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Overcome Operation Burden with State-of-Art Technology

We deliver next-level logistics software that refines your workflows, decreases costs, and serves your innovation needs. From warehouse management to personalized customer interactions, our solutions digitize you out of inefficiency and simplify your daily processes.

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Our Enterprise Logistics and Transportation Services

Custom transport and logistic software development help businesses keep track of the entire production cycle, from raw material tracking to supply chain management to shipping. Our team delivers bespoke transportation solutions that help you orchestrate complex workflows, break away from dated spreadsheets, and weather stormy markets.

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients

Our Application Development Services for Logistics

We create an all-in ecosystem of IT systems, digitized operations, and automated workflows around your transportation needs to deliver ultimate visibility, reduce operational costs, and promote business growth.

Warehouse Logistics and Transportation Management
Inventory Optimization Software
Supply Chain Management Systems
Custom ERP Systems
Fleet Management Solutions
Logistics Route Optimization
Chatbots for Logistics
Medical Supplies and Equipment Logistics
Legacy Software Modernization
Analytics and BI Systems
Tendering Systems Development
Driver Activity Monitoring
Order Management Solutions
Customer Experience Software
Custom Integrations with Accounting

Logistics & Transportation Software Development for Your Company

Our transportation app software development company serves global companies of all sizes — from startups to enterprises — on their way to digitalization.

Courier Companies    

We build innovative software for courier transportation companies that helps eliminate delays, optimize routes, and provide real-time updates to your customers. Get to your destination faster and score higher cost efficiency through automation.

Digital Logistics Solution Providers

Our transportation software development caters to digital LSPs and takes care of the all-round process of intelligent and data-based software projects. We help expedite T&L processes, strategies, and systems with the cutting-edge technologies.

Shipping and Carrier Companies

CleverDev Software helps transport, freight, and last-mile delivery businesses save money, improve turnaround times and enhance accuracy with data-driven workflows. We complement the core of your T&L solutions with unique modules or build a custom logistics platform from scratch.

3PL and 4PL Providers

Our team builds cost-effective software solutions for 3PL and 4PL companies designed for day-to-day process management and supply chain optimization. Whether it’s fulfillment, warehousing, or shipping, we make sure your software offerings deliver a hassle-free experience to your clients.

CEP Service Providers

Deliver best-in-class service on the last mile and introduce automation to your parcel logistics with our cutting-edge software. We assist leading courier, express, and parcel service providers in accelerating logistics in their distribution centers and adopt same-day delivery as a competitive advantage.

Ecommerce Companies

Our company creates logistics management software applications for automated inventory tracking, order fulfillment unification, return processing, and delivery simplification. Our software integrates seamlessly with your CRM and becomes the digital backbone of your ecommerce business.

Logistics Marketplaces

We build custom digital brokerage platforms that match individual logistics demands with supply. Our feature-rich transport marketplaces provide visibility on the rates and services of freight, warehousing, and last-mile providers to create a win-win collaboration between both sides.

IT Product-Based Companies

Our autonomous teams help global IT providers build high-quality software products for the transportation industry - at fewer costs and with less hiring burden. We offer augmented talent, dedicated teams, and IT consulting services that meet your development needs and jump-start your projects.

Healthcare Providers

As health technology experts, we help healthcare providers embrace logistics automation through secure and compliant T&L solutions. Our developers are well-versed in HIPAA, FDA, and other regulations to eliminate digitalization risks and keep your supply chain moving without compromising security.

Technology Stack We Use

Our developers put cutting-edge technologies and best industry practices to the core of your industrial software applications.


Our Security and Compliance Expertise

Our profound knowledge of industry security benchmarks and compliance guidelines allows us to implement a robust governance structure into our logistic software solutions.






How We Build Your Transport and Logistics Software

We are focused on delivering your logistics software project on time, within budget, and up to your requirements.

Icon Discovery and Planning

Discovery and Planning

We look into your business logic, point out system constraints, and identify your project scope to plan for successful development.

  • Business analysis and research
  • Project roadmap creation
  • Cost and duration estimates
  • Proof of Concept
Design and Development

Design and Development

Managed by certified Project Managers, our UX/UI designers and development transform your vision into a fully operational solution.

  • Design document specifications
  • MVP development
  • Data migration
  • Custom integration development


We go over your software with a fine-tooth comb to make sure it provides an impeccable user experience, stable performance, and best-in-class quality.

  • Functional testing
  • Non-functional testing
  • Quality assurance


We finish the software development cycle by rolling out your system into a live production environment, followed by creating detailed guides for installation, operations, and end-user functionality.

  • End-user training
  • System adoption support
  • Post-deployment review


Our team offers multi-tier technical support options to keep your software at its peak performance, implement additional features, and perform version upgrades.

  • Hosting and infrastructure maintenance
  • Software maintenance
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • System optimization

Custom Transport & Logistics Software for Individual Needs

Our transportation solutions help you address evolving logistics demands with confidence, develop a competitive advantage, and reimagine your traditional processes.

Turn Business Data into Insights

Convert business intelligence you already own into actionable guidelines that benefit your business. We help you unlock data communication between your inventory, freight, supply chain management, and customer-facing systems to help you meet your broader visibility goals.

Improve Inventory Transparency

Make sure your warehouse is organized at all times, remove the scope for human error, and predict delays during delivery. Benefit from our custom logistics software development to get automated, efficiently manage inventory turnover, and reduce your operational and holding costs.

Increase Your Profitability

Give a boost to your bottom line and reduce the costs associated with shipping, warehousing, and other supply chain activities. By developing data-based software, you gain higher control over inventory levels, identify cost savings opportunities, and streamline processes.

Enhance Risk Management

Prevent shipping delays and logistics errors, ensure accuracy with your freight rates, and identify real-time disruptions. Rely on intelligent software solutions to avoid complications, make real-time adjustments to unplanned fluctuations, and mitigate operational expenses.

Why Work with Our Logistics Development Company

CleverDev Software is a mature software development partner, with a focus on best-grade quality, supreme security, and compliance excellence.

Technology Consulting

Our developers have profound cross-domain expertise in web and app development, cloud architectures, business process automation, and other core technologies for the transport and logistics industry.

  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Route optimization
  • Storage and stock management
  • Smart supply chains
  • Business process automation, and more.

Turnkey Software Development and Support

We provide self-managed teams to take over the full software development cycle, from A to Z, so that you can focus on your core business operations and carve the path to innovation with less effort.

  • Business needs research
  • MVP development
  • Logistics and transportation software development
  • Continuous support and solution improvement

Outsourcing of Specific IT Activities

CleverDev Software offers solo experts and ready-to-go agile pods to handle your IT needs and accelerate delivery. We step up the quality of your solutions and level up software performance.

  • UX/UI design
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Software development
  • IT support
  • Managed cloud services

Team Augmentation

We bring skilled tech talent onto your team to help you scale faster, supercharge your innovation projects, and reduce hiring costs — all that without spending time on daily management.

  • Developers
  • Testers and QA engineers
  • Data engineers
  • Security and compliance experts

Our Logistics Software Development Expertise

As an experienced transportation software company, we provide global logistics providers with access to ingenious technologies and relentless innovation.

Unlimited Integrations

Build a connected business ecosystem where all your systems, applications, and assets can share data in real time and fuel your decision-making.

Connectivity and IoT

Achieve clear-cut transparency in your operations and keep track of your fleet, infrastructure, and TMS platforms with 5G and IoT.


Reduce the costs of data processing, get instant business insights, and ensure the downtime-free performance of your business infrastructures.

Big Data and Analytics

Devise a smart logistics system based on data-based decisions and improve your forecasting abilities and route planning.

Geo-Based Services

Geolocation puts added efficiency on the map, helps you track down the assets in real time, and creates visibility across the supply chain.

Embedded Logistics

We help you transform the physical world into digital insights by equipping your inventory, machinery, and purchased materials with smart sensors.

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