Logistics App Development Services

Minimizing Your Barriers on the Way to Faster Fulfilment

Fast and reliable delivery is key to satisfying the needs of your customers. Our logistics app development services help logistics vendors and departments reach the industry standard, slash operational costs, and eliminate transportation roadblocks.

Logistics App Development
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Our Logistics Software and App Development Services

New delivery modes, supply chain disruptions, and inventory chaos - you’ve got a lot on your plate. Our logistics app development company builds both customized and from-scratch solutions that pick up the slack, helping you manage everything from fleets to routes to drivers to products, and more.

Warehouse Management Solutions

Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Fleet Management

Business Process Optimization and Automation

Customer Management

Last-Mile Delivery  

Product Development

Logistics App Development Services for Business Needs

As a technology partner, we speak the language of your business and find optimal solutions that cover the unique needs of your company.

Our transport and logistics app development company helps 3PL, 4PL, and LLP companies build cost-effective solutions that prevent delivery delays, decrease transportation costs, and eliminate communication gaps.

CEP companies are losing revenue because of outdated software and scattered IT infrastructure. With our custom solutions, you can overcome this challenge, adopt new modes of delivery and increase customer satisfaction.

As a manufacturer, you’re faced with multiple challenges — logistics management shouldn’t be one of them. Connect with our logistics software and app development services to automate logistics processes that hamper your daily operations.

Our team develops solutions that innovate logistics connected with your product distribution, helping you optimize select portions of the chain or transform the entire distribution workflow.

Allocate more time to business processes that truly matter by embedding automation into your order fulfillment processes. From payments to inventory tracking, our apps offer a smarter way to handle your business.  

Software Application Development for Logistics: Automate Your Supply Chains

We provide solutions that take the complexity out of your logistics management processes and help your teams enhance their day-to-day operations with a single-dashboard solution. Our applications lay the ground for an omnichannel logistics network with enhanced visibility and easier communication between players and across engagement channels with customers.

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Build a centralized platform for your logistics workflows that collect data across channels  
Make informed decisions backed up by real-time data insights
Get rid of paper-based workflows and minimize administrative creep
Enable seamless communication that flows both up and down the supply chain
Improve transparency and visibility to offer customers insights into their purchases
Optimize resource allocation, whether it’s vehicles, workforce, or warehouse space
Integrate compliance checks and document management into your software to facilitate compliance
Logistics App Development Company

Elevate Your Business with Our Custom Logistics Apps

Over 70 percent of logistics companies still struggle to go digital. CleverDev Software provides custom logistics services supported with mobile app development expertise to help shippers put in the foundations of the digitalization required to build up resilience and grow their business.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Whether you’re stuck with patchy digitization processes or still a stranger to automation, our company helps build both entry-level digital capabilities and full-scale automation into your ecosystem to elevate your customer experience and lower operating cost.

Supply Chain Resilience

Supply Chain Resilience

Our solutions bring great visibility and agility to the table so that you can adapt sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution activities, while also enhancing supply chain risk management.

Sustainable Logistics

Sustainable Logistics

Pave the way to sustainable transportation through route optimization, smarter resource allocation, integrated logistics, and minimized fuel consumption. Our custom solutions support your green logistics strategy and give you a leg up in the competition.  

Differentiated Customer Experience

Differentiated Customer Experience

Customer experience is a critical competitive advantage in the logistics industry, but only a few companies leverage it. Our solutions make it easier to retain clients and reel in new customers by offering game-changing capabilities and unmatched visibility.

Connected Operations

Connected Operations

Tap into embedded intelligence and IoT to have a tighter grip on asset management, fleet monitoring, and warehouse tracking. Our logistics apps make sure you get the right product to the right customer at the right time, right place, and right condition.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Generate more accurate supply and demand forecasts to inform inventory and shipment planning, anticipate customer needs, and locate new revenue streams. We use the combination of big data and analytics to equip your solutions with intelligence capabilities.

Full-Cycle Logistics App Development Services

From concept design to app development and migration, we provide the resources and tools necessary to support you on the path to transformation.

Consulting and Discovery

Consulting and Discovery

Our team provides professional IT consulting on how to make the most out of new technologies and get better value from tech spend. We validate your use case, advise on the optimal tech stacks, and map out your transformation journey.

  • Analytics and automation
  • Product development roadmap
  • Requirements elicitation and analysis
  • Architecture, UX and UI design, tech stack
Custom Logistics App Development

Custom Logistics App Development

Our team implements a comprehensive stack of IT solutions, making sure the selected tech stack and development approach marry well with your project requirements and accelerate your speed to market.

  • Prototyping and MVP development
  • End-to-end T&L software development
  • Integrating with internal and third-party systems
  • Quality assurance
Legacy Software Modernization

Legacy Software Modernization

Don’t let your legacy software keep you from future success. CleverDev Software helps you get the performance of your apps back by upgrading their look, functionality, architecture, and technology stack.

  • IT infrastructure audit
  • Legacy to cloud migration
  • Transition to a microservices architecture
  • Application reengineering
Support and App Evolution

Support and App Evolution

We provide post-release care to address the immediate needs of your applications. On demand, our team develops an evolution strategy and schedules new application capabilities for release.

  • Troubleshooting and maintenance  
  • User training and documentation
  • Product enhancement

Logistics Mobile App Development Cost Plans

We offer a variety of engagement options so you can leverage our expertise on the terms that suit your company.

Managed Project

We organize, plan, and handle all the variables that go into a project, from inception to completion.

Team Extension

Our company provides a pair of extra hands to fill your talent gap and accelerate your time to market.

Single Service

We step into your project to manage a select task such as UX/UI design, mobile app development, or MVP delivery.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Your Logistics IT Foundation

We combine tried-and-true technologies with present-day innovations to make sure your T&L company is well-prepared for the future.
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Transition from a linear supply chain to collaborative, easily visible networks by enriching your solutions with smart sensors, 5G capabilities, and the latest of IoT technology.

Build intelligent conversational user interfaces that aid your customers, take over administrative duties, and deliver critical updates to your employees.

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Always up-to-date inventory, increased flexibility, and standardized processes - those are just a few benefits our cloud-based solutions bring forward.

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Using smart analytics, our applications give you the insights to act faster with confidence, predict transit time more accurately, plan capacity, and identify at-risk shipments.

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For companies with complex business flows, we build applications based on modular architecture to enable easier change deployment and integrations.

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Our Integrations for Logistics Systems

As a T&L company, you have to juggle multiple standalone systems to manage your operations. Our developers weave your siloed systems into one, while also bridging the gap between you and your partners through EDI-based integrations.

Internal Integrations

Connecting the right business applications helps automate processes, get the right data in the right place, and eliminate manual data entry.

  • Business system integration
  • Hardware integration (scanners, RFID, and others)
  • Sales order integration
  • Quality control points integration

Third-Party Integrations

Connect with any customer or trading partner, regardless of their EDI requirements, and make shipping capabilities accessible across multiple applications.

  • EDI-based supply chain integrations
  • Shipping APIs  
  • Freight marketplaces integration

Why Choose CleverDev Software as Your Logistics App Development Company?

It takes more than technical knowledge to create a solution that delivers positive ROI.

Custom Web Application Company

Business expertise honed by hands-on experience in delivering solutions for global clients

A mature quality system and customer data safety ensured by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.  

Compliance with logistics regulations, including SOX, SOC 1 and SOC 2, DOT, and others

Flexibility in tech stacks and project management approaches

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