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Remote Patient Monitoring Portal Case Study

Our RPM automation solution saved costs by undertaking many repetitive tasks assigned to the back-office staff and improved its performance. The platform brought an additional revenue stream worth over $1M annually while minimally impacting our client’s workflow and staff performance.
Remote Patient Monitoring

About Client

A US-based healthcare company that aims at providing exclusive home healthcare services with special concern for family-like attention and support. Our client delivers a broad range of services at 24/7 format and guarantees superior quality care for all its patients.
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Just fancy a world with easy and affordable access to carefully planned individual health supervision for everybody in a live format. Meanwhile, remote patient monitoring automation tools are bringing this idea into reality right these days. Today you and your family can enjoy the comfort of your home or explore the world and be assured that your health is under the careful control of specialists ceaselessly.

The innovative project of our customer is a robust omnichannel solution for rearranging traditional medicare. We are proud to contribute our expertise and dedication to this great and important platform. Explore our valuable experience in a remote patient monitoring automation case study to get a view of the stages, challenges, benefits, and results of the development process.

Business Challenge

A US-based healthcare company was looking for an optimal software platform solution to support the extensive and constantly expanding primary care physician-patient base.

Before approaching CleverDev Software, the client used a general Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to cover a range of tasks like patient monitoring, data collection and consolidation, billings, payments, and other processes.

However, the existing EMR did not support automation for many repetitive tasks assigned to the back-office staff. The company had to struggle with previous bulky, inefficient, pricey, and out-of-time tools. One more dramatic drawback was the inability of the system to support the company’s business development strategy.

Therefore, our client decided to turn to an out-of-the-box remote patient monitoring guide to foster its growth and be prepared to add new functionality to catch up with the changing industry opportunities and requirements.


Since the answer to the challenging problem required deep expertise in IT-intensive custom software development, the customer made a well-founded decision to outsource the project to CleverDev Software. As a company with a concentrated focus and broad expertise in software development for the healthcare industry, we know how to build a custom remote patient monitoring portal to meet our client’s business needs. Thus, we launched the process of remote patient monitoring software creation from scratch.

Our team aimed to introduce a perfectly-balanced tailored product that would securely process sensitive data, lock away and store it in the system, and then analyze all the available data. We were to provide cutting-edge opportunities and capabilities for healthcare specialists and help them deliver excellent service to their patients.

CleverDev Software’s team introduced innovative tools on how to automate remote patient monitoring that is united and integrated into an easy and intuitive system. The core functionality includes the following essential features:

  • Patients’ Records Maintenance. This option supports the whole cycle of medical records management from creation, storage, and maintenance to account destruction. It also meets all the strict requirements and regulations for sensitive health data.
  • Health Data Tracking. The feature also provides additional functionality for medical specialists like adding notes and statuses.
  • Time Tracking. The tracker helps record the time that healthcare workers spent on a patient.
  • Provider Notification System. The solution sends real-time updates when there are any changes in the patient's health status.
  • Online Documents Signing. It is vital when you want a treatment plan, for example, without a need to visit your doctor’s office.
  • Billing Reports Creation and Insurance Integration. It helps to have all functionality in one place: insurers get an RPM automation solution for billing reports creation and payments control.
  • Patients’ Compliances Control System. This feature launches the control process and also provides information for analyzing patients’ demands.
  • Video Calls Interface and Embedded SMS Notification. These options are crucial for healthcare providers to be in close touch with patients.
  • Service Desk Support. Our specialists assist our client in all operational, maintenance, and upgrade tasks in a twenty-four seven format.

At CleverDev Software we are proud of our dedicated team of seasoned experts in a wide set of related tools and technologies for such omnichannel solutions as the project of our customer.

For this healthcare project, we dealt with such critically important features as EHR file encryption and safe data sharing with insurance providers. We also implemented financial data integration and analysis. Our RPM SAAS product is HIPAA compliant.

As the remote patient monitoring automation solution is developed from scratch, our top development team includes senior specialists in business analysis, system architects, QA, and UI/UX specialists.

Remote Patient Monitoring Feedback

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Even though there are various existing vendor platforms for automated remote patient monitoring on the market our software is exceedingly practical. The platform is smart, quick, and highly productive.

All the system research, custom development, attentive testing, rapid deployment, and fast release stages were CleverDev Software’s responsibility. Our team delivered not only an efficient functional solution. We put all our enthusiasm into creating our client’s development strategy, project realization, and further service-desk support system.

After successfully completing the original project scope, the client retained us to develop a fully-featured EMR integration. Our specialists have been working in close cooperation with our client for more than two years. We strongly collaborate with our client and maintain, update, and upgrade the portal with all our creativity, effort, and expertise

For now, the implementation of a proprietary system carefully tailored to our client’s needs has produced impressive results.

Here are some more notable benefits to add up to our successful remote patient monitoring portal case study story.

Healthcare Professionals

are empowered with top-effective tools to make faster management decisions, help patients and decrease the number of Emergency Room visits as well as hospital readmissions. The staff can track the time spent on their clients right in the on-site system.

Healthcare Providers

get an optimized set of essential processes like document signing or billing creation. The tech removes redundant work pressure on personnel, cuts costs, and improves healthcare response effectiveness.


get easy and cheaper accessibility to modern healthcare. They do not have to wait long or go far to get in touch with their physician, for example. With our project, the patients can now contact a professional via video chat, get a treatment plan, and send the info to the insurer.

To sum up all the pros of our remote patient monitoring case study, we want to note that our client got not only a top-notch business solution but also recognition as a contributor to the community as it made so many lives better.

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We Are Open to New Projects

When you need to develop a progressive software solution, make sure that you turn to a professional. CleverDev Software teams have outstanding expertise in the remote patient monitoring sector and embedded custom software development with great attention to our clients’ business growth. That is why we are exclusively knowledgeable about building a top-notch omnichannel RPM platform. So, feel free to contact our professional development team to get expert advice on how to automate RPM and know about our competencies in full-cycle custom software development for various industries.

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