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ERP for the Healthcare Industry: The Story of Our Successful Project

CleverDev Software developed and tuned a custom healthcare ERP system for the network of healthcare services of our client. The new functionality reinvented the company’s processes, improved integration capabilities, set space for scalability, and helped to grow the patient base by 200% in just two years.
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About Client

An innovative healthcare provider from Dallas, US is reinventing traditional rehabilitation therapy, custodial assistance, physician, and nursing care into a next-gen affordable service. Being an active participant in digital healthcare transformation and cost optimization, our client contributes to bringing high-quality support to wider audiences and helps families to take care of their nearest and dearest.
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Healthcare providers, physicians, clinicians, nurses, managers, and a lot of specialists in the industry need innovative quality tools to stay tuned with emerging medical trends, technologies, and care methods for delivering top-quality healthcare services to broader audiences. And among these vital innovations there comes the reinvention of data and resource management in clinics and hospitals.

Today, healthcare organizations have to handle tremendous amounts of information from different entities, sources, and departments to carry out their services, such as scheduling, patients’ home care, diagnostics, billing, and others. Moreover, they use the data across the departments in the company and for numerous integrations with suppliers, insurers, and other third-party providers.

Here, Enterprise Resource Planning can become a magic bullet to bring the required organizational power to healthcare companies, hospitals, and clinics. But implementing out-of-the-box ERP systems can become a challenging endeavour as it is complex, labor-intensive, and pricey. What is more, it can cause million-dollar losses if your specialists make any mistakes in tuning the functionality of your processes.

Considering this, our client decided to implement a flexible and scalable custom ERP system to empower the innovative healthcare business with the necessary potential for growth.

This incredibly important project required skill, expertise, and dedication, all of which our team at CleverDev Software was able to contribute.

Here is a detailed case study that presents insights into building the healthcare ERP project for our client.

Healthcare ERP Modules

Business Challenge

Our client needed well-orchestrated healthcare ERP modules that could ignite the operational processes of the company. The business required a tuned system for providing professionals with secure and quick access to patient data, upgraded scheduling, planning, and information streamlining to insurance companies, clearinghouses, and suppliers.

Before engaging CleverDev Software, our client relied on a variety of solutions from an array of providers, including a general CSP provider, third-party operation software, and others. Despite their inefficiency and bulkiness, they added to staff overloads, partially and unpaid claims, and disappointed customers.

But in fact, the company's biggest problem was the inability to develop a viable business due to outdated systems which were not compatible with our client's ambitions. The company urgently needed an end-to-end system all in one place to come out on top in a highly competitive industry.

Due to this, our client made the right choice in choosing CleverDev Software to build its best ERP for the healthcare business system.


It required a deep understanding of regulatory-compliant HealthTech solutions for the problem to be solved. And launching an IT-intensive software development project was also needed.. So, the healthcare company turned to CleverDev Software’s top-notch expertise in ERP development services.

To make our client's process more efficient and productive, we developed a high-end software system for Enterprise Resource Planning.

We targeted building powerful healthcare ERP modules enriched with innovative capabilities and functionality that could fit our client’s goals and become a significant advantage in a competitive market of healthcare services.

Moreover, the custom solution added valuable functionality for medical specialists, streamlined workflows across the company and with insurers, clearinghouses, and suppliers, decreased specialist overloads, optimized costs, and became a base for future impressive business growth.

We delivered our client an exclusive, custom-tuned solution that is different from the widely available top healthcare ERP systems. With the following tailored features, it meets the needs of the company perfectly:

  • Finances and Accounting. With integrated core financials and accounting systems, tailored modules, and templates, we ensured profitability for all of our client’s facilities.
  • Reporting and Dashboards. With inbuilt reporting and analytics for our client’s custom healthcare ERP solution, the company can get a better understanding of the organization.
  • Expenses Management. We implemented an ERP system that automates expense requisitions and approvals for our client’s sales team.
  • Quality Management. Traceability functionality in our healthcare ERP allows the company to monitor and control medicines and other regulated products.
  • Asset Management. Our healthcare ERP system can manage assets, from fixed assets to IoT.
  • Sales Management. Our solution creates sales pipelines and forecasts across territories, accounts, and teams in real time.
  • Customer Service. We enabled our client with unique functionality for interactive and responsive customer service.
  • Mobility. The specialists of our client’s company can easily access ERP data at any time to better serve customers and maximize opportunities.
  • Updates and Maintenance. To ensure an optimal user experience, our custom ERP software is continually updated and upgraded by our service team.

It was the combined expertise of our integrated teams that enabled us to deliver our omnichannel solution with a range of related technologies and tools.

It was also critical that the project adhered to HIPAA policies. Secure, confidential, and accessible electronic health records were maintained.

Our senior developers and engineers collaborated with business analysts, system architects, quality assurance professionals, and UX/UI specialists to build the best ERP for the healthcare services of our client.

ERP for Healthcare Feedback
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A scalable ERP system we created for our client's healthcare business is productive, responsive, and easy to use. All regulations and legal requirements are strictly adhered to and the maximum level of data security is guaranteed.

As a result of customized healthcare ERP modules that were tailored to the needs of our client, the company has seen impressive outcomes.

Growth-Oriented Future

The first and most significant result of the ERP system implementation lies in the perspective of enhanced business possibilities for our client. The project has already doubled the number of patients in the company in as little as two years. Moreover, it has prepared the organization for future expansion and development.

A Complete View of Business Performance

Our exceptional ERP system improved the operational efficiency of our client’s company. The ERP software evaluates the productivity of each department and helps identify and prevent possible bottlenecks and shortcomings. It enables the administrative personnel of our client with valuable information for strategizing, planning, and improving the company's performance.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Our ERP in healthcare software solution provides real-time insights that help our client take the right action and respond to challenges immediately. With smart and detailed business intelligence and operational insights managers of the company can now make fast, mission-critical decisions for the organization in real-time.

Security and Compliance

With our harmonized ERP solution, we ensured the robust protection and regulatory compliance of the sensitive health, financial, and personal data of patients.

Enhanced Customer Service

The RPM platform with an integrated ERP system is a powerful tool for reinventing patient care. Our solution helps professionals deliver the next-gen healthcare service that is available in a 24/7 format — patients can get support and consulting not only in medical centers and clinical facilities but also at home.

One System for All Departments

There used to be a bulky avalanche of tedious workflows separately processed in the departments of our client’s company. Now they are transformed into a smooth-running system integrated across the whole business.

As part of the project, CleverDev Software researched and evaluated the solution, developed custom software, tested it, deployed it quickly, and released it seamlessly. We came up with a solution that was both efficient and functional. Team members were actively involved in the development strategy, project realization, and service desk support.

The advantages of our customized healthcare ERP project included enhanced functionality for specialists, increased efficiency, and reduced operational costs, as well as advanced security, making the client's business adaptable to ever-changing environments. The dedicated work we did for our client helped them achieve new ambitious goals in just two years, which translated into a 200% growth of their base of satisfied customers.

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We Are Open to New Projects

To ensure the utmost security for data throughout all processes, professional assistance is necessary. The CleverDev Software team has demonstrated expertise and 15+ years of experience in top healthcare ERP systems and regulatory-compliant solutions.

Consequently, we have the skills and knowledge to build ERP solutions for companies in a wide variety of industries.

To discover more about our custom software development capabilities in healthcare, finance, and business management, get in touch with our development team.

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