Medical Apps for Patients

Plug Into the Power of Digital Health and Reshape Care Delivery

Health technology solutions push the boundaries of how healthcare is delivered and enable providers to offer more targeted treatments to patients. Medical mobile applications remain the pinnacle of the health tech revolution that reinvents patient engagement, care delivery, and payment models. CleverDev Software helps global care providers stay on the innovative edge and build personalized healthcare apps for patients with added business value.

Medical Apps for Patients

What Are Medical Apps for Patients?

Healthcare mobile apps for patients support and augment systematic care by providing better access to patient data. They automate data collection, facilitate health tracking, and streamline communication between both sides of care. With digital health apps built by CleverDev Software, you can tap into telemedicine features, reduce costs of care, and improve care outcomes.

Benefits of Medical Apps for Patients

Our healthcare software development company helps you gain from innovative health tech solutions and leverage their unique benefits to promote better care results and ease the strain on healthcare professionals.

  • Instant access to care — anytime and anywhere

  • Better accessibility for patients in far-flung and rural areas

  • Reduced costs of care for both sides

  • Improved patient engagement and enablement

  • Facilitated communication between health clinics and patients

  • Efficient medical record management and secure access to clinical data

  • All-in-one patient care, health monitoring, and follow-up management

  • Chronic condition management in the comfort of a patient’s home

  • Easy integration with wearables for data collection

  • Facilitated and secured payment processes

  • Better medication adherence with easier refill management

  • Minimized no-show rates and easier appointment scheduling

What Do Patients Need in Medical Applications?

To build the best health app for your business, we pack it with innovative features, automated pathways, and user-focused interactions.

Easy-to-Use Functionality

Our developers make all functionality easily discoverable for the end users through intuitive flows and transitions. We also help you design a seamless onboarding process for higher adoption among patients.


Our health tech development company builds healthcare apps for patients based on the acknowledged accessibility standards to help your solution cover the widest possible audience and differentiate it from the competitors.

Access to Medical Records

Make critical health data readily available for patients via secure and compliant data sharing. We integrate the application with your EHR system for real-time data intake and a higher level of patient engagement in a healthcare interaction.

Telehealth Features

Stay on top of health tech trends with compliant live chats and video conferencing features. We help you remove distance barriers, facilitate remote visits, and deliver top-grade care beyond clinical facilities.

Integrations and IoT

We build data-driven health applications that collate data across wearables and other healthcare systems to provide a comprehensive overview of a patient’s health through rich and dynamic dashboards.

Alerts and Reminders

Keep no-show appointments to the minimum and send critical updates directly to the patient’s smartphone. Our developers set up real-time push notifications triggered by medication reminders, refill notifications, and appointment alerts.

Appointment Management

Let your patients find and book appointments at their own convenience directly from the application. Digital appointment scheduling also takes over the administrative burden and improves staff productivity.

Seamless Payment Methods

Allow easy mobile transactions that reduce billing lags and facilitate payments for medical services or insurance. We integrate secure payment gateways under the PCI DSS standard to keep personal data secure.

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients

Best Medical App Examples from CleverDev Software

From primary care to mental health, we build personalized health apps based on the unique needs of your patients.

General Hospital Applications
Telehealth Applications
Remote Patient Monitoring
Telehealth Nursing Care
Acute/Critical Care
Digital Therapeutics (DTx)
Physical Therapy and Home Rehabilitation
Mental Health Apps
Pediatrics Apps
Stroke Management
Best Medical Apps for Patients

Medical and Telemedicine App Trends

Respond to shifting patient needs with cutting-edge features and leverage the infinite potential of Medical 4.0 technologies to achieve operational excellence.

Big Data

Gain a 360-degree view of patient data to enhance decision support, advance precision medicine, and derive population-level insights. Our developers help you bring disparate medical data sources into a unified, interoperable system with real-time data syncs.

  • Electronic health records
  • Insurance claims data management
  • Clinical predictive analytics solutions
  • Health trend analysis
  • Virtual care and wearables

Artificial Intelligence

Make the most of patient data to generate valuable insights, enhance preventive care, and produce accurate treatment plans. By delegating manual tasks to intelligent algorithms, you can also optimize business processes and reduce operational costs.

  • Administrative workflow assistance
  • Medical chatbots
  • Targeted treatments
  • Medical records management


Internet of Medical Things devices bridge the distance between patients and doctors and enable continuous health monitoring outside the hospital. Our developers integrate your internal systems with medical devices and wearables to keep a hassle-free and systematic record of each patient.

  • Virtual care delivery and remote monitoring
  • Healthcare mobility solutions
  • Medical equipment monitoring
  • Location tracking and alerts

Our Tech Stack for Medical and Telemedicine App Development

Our health tech development company builds transformational and secure solutions powered with easily scalable architectures and future-proof technologies.


We apply data encryption in transit and at rest, set up user-based access controls, include data backups and other means of protecting personal health information to keep your health app compliant with the HIPAA security rule.


For applications targeted at the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of diseases, we prepare detailed documentation for premarket submission for approval or clearance and make sure your solution meets applicable regulations.


We pay due diligence to personal privacy, controls and notifications, transparent policies, and other GDPR-compliant measures to make your application securely available to EU citizens or organizations.

Our Approach to Patient App Development

Our cross-functional teams take over the full-cycle process of medical app development based on iterative delivery cycles.


We analyze your idea and compliance requirements, identify the set of core features, choose an optimal architecture, and map out a detailed development plan to turn your vision into a high-quality solution on time and within budget.


Our app designers analyze your target users, research relevant competitors, and create a customer journey map to turn your vision into user-centered graphical interfaces with smooth transitions and intuitive flows.


Our team of vetted developers designs your app architecture, selects the right set of technologies, and builds fully operational features. We put security at the center of our processes to help you deliver digital experiences your patients trust.


All deliverables are tested continuously throughout the whole application development life cycle to enable higher quality and faster delivery. We test every aspect of your application, both functional and non-functional.

Maintenance and Support

We provide continuous post-release support for all our projects. Our support teams monitor your application performance, introduce rapid changes, resolve issues, and deliver critical updates to keep your solution in its prime.

Need help with your medical app idea?

CleverDev Software provides feasibility analysis to evaluate viability, long-term benefits, and the value of your product against ready-made solutions.

Telemedicine App Development Services We Offer

Our company provides flexible hiring models to cover
the unique needs of each client.


Our healthcare software consulting services help medical companies solve strategic and technological challenges. Following a thorough analysis, our team helps shape your business vision, creates the solution design, and aligns your idea with the right tech architecture.

Team Augmentation

This engagement option allows you to bridge the talent gap within your on-site team with no burdens of permanent hiring. Whether it’s a web developer, QA engineer, or cloud professional, our company helps you ramp up and down your capacity as and when needed.

Dedicated Teams

Hire a ready-to-go team to take over your complex long-term projects with evolving requirements — from discovery to post-release support. Our dedicated teams work exclusively on your project as an outsourced development unit.

Why Choose CleverDev for Medical Apps for Patients Development?

We couple our technology expertise with domain knowledge to solve the unique challenges of your business.

Proficiency in healthcare technologies
Proven track record of delivering projects in the healthcare
End-to-end health app development process
Experience in healthcare data standards (HL7, FHIR, XDS/XDS-I, ICD-10, CPT)
Delivering compliant software (HIPAA, GDPR, FDA)
Integrating with Epic, MEDITECH, and other EHR providers.

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