Chronic Care Management Software

Curb the Complexities of Care Coordination and Disease Management

Engage all of your high-need patients with a single care management software. We, at CleverDev Software, create custom digital solutions that streamline chronic disease maintenance, lower clinical costs, and help you efficiently coordinate care services between your medical staff and patients.

Reinvent Care Delivery with Our Chronic Disease Management Solutions

At-risk patient maintenance requires a structured and holistic chronic care management (CCM) solution that equips your teams with all the tools needed for personalized support. CCM platforms are indispensable when it comes to streamlined collaboration, easy access to data, and real-time monitoring.

At CleverDev Software, we deliver all-in chronic care management software that integrates natively into your EHR systems, enhances healthcare compliance, and automates the entire health management process — from claim management to prescriptions.

Chronic Care Management Solutions for Your Business

Strike the right balance between the cost and quality of chronic care management programs.

Increase services reimbursements, improve patient satisfaction, and usher in new care provision models that boost consumer and provider engagement. Our developers create feature-rich CCM solutions with built-in health data analytics, documentation management, automated care planning, and more.

Help your patients gain access to preventative health services through turn-key, integrated digital suites designed for the unique needs of your patient populations. We help you advance your mission by streamlining administrative tasks, CCM billing, and patient management.

Give coordinated high-quality care to your Medicare patients, while controlling costs with our tailored medical management platforms. Our team helps your organization build a single touch point for managing high-risk patients, improving care transitions across settings, and facilitating data-intensive workflows.

Support your nurses-first CCM model with seamless patient engagement and optimization workflows. Hand over your complex admin tasks to a smart medical solution that unifies analytical reporting and scheduling, facilitated adherence to CMS communication guidelines, and other add-ons for productive care delivery.

CleverDev Software gears you up with the tools to implement and bill for CCM codes while removing the drudgery of manual data tracking. We deliver turnkey healthcare practice management solutions that turn the complex flow of billing management into a flexible and automated digital path.

We help you extend your practice outside the traditional healthcare settings and develop a CCM program to support patients with chronic illnesses without increasing costs. Our CCM platforms bundle tracking, communication, and reporting features that allow your teams to offer non-face-to-face care coordination services at scale.

Chronic Disease Management Software That Has It All

Our healthcare platforms support you at each stage of your care management, increasing patient participation and enabling easy compliance.

Automatically identify CCM status per patient and determine potential candidates for chronic care programs.
Develop and manage the required care plan for all health issues with a special focus on the patient’s chronic conditions.
Enable your teams to easily log time spent on non-face-to-face care activities billable under CCM codes.
Run automated, comprehensive reports detailing your practice's efforts toward CCM compliance for guaranteed reimbursement.
Import service information to your billing system and automatically assign CPT codes and conditions to claims.
Get an easily scalable solution for care coordination that adapts to your evolving needs in operational efficiency.
Keep sensitive patient data safe and sound with granular and customized access control and inherent cloud-based security.
Unlock easy access to hallmark indicators at the point of care and put critical data in an easy, consumable format presented on a dashboard.

The Architecture of Our Care Management Software

Constant interchange of clinical data is vital to developing cohesive treatment plans for each patient. This is why our patient care management software seamlessly integrates with EHRs and other business systems, facilitating smooth data movement for better outcomes.

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients

Address the Challenges of Care Management with Next-Gen Capabilities

Thanks to our extensive experience in health tech, our company is well-placed to create bespoke care management platforms with a unique set of features that resonate with your healthcare practice.

Integrated Care Program with Device Management
Interactive Dashboard
Practice Management Module
Care Coordination Using Care Plan
Remote Care Delivery
Medication Management
Nutrition Recommendations
Hallmark Indicators Tracker

Accelerate Software Delivery with Our End-To-End Expertise

Having an impact on outcomes requires understanding the everyday challenges of our healthcare clients and addressing these obstacles with custom digital solutions.


Our experts provide professional advice on health tech projects, including strategic and technological goals. We help you select the technologies that fit into your company’s ecosystem, identify dependencies, and eliminate silos in your digital estate.

  • Business analysis and discovery
  • Risk assessment analysis
  • Solution roadmap and design
  • TCO and ROI estimates

Team Augmentation

Bring high-skilled tech talent onto your in-house team and beef up your development for faster results. This engagement option reduces your hiring costs and allows you to quickly respond to the evolving requirements of large-scale projects.

  • Vendor transition
  • Software project rescue
  • Short-term augmentation
  • Long-term extended team

Dedicated Teams

Get the ideal combination of professional commitment, advanced skills, and timely delivery by inviting our dedicated teams on board. Our self-managed units take over the entire development process and lead it in an agile and cost-effective way.

  • Self-management and process setup
  • Bespoke hiring based on your project needs
  • Ideal for projects with unclear requirements
  • Full-cycle project development

Support and Maintenance

Ensure the successful adoption of your health tech solution and maximize the ROI of your tech investment by having our support team on your side. We offer ongoing maintenance services for your software product and help it grow in line with your practice.

  • Troubleshooting and performance maintenance
  • Software reengineering and migration
  • Dedicated support team
  • Feature enhancements

Compliance-Ready Healthcare Software Solutions

Our developers have hands-on experience in building fully compliant software for regulation-heavy industries.


We make sure your PHI stays secure at all times by putting robust network and process security measures in place.


Our team prepares detailed documentation for your validation process, preceded by comprehensive software testing and other verification tasks.


We integrate comprehensive data protection in your software to help you protect EU citizen data, comply with DSARs, and pass compliance audits.

Advantages of Our Custom Chronic Disease Management Solutions

Our custom software development company helps you bridge the gap between your providers and patients while optimizing costs and transforming outdated business processes.

Automated Care Planning

Our software reinforces your integrated care strategy with meaningful interventions and patient-specific plans based on a comprehensive view of your patient.

Reduced Billing Lag

We integrate your medical systems into a single hub to accelerate secure and fast claim cycles, minimize data entry and streamline business workflows.

Increase Staff Productivity

Our CCM software takes charge of manual, time-consuming tasks, allowing your teams to double down on administrative tasks.

Higher Patient Engagement

Make your patient the center of care delivery by streamlining communication, democratizing patient data, and giving your patient more enablement.

Competitive Care Delivery Model

Our deep bench of experts prioritizes your needs first and helps your company build a competitive edge by introducing state-of-art chronic care management solutions.

Advanced Scalability and Agility

Leverage our software to grow your business, handle spikes in demand, and deliver care to more patients without disrupting the quality of service.

Why Choose CleverDev as Your Partner For Care Management Software Development?

We are among the leading companies for healthcare solution development - with a vision for business value and a preference for high quality.

Deep CCM Program Understanding

As a company specializing in health technologies, we have built up competencies and skills that allow us to create high-quality CCM solutions with a focus on the needs of high-risk patients and care professionals.

Faster Time to Market

Premised on ready-to-use CCM components, our software takes less time to build and deliver, improving your time-to-market and bringing down development costs.

Ultimate Security

Our team helps healthcare organizations introduce essential security practices and toolsets into their digital ecosystems, including OWASP, IEC 62443, and other data security standards.

Full Interoperability

Following interoperability standards, we meld your isolated systems into a single core that ensures easy access to critical patient data at a foundational, structural, semantic, and organizational level.

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