Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services

Pave the Way to Agility Through Innovation

Leverage the deep functional expertise of our IT consulting services to push your initiatives over the goal line. As an end-to-end software development company, we guide you from ideation to completion and build an effective digital transformation blueprint to ensure a smooth transition to digital-first business environments.

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IT Expert Consultants for Your Business

Our information technology consulting focuses on your most critical issues and sizable opportunities. We provide you with architectural, operational, and implementation roadmaps that deliver a clear value plan with accurate ROIs, readiness assessment, and competitive benchmarks. With an actionable strategy on hand, you can optimize your business operations, accelerate innovation, and iterate on existing digital assets.

Digital Transformation Consulting
IT Budgeting Consulting
Legacy Modernization Consulting
Infrastructure Consulting
Security Risk Assessment
Cloud Migration Consulting
System Integration
Management Automation Consulting
Digital Operations Optimization Consulting
Team Augmentation and Outsourcing Consulting
Technology Consulting
Software Support Consulting
Healthcare IT Consulting

Why Do You Need IT Consulting?

Through our IT consulting services, we aspire to improve your workflows, reinvent processes, and deliver breakthrough digital innovations that sustain value creation for the long term.

Cost and Time Savings

By committing to our consulting services you get a full-time operating unit at a fraction of the price and with no hassle of in-house hiring. Entrust your IT initiatives to our team and let us accelerate your business growth with our expertise.

Focus on Core Competencies

Our IT consultant services allow you to dial down less critical operations to experienced specialists. Leave your IT management to our professionals and focus on what matters to your business.

Identify Critical Areas for Improvement

Rely on our domain knowledge and technological expertise to spot possible vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Our consultants run an in-depth analysis of your ecosystem to help you optimize, enhance, and iterate on your IT assets.

Benefit from Global Expertise

Tap into a variety of IT talents and enrich your vision with the latest modernization techniques, integration practices, and migration approaches — built around global value systems.

Increase Security

Eliminate vulnerabilities and make your critical business applications immune to leaks and threats. We help you adopt innovative infrastructures to improve the efficacy of responses to incidents and achieve compliance excellence.

Stay Competitive

We stay on top of the latest innovations and help global companies become industry leaders through trailblazing solutions. Find new ways to solve customer problems, future-proof your IT investment, and maintain a competitive edge.

Develop and Extend Your Business

Our experts help you integrate technology into your business growth strategy and make digital transformation the driving force behind your long-term success in the challenging business landscape.

What Customers We Serve

We advise companies at all technology readiness levels and write custom IT strategies anchored to your unique business needs.


Having a startup IT consultant is crucial to validate the viability of your business concept, gain access to time-tested practices at less costs, and build more focused products.

Small and Mid-Size Companies

We align your business objectives with technologies, digitize operations, and assess the effectiveness of technology spending in improving the company’s performance.

Large Enterprises

Our strategic IT consulting is paired with on-demand talent, depth of experience, and vast resources that allow our clients to have both peace of mind and affordable IT support.

Our IT Consulting Services

Our company boasts broad technological expertise across different functional areas that help our clients develop new business lines and achieve economies of scale.

Product Engineering

We offer the capabilities and skills to accelerate your software product development, testing, and delivery. Our services cover end-to-end development — from the discovery phase to prototyping to product improvement.

Application Services

CleverDev Software covers all stages of the application lifecycle, including modernization, integration, and development. We enable companies to achieve substantial performance improvements and navigate complex application landscapes.

Mobile Enablement Solutions

Whether it’s a complementary mobile application or a standalone solution, our mobile developers establish a mobile presence for your company through delightful, on-the-go experiences.

System Integration

Our systems integration services unlock integrated and secure experiences for your front and back office. We build efficient and industry-specific environments that provide quick access to critical business data.

Managed IT Services

Shuffle off the management burden and transfer your IT support tasks to a trusted dedicated team. We offer full-service support for all of your IT needs so that you can put your focus on your core operations.

Application Modernization

Our software engineers eliminate outdated applications that hurt your business productivity. We replatform, re-host, and refactor your workloads to strip out unnecessary maintenance costs and add more agility.

Cloud Migration

Advance innovation and growth with the cloud at the core to power value at scale. We offer a full range of cloud migration services and build custom architectures on top of cloud offerings.

Compliant Software for Healthcare

Our developers build custom and secure software solutions for healthcare providers, clinics, and pharmacies. Powered with the latest technology, our solutions meet HIPAA, GDPR, and FDA regulations.

Our IT Consulting Process

Following the culture of excellence, we combine industry-best practices with our individual approach to find what works best for your project.


  • Business vision and concept
  • Scope and time to market
  • Requirements gathering
  • Architecture audit
  • Validation session


  • Business requirements
  • Software requirements specification
  • Use cases for every feature/feature map
  • Design concept/architecture vision

Technology Consulting

  • GAP, SWOT analysis
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Risk assessment analysis
  • Estimating costs and opportunities

Project Planning

  • Cost and time estimates
  • Project roadmap
  • Business model canvas

Project Implementation

  • Proof of Concept
  • Prototyping
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Full-scale development

Security and Compliance

  • ISO 27001, ISO 9001

Our IT Consulting Service Offerings

The confirmation of our proficiency, qualification, and professional skills is reflected in the success of our clients.

Dedicated Teams

With our self-managed teams, you will be in the right position to both innovate and rapidly multiply your ongoing projects.

End-to-End Development

Working with our cross-functional team, you get more control over the process, reduce innovation costs, and set up a well-established, streamlined workflow.

Value-Driven IT Strategies

We strive to make our custom solutions a key component of your business profitability and sustainability — based on optimal technologies and future-proof architectures.

Domain Knowledge

Our company operates across different domains — from healthcare to retail — and understands the pains of each business sector.

Why Choose CleverDev as Your IT Consultant?

CleverDev Software is a team of 30+ IT professionals with 15+ years of experience.

Adherence to Industry Standards

Our developers are well-versed in evolving industry regulations and build compliant and secure solutions according to HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, and other guidelines.

Proactive Attention

We act in anticipation of future disruptions and secure your tech stacks, applications, and infrastructure well into the future.

Support from the Ground Up

Choose CleverDev Software for your unique tech needs, and we will set up an entire IT department from scratch or take over your initiatives.


We offer an optimal price-value ratio combined with time-tested practices of development process optimization.

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