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Patient Engagement Solutions That Maximize the Retention Rate

CleverDev Software designed and developed a patient engagement platform for our client's healthcare network. With this new functionality, the company added a powerful tool for effective collaboration between patients and professionals. The solution met the demands of modern customers, reinvented the company's processes, optimized costs, and increased patient satisfaction. It also secured a 97% patient retention rate in the rapidly growing business of our client.
Patient Engagement Solutions

About Client

A healthcare provider from the United States is redefining professional healthcare services with additional support in rehabilitation and custodial care. The company offers next-gen technologically empowered affordable services. A proactive view on digital healthcare transformation and cost optimization helps our client provide high-quality assistance to families caring for their most precious loved ones.
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Patient engagement today is more than just a buzzword — it is a technological trend that is rapidly evolving and expanding. It helps healthcare businesses deliver improved patient outcomes, increase awareness and loyalty of the audience, grow patient bases, and sustain in competitive markets.

Our behavioral habits are closely interwoven with the healthcare information easily available on the net. Thus, according to Google, more than 7% of daily searches are related to health, and that is 70,000 healthcare searches every minute. Of course, it is essential to get vital information from professionals on reliable sources from hospitals or clinics. That is why patient engagement software companies can become trusted enlighteners and supporters.

With wearables, telemedicine, health apps, and others, we are active participants in healthcare innovation now. Moreover, 61% of patients want improved patient engagement opportunities to be more proactive with their physical and mental health and well-being.

As a result, patient engagement systems have become a necessity for modern healthcare providers. They impact the future of public healthcare quality and the business development prospects of healthcare providers.

To meet the demands of its patients taking the initiative of awareness and care support via technological highlights, our client decided to implement a custom patient engagement platform to add to the potential of its RPM system.

Our team at CleverDev Software provided the expertise, skill, and dedication for a project of such magnitude. Our client's healthcare application integration project is described in the following case study.

Patient Engagement Software

Business Challenge

To ignite the company's operational processes that include a wide range of therapy, nursing, and custodial support from professionals in a 24/7 format, our client required well-tuned patient engagement software. It had to become an integral element of a custom Remote Patient Monitoring platform we developed for the company. The main goal of the project was to create efficient functionality for patient-professional communication and collaboration.

Before turning to CleverDev Software, our client relied solely on phone calls or emails. That was long since out of date. It led to patient no-shows, inefficient scheduling, overloads for the professionals of the company, and weak customer management.

The lack of modern channels to get in touch with the patients and tools for information streamlining was a stumbling block that prevented them from reaching the company's business goals and scaling plans.

Furthermore, the company's lack of up-to-date means of communication and professional monitoring and support for its customers prevented it from developing a viable business in the competitive healthcare market.

At the same time, the team reviewed several patient engagement software vendors with out-of-the-box products for different sectors of the healthcare industry: dental care, surgery, and others. Despite being bulky and pricey, such systems required substantial work to fit into the requirements of the business. On top of that, the company wouldn’t be the owner of the software and had to depend on the third-party provider.

Because of these challenges and cons of standard offers, our client was in crucial need of custom interactive patient engagement solutions to raise possibilities of bringing top-quality care to the patients.

The healthcare provider was confident that CleverDev Software would be the best pick for building custom patient outreach software and adding new opportunities for the business.


The problem needed to be addressed in a regulatory-compliant manner through software development. It involved IT-intensive components and a thorough understanding of the industry and the latest achievements in the field. The healthcare organization made a wise decision by choosing CleverDev Software for patient engagement software development.

As a part of our efforts to increase our client's efficiency and productivity, our team designed a high-quality solution for the provider.

A key focus of our specialists was to deliver powerful patient communication software and build interactive modules enriched with innovative capabilities. We designed and implemented an outreach system that facilitated interaction between patients and the innovative RPM platform of our client.

A natively connected environment for the customers and professionals of the company was delivered to our client as part of a patient engagement solution. It was empowered by the following original elements.

Schedule Management

Patient engagement software also powers advanced scheduling features including patient self-scheduling. While the personnel can configure and maintain control over patients’ access to appointment management, and each appointment requires staff approval, patients can approach specialists 24/7 like in other consumer-focused industries. It gives the provider the advantage of filling the schedule to a greater degree. The patients get better support and reduced gaps in care.

Patient Chats

The feature provides ceaseless support for patients via text, voice, or video chat capabilities. The messages are secured through the platform and can be submitted at any comfortable time. Care professionals can respond to them swiftly and do not have to waste precious time on additional phone calls. So, our client’s specialists and their patients get a practical patient engagement solution to interact at the day's optimal time.

Automated Reminding Systems

Our patient communication software reinvented the system of notifications for patients and specialists. For example, the application sends push notifications or messages to patients to remind them to take medicine on time or inform them about the specialists’ visits.

A Secure System for EHR and Medical Data

All medical data can be uploaded by patients digitally in the form of EHR. It can be easily and securely accessed by healthcare specialists of our client’s company. At the same time, the professionals can also exchange necessary documents with patients on the platform. All sensitive information is secured by our robust and regulatory-compliant software.

Billing Management for Patients

Our client's advanced patient engagement platform adds transparency to service for patients. They can get control over their bills, statements, or claims. For instance, our cutting-edge X12 EDI integration solution enables additional features that create a PDF document of a 1500 Health Insurance Claim form if needed. By facilitating patient engagement software, physicians and patients can benefit from a more convenient billing process.

Patient Feedback and Service Recovery Features

Our platform for patient outreach offers a practical tool for patient satisfaction monitoring and maintaining possible issues in the shortest time. It helps collect feedback and recover any dissatisfied patient experiences quickly. The feature is a valuable source of empowering an individual approach and careful support to every patient.

An Information Source Through the Platform

This patient engagement platform form can also be used to educate patients about their medical conditions by providing access to all relevant content and becoming a trusted source of information. It helps our client’s customers become more aware of their health condition.

Along with our integrated teams' combined expertise, we were able to provide an omnichannel solution utilizing a range of related tools and technologies.

A vital component of the project was ensuring compliance with HIPAA policies. A secure, confidential, and accessible system was used to maintain electronic health records (EHR).

Collaboration between business analysts, system architects, quality assurance professionals, and UX/UI specialists was critical to creating the best patient engagement solution for the healthcare company.

Patient Engagement Solutions Feedback
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Designed to meet the needs of our client's healthcare business, this software is effective, responsive, and easy to use. Data security is of utmost importance, as are regulatory and legal requirements.

Through customized patient outreach modules, we have been able to deliver rewarding results for our healthcare client and patients.

Healthcare Professionals

The professionals can easily access their patients' medical records and provide quick treatment in an emergency. They can communicate with patients remotely and deliver personalized care to a broader audience by optimizing processes and reducing costs. Improved interaction and top-notch service help achieve a 95% patient retention rate.


The patients benefit from the advantages of patient engagement solutions for hospitals and clinics: simplified data streamlining, convenient online appointments, a range of chat options, reminders, and forehanded care. It also helps avoid emergencies and serious conditions by promoting a more proactive, mindful, and healthy lifestyle.

As part of the CleverDev Software project work, the custom software was developed, tested before deployment, and released smoothly. With our solution, we were able to enhance both efficiency and functionality.

The complete cycle of the project — the development strategy, project realization, launch, and service desk support was delivered by our seasoned experts in custom software development.

Adaptability to evolving patient demands is ensured by our customized patient engagement software. It includes enhanced functionality for patients and specialists, upgraded efficiency and patient outcomes, reduced operational costs, and improved patient satisfaction. After just two years of dedicated work, our client achieved new ambitious goals. The company has doubled its patient base in just two years and secured the 97% percent retention rate.

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We Are Open to New Projects

It is imperative to have professional assistance throughout all processes to ensure the highest levels of data security. As part of the firm's expertise areas, CleverDev Software offers regulatory compliance for patient engagement solutions.

Due to our broad range of experience, we are well suited to design patient engagement software for a wide range of industries.

We offer custom software development services in healthcare, finance, customer, and business management.

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