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In the era of rapid development of information technology, the automation of logistics business processes should be implemented in every transport company. 

As a leading logistics software development company, CleverDev Software takes your ideas and builds on every aspect to help you create and grow your business. We believe that your desire to expand your own business should become more than just a dream, and help these important changes bring all kinds of IT solutions. We have the resources and experience to provide you with innovative IT solutions for your organization to thrive.

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Software Development for Logistics

Users are used to maximum convenience and have long wanted all their purchases to be in their hands. Now it is possible in a couple of clicks and a matter of minutes. So, not only large wholesale companies but also most enterprises faced the need for delivery.

Automation of transport logistics helps to optimize all processes connected with the transportation of goods, and get the maximum benefit from this for business. What advantages does custom logistics software development have?

Increasing the Efficiency of the Supply Chain

The CleverDev Software will help develop routes that will ensure more efficient operation of the vehicle fleet, optimize the distribution of cargo and the drivers’ schedule. As a result, your transportation will be faster and more efficient, at a lower cost.

Increasing Warehouse Performance

Warehouse space organization and interactive maps will allow staff to navigate faster and more accurately. Optimizing shipping and receiving goods will help reduce the time of these processes, and thereby increase productivity.

Efficient Fleet Management

The transport management program allows you to competently manage your vehicle fleet, optimize routes for drivers, always control the employment and monitor the condition of vehicles to carry out technical inspections on time. All this will help use resources more efficiently.

Accurate Cargo Tracking

Our custom logistics software development services provide complete control of transportation at all stages. You always know at what stage this or that cargo is, you can see the driver on the map, accordingly control even the delivery time and adjust them considering the situation in real-time.

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Software Development for Transport and Logistics

Software products for logistics and transport companies are well-thought-out solutions that allow you to control the stages of cargo movement, coordinate transport chains in real-time, build communication and document flow with customers, and effectively manage the order budget.

We create both small applications for specific tasks and complex scalable solutions that allow you to automate all processes in a transport or logistics company. Get powerful control and analytics tools in your arsenal with a logistics software development company.

With CleverDev Software, you will get your own courier, transport, and warehouse automation system that meets the needs of your customers and even exceeds their expectations.

Our logistics development services include:

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