Custom Telehealth Software Solutions Development

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Our custom telehealth software development expertise creates top digital platforms with features like video conferencing, remote monitoring, medical billing and claims integrations to improve care delivery and overall performance. At CleverDev Software we are committed to delivering innovations created from scratch that align with your unique needs.

Custom Telehealth Software Solutions
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Telemedicine App Development Solutions

We provide solutions that allow healthcare providers better manage their resources, reach a wider client base, and give customers on-demand remote access to treatments. Our services aim to digitally transform the way that services are delivered. We create user-friendly, secure platforms that enable coherent interaction between practitioners and patients by utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients

Custom Telehealth Software for Your Practice

Our custom operating systems cater to a wide range of businesses. Discover the revolutionary possibilities of our tailored software services, created to meet all your specific requirements. Benefit from smooth consolidation, improved care, and productive processes.

Hospitals and Health Systems
Clinics and Outpatient Facilities
Private Practices and Physicians
Mental Health Practices
Home Healthcare Agencies
Service Providers
Rehabilitation Centers
Diagnostics and Imaging Centers
Long-Term Care Facilities
Insurance Companies
Tech Startups

Our Custom Telemedicine Software: Key Features

Equip your enterprise with an extended set of features from custom telehealth software. Elevate the level of communication and care, assure uninterrupted meetings and outstanding services delivery.

Virtual Visits

  • Secure and encrypted channels to protect privacy
  • User-friendly interfaces for video and audio calls

Appointment Scheduling

  • Automated reminders and notifications for clients and doctors
  • Calendar synchronization for quality time management

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration

  • Escalated continuity of care with synchronized records
  • Access to medical history and prescriptions during online sessions

Secure Messaging and Communication

  • HIPAA-compliant messaging platforms for real-time chat
  • Multimedia messaging to share images, documents, and test results

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

  • Statistics collection and analysis for vital signs and metrics
  • Automated alerts through wearables for abnormal indicators

Prescription Control

  • E-prescribing capabilities for online prescription delivery
  • Mergence with pharmacy systems for tracking and reminders

Teletherapy and Mental Health Support

  • Web platforms for secure psychological video sessions
  • Instruments for progress tracking and outcome measurement

Collaboration and Consulting Platforms

  • Multi-user support for collaborative sessions
  • Appointment with a specialist with easy referral options

Billing and Payment Unification

  • Secure payment gateways for distant counsels
  • Automated billing and invoicing features

User Access Controls and Authentication

  • Role-based access controls to establish safety
  • Audit trails for tracking user activities

Customization and Scalability

  • Scalable telehealth solution for future growth and additional features
  • Custom branding for a consistent user experience

Patient Education and Engagement

  • Educational resources for individuals within the platform.
  • Tools for self-monitoring and combination with wellness programs

Custom Telehealth Solutions Integrations

Experience the next level of key consolidations with our custom platform equipped with essential services to upgrade care.  

Integrate with Insurers and Clearinghouses

Seamlessly interoperate with insurers and clearinghouses to streamline administrative processes and guarantee effective billing and claims organization.

Patient Portals

Combine online consultations with client portals to offer users a centralized platform for booking appointments, communicating with providers, and accessing relevant health information.


Facilitate secure and easy documentation exchange between different specialists by implementing our custom projects with EHR and EMR systems.


Add medical image and analytics tools into your custom website to enable continuous reports monitoring and more effective condition control.


Empower hospitals to implement multiple monetization strategies, offer various payment options, and establish successful partnerships within the ecosystem.

Telehealth Software Development in Details

Our advancement technology is meticulously structured into distinct layers and functionalities, providing a comprehensive and compliant platform. Navigate the intricacies of regulations to guarantee privacy and adherence.

User Interface

  • Customer Profile
  • Provider Dashboard
  • Admin Panel

Presentation Layer

  • Video Conferencing
  • Messaging
  • Sessions Arrangements

Application Layer

  • User Authentication
  • EHR Integration
  • Prescription Administration
  • Collaboration Tools

Data Layer

  • Client documentation
  • Booking Information
  • Video and Messaging
  • Billing and Payment Records

Infrastructure Layer

  • Cloud Servers
  • Database
  • Security Protocols

Handle extremely sensitive information with custom telehealth software for therapists that meets the required regulations.

  • IEC 62304
  • HL-7
  • ICD-10

Innovate with Custom Telehealth Software!

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Our Software for Telehealth Development Process

As an accomplished IT company, we follow a structured framework for building expansive websites and platforms. Our creation roadmap encompasses the following key stages, ensuring a faultless and tailored program for your organization.


We gather your specific requirements, conduct in-depth analysis of market trends, and consider industry specifics to determine the most suitable technology stack for your app.


We devise an all-embracing project roadmap, prioritizing feature delivery based on your unique needs and organizational priorities.

UX/UI Design

Our team crafts a distinctive user experience and interface design tailored to your brand's style guidelines, establishing a unique and engaging visual identity.


Our skilled telehealth solution providers create the source code, integrate it with essential third-party services, and implement robust protective mechanisms to safeguard sensitive data.


We conduct rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing to establish quality, and guarantee compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Deployment and Support

Upon completion, we deploy the app into your medical ecosystem and provide on-demand L1, L2, or L3 support to guarantee smooth integration and ongoing operational efficiency.

Support Service

We offer comprehensive assistance services to address any post-deployment needs, ensuring that your system operates seamlessly and efficiently within your environment.

Advantages of Our Custom Telemedicine Software Solutions

Our custom solutions offer numerous business benefits, such as reducing patient churn rate, staying competitive, developing and expanding your business.

Improved Data Security

  • Ensure complete safety and integrity of operational data and patients' protected health information (PHI).
  • Prioritize the satisfaction of all stakeholders by providing HIPAA-compliance.

Custom Features

  • Get tailored solutions after thorough discussion with our specialists to address your specific challenges and needs.
  • Leverage our vast experience in technology to enhance productivity and empower customer service

Cloud-Based Solutions

  • Receive advanced telehealth solutions hosted in the cloud, eliminating the need to invest in dedicated IT infrastructure.
  • Enable clients to utilize your services through existing devices and an internet connection while on the go.

Reduce Patient Churn Rate

  • Understand client requirements to deliver tools for optimizing operations.
  • Thoroughly test solutions against established criteria and global best practices to increase customer satisfaction.

Stay Competitive

  • Keep pace with industry latest advancements and innovations.
  • Offer innovative telemedicine customer service to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Expand Your Business

  • Drive business growth by leveraging tailored programs.
  • Expand service offerings and reach new customer demographics.

Bespoke Telehealth Software Cost

The cost of app development services varies based on aspects such as complexity, design, feature list, and the level of integration required. Consider various factors to estimate the cost of your bespoke development.

In-house teams, local development agencies, freelancers, and outsourcing
Web, desktop, mobile, or an all-inclusive suite
The required number and type of third-party integrations.
The scalability requirements as well as the size of data storage needed for backups.
Various types such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux
Admins, patients, doctors, nurses, and caregivers
Data analytics, AI-driven decision-making, real-time interactions, and advanced protocols
Store-and-forward, remote monitoring, and real-time interactive capabilities

Rough Cost of Telehealth Implementation

These estimations provide a rough overview of the time and cost involved in developing bespoke software, serving as a foundational guide for project planning and resource allocation.

Stage Time (hours) Price (USD) 
Idea Validation 40-50 2500-3000 
Business Analysis 80-100 5000-6000 
Market Research 25-40 1500-2400 
Prototype Creation 80-100 5000-6000 
UX/UI Design 150-180 9000-11000 
MVP Development 1400-2000 80,000-120,000 
Testing 500-600 30,000-36,000 
Project Management 250-350 15,000-20,000 

Choose CleverDev as Your Custom Telemedicine Software Provider

At CleverDev, we stand out as a premier choice for tailored solutions due to our comprehensive expertise, regulatory compliance, and unwavering commitment to data security. Our solid experience and access to prototypes enable us to expedite development, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of exceptional products.

Custom Web Application Company

Cost-Effective Customization

Get built-from-scratch, efficient, and advanced tools customized to meet your specific needs.

Transparency with Results

Review your product before implementation and get a clear understanding of the anticipated results upon completion.

Accelerated Delivery

Get your streamlined telehealth software systems delivered significantly faster than traditional development timelines.

Polished User Interface

Benefit from an already defined and polished UI, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly end product.

High Quality and Security

Utilize a website of top-notch quality with fewer bugs and robust security compliant with HIPAA and GDPR standards.

Optimized Efficiency

Achieve unparalleled efficiency by having all your needs met through a fully custom telehealth app.

Flexibility and Precision

Obtain solely the fundamental features for your business, guaranteeing that you invest in and acquire a product precisely aligned with your requirements.

Process Enhancement

Get a fresh perspective to inspect and improve your existing processes, optimizing your operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Support

Receive top-quality support for seamless integration and ongoing maintenance from our experienced team.

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