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CleverDev Software is an angular development company serving bespoke software solutions.

According to the 2020 StackOverflow Developer Survey, about 25% of developers use the Angular version to develop web and app interfaces. The wide variety of new features added to each version makes Angular the right choice for most companies.

When starting work on a new web project, many people ask themselves what tools are best suited for it. Obviously, JavaScript will be the core, as it provides the most extensive front-end functionality today. But the dilemma arises when choosing a development environment, namely the best JavaScript frameworks because each is endowed with unique features. Without a doubt, Angular is one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks out there. 

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Why to Use Angular for Your Business

Angular carried a large layer of agreements and solutions that solved most of the problems that arose at that time. Here are some pros of Angular development for business:

So Angular gradually began to attract more and more developers. However, along with this, the requirements for the framework began to grow.

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Angular’s Disadvantages

One of the biggest problems with Angular is that the applications you build with it are relatively large. This means that the project has a large file size. But also, we can highlight other difficulties:

When to Consider Angular Development

This framework is needed for creating large web apps and complex UIs. It will allow you to quickly and efficiently make a convenient and understandable interface that will solve the problems of the user and business.

Before hiring an Angular app development company, evaluate your task: understand how big it is and whether the development will pay off. For this, you can contact the outsourcing company you are interested in. CleverDev Software's developers are ready to answer any questions and will consult you any time.

The code written for a web application can also be partially used to create a mobile application. You can use Ionic for iOS and Android development, which will save your budget.

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CleverDev Software’s developers have mastered the power of the angular sign to offer effective and cutting-edge solutions for a variety of business needs.

In what situations can outsourcing a developer to Angular come in handy:

CleverDev Software Options

Our Angular software development services:

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Why is Outsourcing Better than Hiring?

Many companies try to hire developers with many requirements. That is why they cannot find a reliable person on the team for many months. The best option in this situation would be Angular development company:

To summarize: outsourcing will always be easier, more profitable, and faster if you need a developer for one-time (or occasional) work.


If you want to hire talented Angular developers, you should do thorough research and preparation - from studying developers' resumes and experience to identifying the right requirements. Or take the easiest option - contact CleverDev Software.

We have extensive Angular web development experience on this framework: we know how it works, what solutions, and when to use them. We also know how to optimize the development process to meet deadlines and do what the client needs. Do you have questions about the timing and budget of your project? CleverDev Software’s Angular developers are ready to provide you with professional advice.

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