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Our Case Study: Secure and Powerful Cloud-Based Healthcare Software

Our high-performance cloud-based healthcare software system drove practice success to our client’s company. The telemedicine platform empowered by the cloud-delivered a top level of security, efficiency, accessibility, and affordability for the company’s digital transformation. It unleashed the growth potential of our client’s business and the patient base grew by 200% during the first year after the cloud-based platform launch.
cloud-based medical software

About Client

A US provider of patient care services has an expanded business with several locations in a 24/7 format. Moreover, it aims to make quality care available to wider audiences through cutting-edge remote patient monitoring services and bring support that is not limited by hospital walls.
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The healthcare industry has to keep control over a vast range of processes and huge amounts of sensitive data with the utmost level of security and strict regulations compliance. Thuswise, healthcare businesses have to handle three major challenges — skyrocketing operational costs, business processes inefficiency, and inability to follow business development goals.

This is where compelling cloud solutions for healthcare services as a cure for all ills. The cloud unifies operational processes into a smooth protected ecosystem where data is secured, safely streamlined, and easily reachable for authorized users.

No surprise that the global market of healthcare cloud computing technologies is expected to reach $ 89.4 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 17.8% from 2022, as it was forecasted in the report by MarketsandMarkets.

CleverDev Software is a seasoned expert in custom cloud-based healthcare solutions development. Our team crafted a secure cloud-delivered platform that added value for our client’s business.

Our comprehensive case study provides a detailed look at the process of designing and developing cloud-based healthcare software.

cloud-based healthcare system

Business Challenge

A US-based provider of a range of healthcare services with a particular focus on delivering upscale nursing, therapy, and custodial care to patients using local facilities and home care needed to create a harmonized software platform to manage their services and patient records.

As a result, they needed to be able to seamlessly integrate their billing processes with insurers and clearinghouses, secure EHR data, and give their professionals the capability to access and manage EHR data on demand. But most importantly, there was an urgent need for a digital transformation solution to set the stage for business development.

Before turning to CleverDev Software, the technological landscape of our client’s company was segmentary and disembodied. They relied on some of their processes on a third-party Cloud Service Provider but it was costly, ineffective, and unable to meet the more demanding needs of the fast-growing business.  

Furthermore, the existing set of solutions did not support EHR automation. So, the workflows of the company involved a substantial amount of manual work. It caused service disruptions and was critical for the business as the percentage of non- and partly-paid claims were rising exponentially.

The pivotal challenge for our client was the unconsolidated outdated technological landscape that blocked the business potential of the company.

For all these reasons, the decision of our client to reach CleverDev Software for our healthcare domain expertise, vast experience in delivering powerful cloud-based solutions, and focus on the business goals of our customers was well-grounded, brought impressive results, and opened new horizons for our client’s business.


As IT-intensive custom software development proficiency, healthcare tech innovation know-how, and proven experience in cloud solutions for healthcare delivery were the priorities for the cloud-based medical software platform, our client has chosen CleverDev Software to deliver the project from scratch.

Our expert team concentrated on building a bespoke cloud-empowered software product for our client. The cloud-based healthcare software platform was designed and developed for several essential requirements:

  • Secure processing of sensitive patient clinical data and financial data;
  • Data-protected storage in the system located in the cloud;
  • Easy access to data for authorized personnel;
  • Data utilization capabilities for advanced analytics and planning.

Our cutting-edge cloud-based healthcare software platform provided the business of our client with a broad set of strictly regulatory-compliant features and helped the specialists of the company deliver top-quality patient care.

CleverDev Software took on the task of building cloud-based medical software as an end-to-end project. Our team was responsible for all the essential stages: business analysis, design, software development, testing, and adjustments. We also launched the platform and undertook the service desk support commitments for our client.

We at CleverDev Software, have a team of senior developers and engineers with expertise in several tools and technologies required for creating cloud health systems. Below are some of our cloud-based platform's key features:

  • Massive Data Storage Resources. Our solution unleashed the potential of the cloud for our client’s business. As a remote patient monitoring care provider, the organization generated huge amounts of data that needed secure facilities for safe storage. That was provided by the cloud-based healthcare portal we developed. What is more, it was prepared for further business growth.
  • Secure EHR and EMR Management. We built the complete cycle of health records management — creation, holding, updating, streamlining, and advanced analyzing of patients’ demands. The EHR cloud storage in healthcare systems that we launched was HIPAA compliant and followed all legal regulations for security. All data is processed and stored on the territory of the USA as it is required by regulators.
  • Enhanced Tracking of Healthcare Data of Patients. The specialists of our client’s company got the feature of comprehensive data tracking across all the stages of its streamlining. They also could modify treatment plans, and add notes and new statuses in their web or mobile apps.
  • Streamlined Integration Capabilities. Cloud-powered data streamline enabled by our custom software reinvented the integration capabilities of our client. Seamless integration with clearinghouses and insurers reduced billing lags to just one day and significantly minimized the amount of partly- and non-paid claims. Additionally, it boosted the operational performance of the finance department of our client’s company.
  • Embedded Features for Upgraded Service. Our cloud-based healthcare software offered the potential for adding a wide set of embedded features such as video calls and live chat interfaces, multichannel notification systems, online document signing, and others. With the power of the cloud, healthcare specialists could deliver top-service support and care to a significantly larger patient audience.

The most critical requirement of the project was guaranteeing the sharing of financial and EHR/EMR data following the maximum level of security. That is why all our cloud-based features are HIPAA compliant and strictly follow legal and governmental rules and regulations.

From the ground up, our forward-looking solution is built by our top developers, who include business analysts, system architects, user experience specialists, and quality assurance specialists.

cloud-based healthcare software
Cloud Based Healthcare Software Feedback
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Having developed a cloud-enhanced, fully functional, powerful, and compliant healthcare software for remote patient monitoring, integration capabilities, as well as effective business process management tools, we were able to provide a complete solution to our client.

The cloud-based healthcare platform software was deployed on the premises of our client so that it could be scaled and expanded to meet the business potential of the company as it develops.

Research, custom development, tests, rapid deployment, and fast release stages of the system development process were conducted by CleverDev Software. Our solution went beyond just being functional. By implementing our client's development strategy, realizing their project, and providing service desk support, we contributed to expanding their business development prospects.

As for more detailed results of our cloud-based medical software of par excellence, some of the most notable are the following are:

Costs Optimization

Our cloud-based healthcare software reduced expenses in our client’s company. Medical billing and EHR data managed on the cloud helped significantly cut in-house storage spending. Moreover, with our custom software that was owned by our client, they avoided expensive prices for cloud support from third-party vendors.

Liability and Compliance

The protected cloud-based healthcare system we delivered for our client strictly adhered to HIPAA requirements and legal regulations for safe control and secure access to patients’ sensitive health and finance data. It follows all mandatory backup protocols, code-set updates, and security patches and protocols.

Robust Security

The cloud software solution pays special concern to complying with PHI regulations by enforcing crash-proof encryption methods. Also, our customized platform is empowered by consistent X12 EDI integration for the secure streamlining of patient data with insurers and clearinghouses.

Data Losses and Interruptions Prevention

Our platform empowered by the cloud was constantly updated, meticulously maintained, and guaranteed superior protection against data breaches. It also provided data redundancy prevention and safe and sound cloud storage for stable performance and the prevention of data losses.

Collaboration Upgrade

Custom cloud-empowered data sharing brought our client’s operational efficiency to the next level. Healthcare professionals got easy and fast access to the EHR of their patients across the facilities of the organization and remotely on secure mobile and web apps. They created a simple answer to the question: “What is a cloud-based EHR system?” It meant a unified ecosystem across all the departments.

Patient Engagement Improvement

The cloud-based healthcare platform by CleverDev Software improved the patient engagement capabilities of our client’s business. It enabled omnichannel connection with doctors and consultants, upgraded notification systems, chatbot support, remote vitals monitoring, on-demand consultations, and others.

Scalability Potential

Our flexible cloud-based healthcare software was built to quickly respond to our client’s business objectives. It seamlessly could adapt to the changing healthcare industry environments, meet the challenges of disruptions and overloads, deliver sustainability, and follow the ambitious plans of our client’s business.

The cloud-based healthcare project was delivered for our client’s organization from scratch. It fueled digital transformation and reinvented the healthcare business of our client. During the first year after its implementation, the cloud-empowered platform doubled the patient base of our client’s company.

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We Are Open to New Projects

At CleverDev Software we are sure that cloud solutions for healthcare and other industries require outstanding technical expertise and skills, strong knowledge of the industry’s ethics and regulatory peculiarities, and proven experience in building secure software projects. Moreover, we must deliver first-rate quality service with careful attention to our client’s values and business objectives.

Find out how we can help your business develop custom software with our expertise in full-cycle custom software development for diverse industries and contact our IT consult experts.

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