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CleverDev Software is a well-known software development and business automation company that emerged in 2020 to serve businesses of all sizes across verticals dedicatedly. It works as a client-centered company that provides tailor-made, unique business solutions that help solve complex business challenges.

Comprehensive Software Solutions

Further, the company comprises qualified and experienced experts, analysts, consultants, specialists, engineers, developers, and innovative designers who build impeccable and competitive digital products globally.

The bespoke and top-quality custom software solutions enable the company to gain an esteemed position among the list of top software development companies in Texas on the GoodFirms platform. The researchers of the GoodFirms platform recognize the company's high-performance and reliable software solutions that take clients’ businesses to the next level.

Interestingly! Team GoodFirms got the opportunity to interview the company’s COO, Kanstantsin Siomkin, and discuss his company’s core functionalities and how he envisages his company moving forward in the future.

While knowing CleverDev Software and asking about his role within the organization, Mr. Siomkin specified that CleverDev Software is a renowned custom software development company that provides custom-made software solutions that competently meet the growing business demands of valuable clients. The professionals strive hard to deliver practical value to businesses and possess proficiency in HealthTech, Manufacturing, FinTech, Logistics, and other industries.

As the company's COO (Chief Operating Officer), Kanstantsin Siomkin expressed that he is eager to steer the strategic direction. The highly skilled team members of the company are intensely focused on driving growth, and he assures clients the top-quality software solutions that propel their business to success.

COO Interview

The Inception Story

In 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak set the challenge for CleverDev Software as it faced process disruption, resource shortages, and downsizing while working for a large software enterprise. So, the idea to start their venture clicked as they possess more than fifteen years of profound experience in software development and entrepreneurship expertise.

Meantime, the healthcare company approached the custom remote patient monitoring system. With expertise and innovativeness, the team members build efficient operations that simplify their processes and improve revenue. Due to this achievement, we got motivated to work on higher standards for personalized and quality software solutions.

Type of Business Model

When inquired about the company’s business model, Mr. Siomkin declared that his company ultimately believes in the power of having its team. The skilled professionals competently manage criteria of quality, security, and timely delivery of software solutions. Further, the company partners with other organizations in software development industries to work collaboratively to meet the specific demands of the clients.

Distinguishing Factors that Set CleverDev Software Apart from Others

Mr. Siomkin stated how his company stays competitive by declaring that the company:

  • Possesses expertise to smartly automate business processes and build robust custom software services that meet the client's requirements.
  • Employs deep industry knowledge to improve the development process, optimize costs, and exceed expectations.
  • Keeps clients ahead of the competition by providing new and exciting software solutions.
  • Offers professional support after project delivery and believes in providing efficient and responsive software solutions.

Industries Served

Team GoodFirms also asked Mr. Siomkin about the industries they generally cater to. He replied that the company passionately works with various sectors like HealthTech, FinTech, Logistics, Manufacturing, and eCommerce, to name a few. The company keeps the long-lasting relationships with its clients, and many return to experience their exceptional services.

Customer-Satisfaction Rate

Talking over customer satisfaction rate, Mr. Siomkin expressed that the clients employ various services, including custom web application development, cloud-based solutions, ERP software development, business process automation solutions, integration services for EDIs, APIs, and third-party systems, along with software maintenance and support.

Moreover, the dedicated and knowledgeable team of professionals emphasizes customer satisfaction and maintains open and transparent communication channels throughout the development process. To meet clients’ expectations, the team enthusiastically conducts regular meetings and progress updates and actively seeks feedback at every stage of the development process. Further, the clients employ software development services due to industry expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

If the clients have any query or issue, technical experts are always available through different communication channels like email, phone and convenient ticketing systems like Jira Service Management. Even the team provides constant support and maintenance services post-software process to ensure seamless and secure working of the software.

The review below proves that CleverDev Software is competent enough to provide apt solutions to their clients and transform their business ideas into reality.

CleverDev Software for Business
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Payment Structure

While discussing the payment structure, the COO mentioned that the company’s main payment structure is Pay per Milestone, which offers continuous value with complete control over client projects. Though, pay per Feature and Fixed Cost option is used for smaller projects.

Further, the COO elaborated that the minimum budget required depends on the complexity and size of the project, along with the time needed to complete it. Though to commence an exciting project, fifty thousand is the comfortable budget size for the company.

As the company possesses experience in handling all kinds of different projects so, on average, the projects range from around fifty thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. In 2022, the process of the projects varied as some projects were more complex and took longer to complete.

Future Perspective of the Company

While concluding the interview, Mr. Siomkin stated that his company plans to become a global leader in software solutions and have its shares traded on the NYSE in a decade. Further, the team members desire to succeed in the fast-paced software industry, gain robust recognition for custom software development services, and strongly grow the client base.

To explore more about the progressive and futuristic thoughts of CleverDev Software COO Mr. Siomkin, one can go through the complete interview at GoodFirms.

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