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Navigating Excellence in Software Development Collaboration 

Our complete suite of custom software development process services is designed to support clients throughout all stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC), ensuring project success from start to finish and beyond. 

Software Development Process

Innovation-Driven Solutions by CleverDev Software

CleverDev Software is a prominent global custom software development process company, driven by a passion for innovation. Our expertise lies in building efficient dedicated teams and providing comprehensive services across concept design, requirements analysis, architecture design develop, technology consulting, back- and front-end development, testing, product extension, and support services.

Software Development Collaboration Models We Offer

Whether your ideas are budding or fully formed in the real world, we embark on a strategic journey with you, driven by our commitment to partnership. Our collaborative ethos ensures that even the most fledgling concepts receive the nurturing they need to flourish into impactful projects. The integrity of your intellectual property is safeguarded through a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), providing you with the reassurance of privacy.

Our collaborative framework thrives on the diversity of four distinct contract options: 

Fixed Price

Time & Materials

BFS (Budget with Float Scope)


Selecting the most fitting contract type involves a thorough analysis of factors such as project size, available documentation, unique preferences, functional intricacies, and an understanding of the desired functionality. This journey commences with the formalization of an agreement via email. Progress is quantified through agile methodologies 2-4-week sprints, ensuring payment only for accepted outcomes. Our commitment extends further, covering the bug-fixing process and warranty coverage for a comprehensive experience. 

Dedication Is Our Essence

The skilled team at CleverDev Software is a great example of unwavering dedication. We work tirelessly to create web-based solutions that provide a competitive edge in today's demanding business environment.

Our Software Development Process Steps in Detail

Navigating the complexities of full-cycle software development demands expertise and adaptability. As experts in full life cycle software development, our comprehensive range of services covers every aspect from software requirements gathering to deployment. Anchored in agile methodologies or, if needed, a waterfall model, our approach ensures seamless adaptation to evolving business dynamics.

CleverDev Software adheres to a comprehensive software development life cycle process that encompasses:

icon Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

Unearth your vision. We dive deep into understanding your needs, setting the stage for a customized solution.

icon Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

Define the roadmap. We gather, analyze, and document software requirements to guide the development journey.

icon Creative Design

Creative Design

Craft the visual identity. Our design develop and development experts create interfaces that enhance user experience and functionality.

icon Meticulous Development:

Meticulous Development:

Build the core. Our development teams transform designs into fully functional software, embracing coding best practices.

icon Thorough Testing

Thorough Testing

Refine for perfection. Rigorous testing ensures that the high quality software functions flawlessly, minimizing errors and disruptions.

icon Effective Deployment

Effective Deployment

Unleash the solution. We seamlessly transition the tailored types of software into your environment, ensuring a smooth integration.

icon Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Nurture growth. Our commitment extends beyond deployment, offering ongoing maintenance and support.

The software development collaboration tools utilized during the Discovery Phase involve engaging with the customer's environment, either remotely or on-site, to deeply integrate the team into the workflow and extract all the prerequisites for the upcoming system. In the course of this stage: 

  • The Scope of Work (SOW) takes shape, and the entirety of tasks is segmented into achievable milestones.
  • A comprehensive development plan takes form.
  • Detailed specifications and associated documents might be drafted in preparation for each milestone.
  • Customer validation is sought for all these steps.

This stage involves a software endeavor, serving to define its objectives, boundaries, and constraints. Within the Discovery Phase, an opportunity arises to dissect project-related information and fathom the prospective software product's target audience. 

To establish a coherent project vision, a spectrum of specialists well-versed in their respective domains come into play:

  • Business Analyst (BA): Identifies the core project objectives and assists the client in articulating requisites.
  • Technical Expert: Assesses the project's technical landscape and determines the most fitting technologies and tech stacks for the development.
  • UI/UX Designer: Aligned with client specifications, this professional forges a UI/UX design prototype, facilitating the client's evaluation of the visual facets of the project.
  • Project Manager (PM): Coordinates stakeholder meetings and delegates responsibilities effectively.

The practical outcomes of the Discovery Phase encompass various elements such as:

  • Software Requirement Specification (SRS): This dossier entails an intricate depiction of the forthcoming product, encompassing the chosen tech stack, the spectrum of features the software will embody, and its architectural blueprint.
  • Preliminary Prototype: Clients gain access to an initial prototype, offering a valuable window into the projected appearance and functionality of the prospective endeavor. This early insight enables evaluation before the actual collaboration software development models and management commences.
  • Development Plan and Estimates: All deliverables, milestones, and forecasts are enshrined within the final project blueprint. This provides a comprehensive outlook on the trajectory of the development journey.

Upon the completion of page specifications and software design, the development process is initiated by the team. The procedure is fragmented into concise sprints, during which the team determines the front-end and back-end technologies to be employed.

Each Development Phase's outcomes undergo a comprehensive testing regimen to swiftly address any identified bugs or issues. This process is expedited to ensure prompt resolution (ASAP). The analysis of system quality encompasses the validation of software's accurate functionality, identification of technical and logical discrepancies, usability assessments, load evaluations, and more.

Concurrently, the team continues to draft specifications for upcoming milestones. The ongoing development is a synergistic incorporation of insights from prior stages, novel concepts, and aspirations. This methodology underscores the realization of all project milestones.

Once all the modules are prepared, a collaborative team comprising a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Developer, DevOps Specialist, and Team Lead comes together to initiate the deployment phase within the client's operational landscape.

Collectively, the team undertakes a series of pivotal tasks, which encompass system configuration, personalized customizations, comprehensive testing protocols, user training sessions, and the ultimate attainment of a robust and enduring system functionality.

In addition to these core activities, the team could further delve into optimizing deployment strategies, streamlining the integration process, ensuring data migration accuracy, and establishing fail-safe mechanisms to guarantee uninterrupted system performance. This multi-faceted approach not only guarantees a seamless deployment experience but also fosters an environment conducive to swift issue resolution and continuous system enhancements.

This phase embodies the commitment to quality assurance and unwavering customer support, striving for the optimal and seamless functionality of the system.

The essence of the Maintenance Phase lies in enhancing the user experience of the deployed software. This entails not only rectifying any issues unearthed during its active utilization but also injecting novel features to elevate its capabilities.

Furthermore, during this phase, the team engages in proactive monitoring, meticulously identifying and addressing any potential bottlenecks or vulnerabilities that could impede the system's performance. Beyond mere troubleshooting, a proactive stance is adopted, envisioning the evolving needs of users and adapting the software to meet these dynamic demands.

The Maintenance Phase, thus, transforms into an opportunity for continuous improvement, where the software not only evolves based on user feedback but also anticipates future requirements. This forward-looking approach ensures that the system remains a steadfast ally to users, adapting harmoniously to their evolving workflows and goals.

The Support Phase embodies our commitment to user assistance and system performance, creating a reliable and helpful environment.

During this phase, our focus is on promptly addressing user inquiries and challenges. Our approach goes beyond troubleshooting — we actively build a knowledge base that empowers users to maximize the system's potential.

Additionally, continuous monitoring allows us to swiftly tackle any issues and identify improvement opportunities. Collaborating closely with users, we gather insights that drive updates, enhancing the system's adaptability to their evolving needs.

In essence, the Support Phase harmonizes user input and technical expertise, ensuring a seamless experience and successful outcomes.

Our Project Management Software Development Process for Your Business

In the realm of software development collaboration, collaboration is key. We consider ourselves an extension of your team. Our lines of communication are always open, fostering transparency, knowledge exchange, and problem-solving. You're not just a client; you're a partner, and your insights play a pivotal role in shaping the final product.

Primary Care

Achieve practice efficiency with a fully featured clinical management platform that makes it easy for everyone to stay on the same page.

Nursing Care

Reduce your workload with an integrated system that combines patient scheduling, recordkeeping, billing, appointment reminders, and more.

Specialty Care

Get versatile, specialty-specific software built around your workflows and cut the effort spent on handling low-value tasks.

Home Healthcare Providers

Empower your care with a centralized hub for scheduling, EHR, telemedicine, HIPAA-compliant CRM, and other components of intelligent practice management.


Make your office paperless with bespoke dental software that adds new capabilities to your system and covers all of your dental practice management needs.


Keep a tight rein on your practice, no matter the specialty, with our tailored medical practice management software designed for your business.

CleverDev Software — Your Full Cycle Software Development Company

At CleverDev Software, your vision is our blueprint. We don't just develop software; we embark on a journey with you, crafting solutions that redefine your business landscape. Our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and innovation ensures that your software isn't just a tool but a strategic asset that propels your business forward. Partner with CleverDev Software and experience the future of custom software development process today.

Fostering Collaborative Partnerships

The strength of a client-service provider relationship depends on how much we engage with each other. As the designated service provider, our commitment is to create excellent solutions at a reasonable cost for our valued clients. You can always rely on our advice, guidance, and careful management of your time and financial resources.

Software Development Process Steps

Prioritizing Outcome over Process

Our main goal is to create the most effective system within your budget and deliver it on time. To achieve this, we follow Agile methodologies, offer three different contract options, and use full life cycle software development expertise to speed up the development process and match your requirements smoothly.

Software Development Life Cycle Process

Thorough Analysis, Informed Action

We engage in a comprehensive business analysis to acquire a profound understanding of your organization's structural framework and operational workflows. By scrutinizing foundational documentation, existing software architectures, and the technical context, our objective is to uncover opportunities for process enhancement, heightened efficiency, and the achievement of targeted KPI thresholds.

Custom Software Development Process
Software Development Collaboration Tools

Cultivating Ingenuity and Innovation

Our persistent commitment involves the development of exceptional applications using state-of-the-art technologies. Remaining current with the forefront trends in web application development, we wholeheartedly welcome your insights and ideas, aimed at the integration of pioneering concepts.

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