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According to analysts, the number of mobile applications in Google Play is 3.48 million. The App Store is slightly behind: 2.2 million applications. And more than a quarter of them were used only once. Poor-quality development can get you into that 1/4. So, is it worth risking your money and reputation and investing in a product that is doomed to failure in advance?

A partnership with an app development company is an opportunity to get quality custom JS development without shifting your focus from your core business to the development. But how to choose such a partner?

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Why JavaScript?

Even 10 years ago, JavaScript was not a popular scripting language and its role was assigned only to create minor features on websites. By 2022, JavaScript allows you to quickly and efficiently create the following solutions:

Over time, based on this programming language, many frameworks for the front-end and back-end, and working with data have appeared. Due to this, JavaScript development services are in great demand now.

To develop applications for mobile platforms, you need to know a certain programming language. JavaScript is used for iOS, Android, and other operating systems!

The possibilities of JavaScript are far from being limited to working on websites and online stores - it is capable of creating large-scale web solutions. Such well-known services as Google maps, Trello, Gmail mail client, etc. were created using it. There is even JavaScript game development now, so the field for action is very large.

How to Choose the Best JavaScript Development Company

People increasingly prefer simplicity and accessibility. Therefore, a mobile app is one of the necessary platforms for every business now. Finding the right JavaScript development company is not an easy task. You need to conduct many interviews to make sure of their qualifications, as well as team understanding of the product you want to get.

Our tips will help you make the right choice and not regret it.

1. Company’s Experience

Pay attention to how long the company has been on the market, what services it provides and what experience it has. Set yourself a certain bar and immediately discard the options below.

2.  JavaScript App Portfolio

The company’s portfolio is an invariable indicator of both abilities, and the level of expertise, experience, and breadth of opportunities that they can show you. Look through all their JavaScript software development services, models, and cases. Our case studies are the stories of their successful (or not) projects. They will help you form an opinion about the experience of a potential partner. Understand their approach to development in action.

3. Reputation

One of the guarantors of the final result’s quality is the JavaScript application development company's reputation. And that's not what the company says about itself. More like what other people say about it. The easiest way to get an opinion from the outside is to read customer reviews. Yes, just like in a regular online store. There are websites and platforms where customers leave reviews about IT companies. 

You can also search for company feedback on Google Maps or simply on the Internet. Try contacting the people who left the comment.

Pay attention to the expert ratings of companies. Studying such information will help you understand how competent your potential mobile application company is.

4.  Service Costs

Although the price is listed last in our order, this does not mean it is the least. If you have decided on a development budget - everything is simple, you just need to find a partner who will do the work you need for the amount you need. If initially there is no specific budget for JavaScript services - compare the offers and their cost, you may be able to find the same offer, but with better prices.

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Working with CleverDev Software

CleverDev Software is a company with 15 years of experience in automating business processes and a wide range of opportunities for your business. Our large team of JavaScript developers is ready to start working on a project of any length and complexity. Here is a list of JavaScript development services we offer:

JavaScript Development Services

The experience and skills of CleverDev Software’s JS developers allow us to create large-scale yet easy-to-use products: from websites and mobile JS applications to high-performance desktop widgets. Below are some examples of our projects.

User Interface Development

Using the universal JavaScript language with ReactJS, NodeJS, Angular, and other frameworks, our team creates unique interactive applications. They meet the needs and demands of future users and solve the business problems of our customers.

Integrated ERP Systems

Thanks to our expertise, we can create various high-quality integrated systems: CMS, CRM, ERP, and others. Our solutions eliminate the delay between data collection and analysis, which significantly increases the productivity of our clients.

Dedicated Team

Our JS developers are also ready to work on a client's project as part of their team. A dedicated team is a quick and easy way to get the knowledge and skills you need to successfully deliver your project.

When you consider app development companies, it can be quite difficult at first to decide and see the difference. By choosing CleverDev Software, you get a reliable team, experience, a clear understanding of the requirements, and the best product on the market.

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