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CleverDev Software — Your EMR Software Development Company

We offer a comprehensive range of EMR software development services that facilitate safe and easy information exchange within your company. Our specially designed HIPAA-compliant solutions are suitable for internal system integration and may be enhanced with special features according to your real-world needs and the constraints of your existing infrastructure.

Additionally, we improve current document handling systems with unique tools and tailored integrations.

EMR Software
  • Cloud based EMR software  
  • Interface and tool integration  
  • Compliant with regulations and standards  
  • Easily accessible across departments

What Is EMR Software?

These developments in digital technology help caregivers distribute patients' medical histories more efficiently. In contrast to conventional paper-based medical charts, our digital apps provide more secure data flows and improved mobility while removing the hassle of manual clinical transcription governance. Our EMR software developers create and provide personalized record management that is tailored to your unique workflows.

What Are EMR Software Systems for?

These patient-focused, real-time platforms enable authorized caregivers outside of your business to access real-time information flow. They aid in digitizing information, offering a holistic view of an individual's well-being beyond organizational constraints.

CleverDev Software creates custom innovations that can be combined with various systems, individual practice tools, and health apps to provide a comprehensive perspective of a person's health transcriptions.  
EMR software development
  • Ideal for private practices  
  • On-premise digital patient charts  
  • A comprehensive view of a patient’s care
  • Accessible to all caregivers involved in care

Overcome Challenges with Our EMR Software Solutions

Our team creates, constructs, and delivers reliable systems for the governance of health reports that are full of essential and supplementary features. It helps caregivers streamline their processes and enhance patient care. We pinpoint your issues and incorporate special features that are specially created and integrated for your business.

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Patient communication and telemedicine
  • Medication tracking
  • Appointment reminders
  • Secure PHI storage with personal medical history
  • Custom medical health care forms
  • Tracking and reminder tools
  • Computerized provider order entry
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Automated extraction of patient data and its analysis
  • Predictive decision-making
  • Evaluating treatment progress
  • Employee productivity analysis
  • Al healthcare chatbots
  • E-prescribing
  • Integration with medical devices
  • Speech recognition
  • Handwriting and image recognition
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Layered data security approach
  • Role-based access control
  • Audit trails
  • Automatic billing reminders
  • Claims processing
  • Payment specifications

Remote Patient Monitoring

Embrace the future of healthcare with integrated remote monitoring to provide continuous care beyond clinic walls. Elevate people’s well-being with real-time data and embrace a more connected and proactive approach.

Customer Communication and Telemedicine

Redefine client interaction by implementing communication and telemedicine for seamless, virtual experiences. Bridge distances, enhance accessibility, and prioritize client engagement.

Medication Tracking

Take control of medication usage with the help of medication tracking tools to ensure adherence and promote safety. Choose precision and accountability to empower individuals to be in charge of their health with confidence.

Appointment Reminders

Streamline scheduling and implement appointment reminders for enhanced client engagement and reduced no-shows. Elevate your practice's efficiency to keep appointments on track and people in the loop.

Secure PHI Storage with Personal Medical History

Safeguard documents with confidence, opting for secure PHI storage and personal medical history to ensure confidentiality and compliance. Take the first step towards secure information supervision to protect client privacy and increase trust.

Elevate your experience with personalized solutions designed for precision and efficiency.

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Benefits of Bespoke Software for Electronic Medical Records

Embrace the industry standard of digital records, granting your company access to high quality, feature-rich automated workflows and unparalleled efficiency. Our organization is dedicated to helping you maximize the benefits of digital health, providing a wealth of advantages, including:

Real-time Access to Full Details on Each Patient

Empower providers with instantaneous access to comprehensive statistics. Ensure informed decisions and personalized care with a system that makes the entire medical history available for you.

Medical Error Reduction and Prevention

Take a proactive step towards an individual's safety and install advanced digital systems to minimize medical errors. Provide accurate and up-to-date information that supports precise diagnoses and treatment plans.

Better Interoperability of Reports Based on Industry Standards

Revolutionize collaboration by embracing interoperability standards like HL7, FHIR, and XDS/XDS-I to ensure seamless communication and data exchange. Participate in streamlined collaboration and uninterrupted care across a variety of platforms.

Easy Communication for Better Therapeutic Outcomes

Fuel better therapeutic outcomes through streamlined communication. Choose practice solutions EMR software system that facilitates efficient information sharing, fostering improved collaboration among professionals.

Real-time Condition Monitoring and Proactive Care

Embrace proactivity and opt for real-time condition monitoring to identify potential issues early. Your commitment to real-time insights allows for timely interventions and personalized care, contributing to better health outcomes.

Medical Data Analytics and Smart Forecasts for Personalized Treatment

Elevate care with data-driven precision to leverage medical analytics for valuable insights and smart forecasts. Make informed decisions, tailor treatment plans, and optimize care for each individual.

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients

Electronic Medical Records Software Integrations  

Being among established EMR software vendors, we assist caregivers in consolidating diverse health information into a unified and accurate source. By smoothly adapting medical and health charts with internal systems, wearables, and third-party sources, we enable secure data flows to enhance care and support proactive treatment.

Analytics and Processing Tools
Customer Management Systems
Connected Medical Devices
Lab Information System
Medical Monitoring Devices and Wearables
Telemedicine Applications
Hospital Management System
Pharmacy System
Medical Imaging

Development Services at CleverDev Software  

As one of the most established businesses, we provide a broad range of customized digital health solutions that bring health transcription processing and storage up to date at international medical facilities. Our team of carefully selected EMR software developers is capable of creating new platforms from the ground up as well as converting current systems into the greatest information centers in the business.

Custom Record Management

Our uniquely designed apps are tailored for seamless integration into your existing business network. Elevate your e-record distribution with our specialized and legally compliant digital asset, encompassing full-cycle services. Benefit from unified information, adherence to compliant data governance, and an integration-ready architecture.  

Creating Mobile Services

We offer fully operational mobile applications, allowing both doctors and patients to access information at their convenience. Our functionalities adhere to security principles and standards, ensuring the secure transmission of information. Raise the bar for health accessibility by getting real-time remote connections to lab test results, appointment scheduling, billing, and other services.

Standardized Health Record

Our different types of EMR software solutions are concentrated on fulfilling the interoperability requirements both inside and outside of you. Adhere to standards like HL7/FHIR, RxNorm, DICOM, and others, which make it simple and effective for all caregivers to access documents.

Enterprise-Grade EMR

We offer comprehensive instrument suites that include automated care coordination, intelligent decision support, and customized modules for internal business operations tailored for large medical institutions. Additionally, our developers deliver new features, secure connectors, and personalized expansions for existing EMRs.

Modernization of Existing Data Governance System

CleverDev Software improves and customizes current e-record systems to precisely align them with changing company needs and industry standards. We develop and integrate bespoke components, such as accounting systems, client connection tools, claims processing, and other modules, in addition to end-to-end modernization.

Our Approach to Tailored EMR Development

Our team takes over the end-to-end process of creation, including initial analysis and system audits. We allocate exclusive resources and handpicked engineering skills to each stage.


Discovery Explore project intricacies by analyzing requirements and existing infrastructure, setting the stage for informed production.


Craft a strategic roadmap by outlining milestones, mapping requirements, setting the cost, and ensuring a clear direction.


Translate concepts into reality during the phase, building custom operating systems aligned with project requirements.


Seamlessly roll out your advancement into your business ecosystem, connecting it with internal and third-party tools for enhanced efficiency.


Ensure quality and reliability in the testing phase, validating the full-fledged application and refining it for optimal performance.

Collaborate with Us for EMR Software Solutions

Explore the transformative influence of our unique approach and high qualifications for creating intricate business operations.

Logistics Software Applications

Proven expertise in medical projects, including electronic health and medical records.

Hands-on experience with standards for document sharing and interoperability (HL7, FHIR, XDS/XDS-I, and others).

Adherence to acknowledged guidelines (HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, and others).  

Integrating with Epic, Meditech, and other proprietary systems.


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