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For Those Who Need High-Quality Digital Solutions

CleverDev Software is a JavaScript consulting and development company that builds interactive web and mobile solutions grounded in the rich JavaScript ecosystem. Our developers have remained at the forefront of JavaScript tech development for over 10 years, leveraging the unique advantages of this technology for businesses.

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Plug Into the Classics of Software Development

A long-standing technology, Javascript remains one of the go-to ecosystems for building performant, stable, and dynamic applications. Our JavaScript software developers combine the tried-and-true technology with the latest and greatest frameworks to create robust, cost-effective, and flexible solutions cut out for your business.

Developing JavaScript Solutions for All Industries

We collaborate with small and mid-size businesses, lending the tech expertise to propel them to new heights. Spanning 10+ verticals, our JavaScript software developers have designed and implemented innovative solutions that suit even the most unique needs.

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What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an established, versatile technology that enables you to create dynamic experiences for websites, web solutions, applications, and even games. Known for its unmatched speed, performance, and interoperability, this coding language powers core business solutions across industries and platforms.


Leverage the World's Most Used Programming Language

No matter how great a technology is, you need a team of experts to embrace its unique advantages. Our JavaScript development agency will lead you into the JS ecosystem and curate the unique features of this technology for your business solution.

High Speed

The ergonomics of JavaScript improve the speed and performance of your solutions. Thanks to a robust V8 engine, this language has become the fastest dynamic language out there, making it a great option for large-scale web applications.


JavaScript is platform-independent, which means your developers can write code once and run it everywhere. The interoperability of JavaScript translates into faster time to market and reduced development costs.


JavaScript has everything a company of any size requires to cover its digital transformation needs. From custom web development to cross-platform apps, you can use the same JS stack on all of your projects and reduce the overhead of having multiple teams.


You can never go wrong with a business application based on technology that’s backed up by the leading industry players. With JavaScript, it’s easy to build future-proof applications that can easily evolve in line with your business.

Rich Ecosystem

With frameworks and libraries galore, this programming language allows us to create complex applications in less time and at fewer costs. This makes JavaScript a great choice for building holistic digital experiences that solve multiple business challenges.

Less Overhead

JavaScript ramps up application performance by reducing the code length. Crisp, optimized, and high-quality code is key to optimal performance, easy modernization, and competitiveness of your solutions.

Respond to Your Project Needs with Our JavaScript Development Services

We are a team of 50+ thinkers, problem-solvers, and tech specialists with a can-do attitude and enough capacity to solve any of your project challenges. Our company renders a full range of custom JavaScript app development services, seamlessly driving your projects from A to Z.

Front-End Development

With skilled VueJS, React, and Angular developers on board, we deliver engaging, impactful, user-centered solutions, including PWAs and SPAs. Get web interfaces that level up user experience and keep your customers coming back.

Back-End Development

Set up a powerful, fault-tolerant, and scalable back-end for your systems based on innovative architectures. From microservices to cloud development, our JavaScript software development agency creates reliable solutions fit for your needs.

Custom Web Applications

Our team equips companies with the tech they need to succeed online. Customer portals, business applications, ecommerce solutions — our JavaScript web development services cover it all.

Enterprise Business Applications

Turn to our JavaScript expertise and build enterprise software that automates, optimizes, and reduces the cost of your complex business processes. We equip you with the right tools, skills, and expertise to grow your company.

Custom API Development

We design, manage, and integrate custom APIs to facilitate communication between your business applications. Following ROI-driven design, our developers build secure APIs that help you arrive at ultimate transparency and efficiency of workflows.

App Migration to JavaScript

Transition from rusty architectures to the latest solutions or switch between JavaScript frameworks with zero friction. Our JavaScript application development team owns the end-to-end migration process, multiplying the performance of your software.

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients

Your Long-Term Partner for JavaScript Development Services

Our developers form a productive bond with your team and dedicate their time and effort to building value-loaded applications that complement your business.

Expertise You Can Trust
Professional Teams
Proficiency in Compliance and Industry Standards
Cost-Effective Software Development
Impeccable Delivery
Support All Along The Way

Digital Solutions We Develop With JavaScript

We help you maximize the value of your tech investment, no matter the solution.
Get a 15% boost to your revenue and amplify the productivity of your teams by building a custom CRM solution that spots opportunities all across the sales value chain.
A scalable business-driven system that bundles all business management functions and offers key data insights across multiple platforms.
We build HIPAA/GDPR-compliant EHR and EMR software that integrates critical healthcare functions, including e-prescribing, billing, patient communication, and more.
A user-first solution for your business with self-service functions that help customers, partners, and employees interact with your business at their convenience.
CleverDev Software creates adaptable, secure, and fail proof business solutions that take complexity out of your critical workflows.
Gain insight into key business dynamics, forecast demand fluctuations, and fine-tune your business strategy to real-world customer needs.
Launch competitive POS solutions that support seamless, fast, and secure transactions — no matter where your customers shop.
Stay ahead of the curve with smart finance and banking solutions that serve value to customers at every stage of their digital banking journey.
Build faultless IoT apps that forge connections between systems and form the foundation for your long-term business vision.
Go from isolated to integrated and bridge the chasm between your business systems to enhance information flow and boost configuration flexibility.
Build faster at fewer costs and launch apps faster with our hybrid app development services that expand your reach to multiple platforms at once.

How We Approach Your JavaScript Projects

You set the pace. We set up the development process that matches it.

Lead-In and Analysis

  • Business idea discovery
  • Requirements gathering
  • Project scoping
  • Team lineup and estimates


  • Architecture
  • Requirements specifications
  • Prototyping
  • Design


  • Backend and front end
  • CI/CD integration
  • Testing automation

Solution Deployment

  • User training
  • Intellectual property delivery

Post-Release Support

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Updates
  • Software modernization

Development Technologies We Use

We’re strategic in our selection of the right development stack for your custom solution.
Programming Languages
Oracle NoSQL
Software Testing Technologies
Junit 5
Web Technologies and Frameworks
React, Redux
JPA / Hibernate
Spring Framework
(Core, Data, Security)
Webservices, SOAP, XML
Spring Boot
Spring Cloud
Application and Webservers
WebLogic Server
IBM WebSphere Application Server
Oracle Application Server
Middleware and other technologies
Apache MQ
Rabbit MQ

Clean, High-Quality Code that Fuels Your JavaScript Solution

We bake best code practices into our processes to build reliable solutions that co-pilot your team.

Writing clear and maintainable code
Sticking to a strict coding style
Adhering to standards like naming conventions and code structure.
Leaving meaningful comments and error messages.
Documenting code and dependencies
Leveraging framework APIs and third-party libraries

Develop JavaScript Solutions on Your Own Terms

Our collaboration options adjust to the unique needs of your projects.

Fixed Price

  • Your time and budget are limited
  • The project is small and short-term (MVP, PoC)
  • You have documented requirements
  • Limited-scope projects

Time and Material Contract

  • The project has a large scope
  • The project duration is unknown
  • You haven’t defined software requirements
  • You want to be directly involved in the process

Hybrid Pricing Model

  • Medium-size projects
  • The timeline is clear, but the requirements are vague
  • You have a limited timeframe
  • You want to add input during the development

Dedicated Development Model  

  • Projects with a long shelf life
  • Frequent scope modification
  • Time frame is flexible
  • Direct involvement in the development process


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