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End-to-End Development of Healthcare Software: Our Practical Story of Success

Our end-to-end healthcare software development services covered the full cycle of the digital reinvention of our client’s business. We launched the project from scratch, delivered an efficient solution, and provided a full service-desk support system. Our integrated platform doubled the patient base of our client in just 2 years, generated over $1 million of additional revenue every year, and became a base for further business development and scaling.
end-to-end development of healthcare software

About Client

A healthcare company headquartered in Texas, USA is specialized in bringing high-grade healthcare services to wider audiences. Our client’s team makes dedicated support and care available in the comfort of patients’ homes in a 24/7 format.
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Nonstop swirls of disruptions, overloads, inflation, manufacturers lockdowns, and other challenges keep on trialing the healthcare industry today. Technological reinvention and digital transformation are the core factors to face the storm and find new horizons for healthcare businesses.

At the same time, shifted expectations of modern audiences expect more interactive technological solutions. Video chats with specialists, mHealth, wearables integrations, and other digital solutions have proved that tech reinvention is more than just a fab but must-have option to meet the demands of patients.

Meanwhile, the healthcare innovative technologies market is very extensive. There are varieties of offers and products available. It puts a complicated issue for healthcare providers from startups to large clinics to choose the most productive, cost-effective, and competitively future-proofed solutions for hospitals, dental, and other healthcare businesses. In reality, choosing the best-balanced options set is a massive obstacle on the way to technological revitalization.

CleverDev Software is justifiably proud to deliver end-to-end development of healthcare software for our client. Our custom integrated remote patient monitoring platform unified and streamlined our client’s business workflows and empowered professionals with advanced tools for delivering top-quality healthcare to patients.

Explore the details of end-to-end healthcare software development in our comprehensive case study.

end-to-end healthcare software development

Business Challenge

A US-based healthcare provider with a special focus on delivering scrupulous nursing, therapy, and custodial care to patients using local facilities and home care needed a harmonized healthcare software platform. They required a solution that could integrate its billing processes with insurers and clearinghouses, optimize administrative workflows, enable their professionals with remote patient monitoring capabilities, enhance patient engagement potential, and set the space for business development potential.

Before approaching CleverDev Software, our client’s technological landscape was diverse. They had to rely on a popular Cloud Service Provider for billing and payments data collection, consolidation, and processing which was costly and not effective. However, it did not support EMR automation and workflows required a large amount of manual work which led to a growing number of non- and partly-paid claims.

Also, their patient monitoring system was bulky and inefficient. Specialists had to spend a lot of time managing the documents, pharmaceutical prescriptions, and forms and that caused personnel overloads and burnouts.

But the major drawback of the non-consolidated and outdated solutions our client used was that they prevented the company from sustainability, further development, and expansion plans.

For these reasons, our client made a well-grounded decision to turn to our extensive expertise, skills, and experience in healthcare software development to design and build an end-to-end healthcare software platform to foster the company's growth potential and offer competitive service to its patients.


Since the required software solution needed IT-intensive custom software development expertise, a deep understanding of cutting-edge digital trends for the healthcare industry, and profound experience in efficient full-cycle software delivery, our client commissioned CleverDev Software to launch the project development from scratch.

Since the answer to the challenging problem required deep expertise in IT-intensive custom software development, the customer made a well-founded decision to outsource the project to CleverDev Software.

Having a strong focus and broad expertise in software development for the healthcare industry as one of our major domains, we are professionals in end-to-end medical software development tuned to the requirements of our clients. Thus, we established the process of a software creation project from scratch.

Our team targeted introducing a harmonious adjusted product for our client. The software platform was designed to process sensitive clinical data securely, lock it up and store it in the system, provide easy access to authorized personnel, and utilize all the available data for analytics and prognosis. We sought to empower the healthcare and administrative specialists of our client with cutting-edge opportunities and capabilities and help them deliver excellent patient care.

CleverDev Software’s team was responsible for the whole process of software design, development, adjustment, implementation, and ongoing service desk support of the project. The core stages of our collaboration included eight essential steps.

  • Requirements Analytics. Our specialists performed careful product discovery: identified the pain points, researched our client’s competitors, defined technical implementation aspects, and validated the final market idea.
  • Assets Utilizing. We took the inventory of technologies and solutions that already were used by our client’s business and utilized effective tools to optimize future development costs.
  • Detailed Software Development Plan Creation. Our experts in close collaboration with our client’s team formulated the project plan with key milestones and responsibilities, tech stack, budget, and schedule scheme. The stage included a detailed product description and software requirements specifications (SRS) creation, and project plan finalization.
  • MVP Development. This stage included thorough prototyping and validating of features, integrations, and tools for the platform. Our developers built a preliminary product and tuned the project to the business organization in active collaboration with the team of our client.
  • Project Scaling. Based on the results of reviews, analysis, and ideas validation our experts shaped the project from a to z that exquisitely met all the individual requirements of our client’s business.
  • Software Implementation. Our developers use the chosen tools and tech stack to develop the software product based on the design document specifications, SRS, and coding guidelines. Essential features of this stage consisted of regular team meetings, code reviews, and deliver presentations.
  • Testing and Validation. Our QA and testing professionals started their vital work at the early stages of project delivery. They ensured that each component of the code didn’t lead to any failures in software operation. All the features were meticulously tested before deploying the final product.
  • Service Desk Support. Our specialists provide operative, fast, and effective maintenance and upgrade of the healthcare platform as our client decided to commit further service desk support of the product to CleverDev Software.

Our teams of experienced professionals at CleverDev Software have expertise in a wide range of tools and technologies that are necessary to provide such omnichannel solutions as those the customer has requested. A few of the key features of the software are listed below:

  • Creating Billing Reports and Integrating Insurance. Our healthcare solution secured all financial processes in one omnichannel platform. Our clients’ specialists got full control of billing creation, transactions, and claims approvals.
  • Maintaining and Tracking Patients' Health Records. The end-to-end medical software development project included turnkey EMR/EHR software solutions for management and integration. It met legal regulations and requirements for the sensitive health data of patients.
  • Keeping Track of Time. This useful functionality automated the process of tracking the time the healthcare personnel of our client spent with each patient.
  • A System for Signing Documents Online. Our innovative software enabled doctors, nurses, and coaches with technological document approvals in the app which significantly optimized their workloads.
  • Embedded Video Call Interface, SMS, and Push Notifications. The ability to keep close contact with patients is crucial for healthcare providers. The platform we designed is empowered with a range of communication mobile channels for doctors and patients.
  • Helpdesk Support. In a 24-hour format, our specialists assist our client with all operational, maintenance, and upgrade tasks.

A critical aspect of the project was ensuring the safe sharing of insurance information and encrypting EHR files. Besides integrating and analyzing financial data, we also developed financial reporting tools following strict security rules. Compliant with HIPAA, our healthcare software development product provides end-to-end solutions.

Featuring business analysis, system architects, UI/UX specialists, and quality assurance specialists, our forward-thinking solution is developed from the ground up by our top developers.

end-to-end development of healthcare software
End-to-End Healthcare Software Development Feedback
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Our client received a fully functional, powerful, and compliant end-to-end healthcare platform for remote patient monitoring, integration capabilities, and business process management tools. The platform software was deployed on the client’s facilities ready for scaling and expansion to fit the growing potential of the business of our client.

Throughout the system development process, CleverDev Software was responsible for performing all the research, custom development, tests, rapid deployment, and fast release stages. We delivered more than just a functional solution. With all our passion, we developed our client's development strategy, realized their project, and provided service desk support.

After we completed the original project scope, the client retained us to continue updating and developing the platform. Over the past two years, our specialists have worked closely with our client. Maintaining, updating, and upgrading the portal with all of our creativity and expertise is a key component of our successful collaboration with our client.

We have seen impressive results so far from the implementation of a proprietary system customized to our client's needs. The project was delivered from scratch and reinvented the healthcare business of our client. Within two years, our integrated platform doubled our client's patient base, generated over $1 million in additional revenue annually, and paved the way for further business development and expansion.

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We Are Open to New Projects

Only a true professional can help you develop a progressive software solution and become a long-term reliable partner. The CleverDev Software team has outstanding expertise in the remote patient monitoring sector and embedded custom software development with great attention to our client's business growth. That is why we are exclusively knowledgeable about top-notch omnichannel end-to-end development of healthcare software.

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