our integrated BPA project is a core of a clear integrated flow of data that prevents and reduces errors, streamlines workflows, and empowers the consolidation of healthcare and insurance providers.

Data Backup and Recovery Plans

We incorporated a protected backup feature for our BPA solution that fully complies with HIPAA regulations and other legal health data requirements. The feature is incorporated into a far-reaching data security plan that includes encryption and safeguarding and will bring the whole system back in the shortest time.

It was CleverDev Software's responsibility to research and develop the system, develop custom software, test it carefully, deploy it quickly, and release it smoothly. As a team, we delivered not only an efficient yet a functional solution. The development strategy, project realization, and subsequent service desk support system of our clients are all done with enthusiasm by our team.

The EMR and EHR management solution was successfully developed and implemented within six months. The result simplified business workflows, efficient patients data management and processing, and the opportunity for new growth.

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We Are Open to New Projects

When there is a need for a progressive software solution that guarantees the utmost security of data across all the processes it is your responsibility to turn to professionals. The team of CleverDev Software has proven expertise and years of experience in a demanding sphere of EMR and EHR management software delivery and regulatory-compliant solutions. For that reason, we are skilled and knowledgeable from a to z about building BPA systems for various industries.

Please contact our development team for expert advice on business process automation and EMR/EHR management and to learn more about our competencies in custom software development.

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