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Our real estate software development is crafted to fine-tune your business functionalities to current commerce demands. We apply efficient, productive, and growth-driven technology to elevate your entrepreneurship.

Real Estate Development Software
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What Is Custom Real Estate Software Development?

CleverDev assists organizations in gaining a technological competitive advantage. We provide custom solutions for document administration programs, CRMs, analytics, and MLS, aiming to stimulate the number of closed deals with our technological stack.

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Our Development Services for Real Estate Industry

Our company aims to match your unique needs and provide progressive tools for professionals.

Property Operation
Reinforced CRM
Analytics and Data Evaluation
Multiple Listing Services
Property Estimation
Document Regulation
Property Inspection
Transaction Regulation
Lease Regulation

Best Application for Your Organization

Unleash your professional competitive advantage with our top  real estate development software expertise.

Commercial Realtor

Distribute appointment schedules, convert prospects to customers, and improve CRM interactions with CleverDev’s real estate development project management software.

Industrial Realtor

Benefit from our construction software development assistance and thorough knowledge of field’s rules and guidelines to boost your escalation potential.

Residential Realtor​​

Increase sales and customer service with bespoke audits and CRM technologies, facilitating swift firm growth.

Raw Land Realtor

Manage raw land transactions, evaluate asset growth opportunities, and provide robust control of compliance —environmental, zoning, and land use regulations.

Real Estate Software Features We Elaborate

CleverDev builds sturdy real estate developer software to optimize your resources and boost your company’s operations productivity. We can add an exclusively selected set of features adjusted to your particular demands — CRM, paperless documentation operations, virtual 3D tours, accounting tools, tailored dashboards, and a range of integrations.

Control every detail and increase the visibility of your listing to get more loyal customers.
  • Property listing regulation
  • Property search with filters
  • High-quality image and video uploads
  • Location-based search
Strengthen your client interactions with the use of complete CRM applications.
  • Client contact distribution
  • Lead tracking and scoring
  • Tasks and appointment scheduling
Stay orderly and secure with completely digital documentation.
  • Document upload and storage
  • Version control
  • Secure access permissions
Show your estate at any comfortable time and place. 3D tour creation
  • 3D tour creation
  • Interactive navigation
  • VR headset compatibility
Manage transactions and provide seamless integration of payments and security.
  • Offer control
  • Digital contract signing
  • Deadline reminders
Boost your accounting productivity with a perfect selection of financial features.
  • Expense tracking
  • Invoice generation
  • Unification with accounting program
Make informed choices with data-driven analysis of in-depth trading numbers.
  • Sales audits
  • Market trends
  • Individual reports
Increase understanding of estate locations and the efficiency of client decision-making.
  • Property mapping
  • Area demographics
  • Location-based data

Technology Stack & Regulations

CleverDev Software leverages an extensive technology stack to design data-driven solutions with the deep sense of market demands. We are certified experts in Java, Node.js, Angular, ReactJS, PostgreSQL, and AWS. Our seasoned teams deliver innovative custom software development for real estate industry.
Our expertise extends to a comprehensive range of retail regulations.
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Our Development Process

Our primary aim is to ensure the timely delivery of your technical program while also adhering to budget constraints and meeting your specific requirements.

Exploration and Strategy Preparation

We delve into your firm logic, pinpoint system limitations, and define the scope of your development project in order to strategize for a successful engineering phase.

  • Conducting business examination and research
  • Crafting a project roadmap
  • Estimating price and duration
  • Creating a Proof of Concept

Design and Development

Under the guidance of certified project managers, our team of UX/UI designers and real estate developers works collaboratively to turn your vision into a fully functional system.

  • Creation of design documentation and specifications
  • Design of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Seamless data migration
  • Tailored integration (e.g., QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, Brokermint, Propertybase)

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our thorough testing process ensures that your operating system offers an impeccable user experience, maintains stable performance, and upholds the highest quality standards.

  • Comprehensive functional testing
  • Rigorous non-functional testing
  • Quality assurance measures
  • Deployment and Launch

Seamless System Handover

As we conclude the cycle of creating applications, we transition your system into a live production environment. Additionally, we provide comprehensive guides for installation, operations, and end-user functionality.

  • Training for end-users
  • Ongoing system adoption support
  • Post-deployment review and assessment

Maintenance and Support

Our team provides a range of technical support options to ensure your commercial real estate development software maintains peak performance, incorporates additional features, and stays up-to-date with version upgrades.

  • Management solutions for hosting and infrastructure
  • Ongoing operating system maintenance
  • Robust backup and disaster recovery unfolding
  • Continuous system optimization

Custom Solution to Boost Your Business  

Embrace technology that is specifically designed for your establishment’s needs to gain a competitive advantage on the modern market. Our tech-advanced real estate development management software products are made to equip your company with accuracy, effectiveness, complete control of your system, and new scalability horizons open to your firm.

Tailored to Specific Needs  

Our custom software development for the real estate industry is made-to-order to your company's specific requirements. It efficiently handles problems, complies with corporate standards, and furthers strategic goals.

Enhanced Efficiency  

Streamline your company’s workflows flawlessly, reduce manual procedures and paperwork, and minimize data input mistakes.  


Our bespoke real estate developer software is your investment property. It lets you control all the functionality and unties you from vendor’s fees, customer support relays, and bulky interfaces. We build a basis for your firm potential with scaling opportunities in mind.  

Competitive Advantage  

Catch up with the latest trends in the tech world and provide your customers with the best set of avant-garde features and integrations to leave your competitors behind. Our finely-designed bespoke real estate development software upscales your brand positioning and customer loyalty.


Custom commercial real estate development software by CleverDev Software escalates integration capabilities for your establishment. It ensures data real-time updates, transmission, accuracy, and syncronization. Our tailored platforms take control of APIs, documentation exchange, PDF data extraction, and the security and regulatory compliance of your firm’s workflows.  

Data Security  

With the greater control over data protection provided by our specialized program, you can preserve sensitive information and ensure compliance with strict real estate industry standards.

Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Run  

Our personalized fintech software optimizes your company’s expenses and provides a greater ROI than any off-the-shelf solution. You get only the features you actually need, eliminating unnecessary expenditures in the long run and vendors’ changing fees and plans.


Stay tuned with your current entrepreneurship demands and prepare your operating system to smoothly adapt to the changing requirements of the market landscape, saving your time and money in the long run. Enable tweaks and revisions without being bound by the release schedules of other suppliers.

Better Customer Experience  

Customer is king for real estate development solutions. Unified out-of-the-box products for real estate agents do not understand your clients thoroughly. Our individualized solutions empower your perspective on management elaboration — intuitive user-friendly property search portals or branded mobile apps just for your customers.  

Support and Maintenance

Our expert team provides prompt and committed assistance on every forming and deployment stage. We will help you maintain diverse user bases, adjust to frequent regulatory changes, required operating system updates, and user training.

Choose CleverDev Software as Your Real Estate Software Development Company

As one of the most experienced IT companies, we provide a variety of specialized technologies. With exclusive domain expertise, certifications, and a commitment to security standards, we deliver tailored solutions that optimize processes, add to business value, and ensure data protection. CleverDev offers unparalleled benefits:

Access to exclusive domain expertise

Process simplification

Robust security

Compliance assurance

Competitive advantage

Improved user satisfaction

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