Our Case Studies

Explore the real-world examples of full-cycle custom software development services from CleverDev Software. We are ready to share the case studies of our top-notch projects. Read them to know how we have brought impressive additional revenue streams and helped our customers reach new frontiers.
Governmental system integration
Banking system integration
Spring Boot
Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring Portal Case Study

Our RPM automation solution saved costs by undertaking many repetitive tasks assigned to the back-office staff and improved its performance. The platform brought an additional revenue stream worth over $1M annually while minimally impacting our client’s workflow and staff performance.
Customize Microloans System

Microloans Software Customization

Our end-to-end microloans customization solution allowed our client to optimize workflows, effectively automate loan processes, and successfully enter new markets. A new online loan application can now be approved in less than 60 minutes.
insurance integration

X12 EDI Integration with Healthcare & Insurance Companies Case Study

Advanced X12 integration solution streamlines the full connection of our client with insurance providers. Our progressive custom software facilitates secure and fast claim cycles, minimizes the number of non- or partly-paid claims, and empowers efficient business workflows. With the solution, the billing lag has been reduced from 3 months to just 1 day.

REST API to EDI Connector Case Study

Our innovative connector provides a sound integration approach for the advanced healthcare business of our client. Developed and delivered by the CleverDev Software REST API to EDI connector empowers the ecosystem of our client’s platform with smooth data integration with insurers, well-run workflows, and accelerated claim cycles where a billing lag takes not more than 1 day.
EMR and EHR software solutions

EMR Integration Case Study

Our technologically advanced EMR integration solution helps modernize patient care and enhance processes unification for the forward-looking healthcare business of our client. Powered by CleverDev Software, the solution for EMR integration simplifies the company’s workflows where all required data is consolidated in a secure and efficient ecosystem
EMR and EHR management

EMR and EHR Management Success Story

Clever Dev Software developed and tuned an exclusive EMR and EHR management ecosystem for our client and transformed tedious workflows into a smoothly integrated solution with strict adherence to the regulatory procedures. The solution received 88% of positive feedback from healthcare specialists in our client’s company for improved diagnostic capabilities and upgraded outcomes for their patients.
Hybrid App for RPM

A Custom Hybrid App for an RPM Platform: The Case of Success

CleverDev Software designed and implemented a multifunctional custom hybrid app for an RPM platform of our client. The app empowered healthcare professionals with top-level professional health support to patients in a 24/7 format and increased the customer base by 50% annually.
Best ERP for Healthcare

ERP for the Healthcare Industry: The Story of Our Successful Project

CleverDev Software developed and tuned a custom healthcare ERP system for the network of healthcare services of our client. The new functionality reinvented the company’s processes, improved integration capabilities, set space for scalability, and helped to grow the patient base by 200% in just two years.
ERP Integration Solutions

ERP Integration for RPM: Our Detailed Case Study

CleverDev Software designed and developed an ERP to RPM integration system for our client's healthcare network. With this new functionality, the company was able to reinvent its processes, set up scalability, and grow its patient base by 200% in just two years. It also helped to streamline $ 1 million of additional annual revenue flow.
Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient Engagement Solutions That Maximize the Retention Rate

CleverDev Software designed and developed a patient engagement platform for our client's healthcare network. With this new functionality, the company added a powerful tool for effective collaboration between patients and professionals. The solution met the demands of modern customers, reinvented the company's processes, optimized costs, and increased patient satisfaction. It also secured a 97% patient retention rate in the rapidly growing business of our client.
end-to-end development of healthcare software

End-to-End Development of Healthcare Software: Our Practical Story of Success

Our end-to-end healthcare software development services covered the full cycle of the digital reinvention of our client’s business. We launched the project from scratch, delivered an efficient solution, and provided a full service-desk support system. Our integrated platform doubled the patient base of our client in just 2 years, generated over $1 million of additional revenue every year, and became a base for further business development and scaling.
cloud-based medical software

Our Case Study: Secure and Powerful Cloud-Based Healthcare Software

Our high-performance cloud-based healthcare software system drove practice success to our client’s company. The telemedicine platform empowered by the cloud-delivered a top level of security, efficiency, accessibility, and affordability for the company’s digital transformation. It unleashed the growth potential of our client’s business and the patient base grew by 200% during the first year after the cloud-based platform launch.
Healthcare CRM

Revolutionizing Patient Care: A Case Study on Healthcare CRM Software Development

Our top-productivity custom healthcare CRM solution was developed to manage data for the expanding patient base of our client, reducing processing time and expenses. The system improved medical service quality and resulted in a 15% revenue boost for our client’s business.