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Agriculture solves food problems. If this activity disappears, then humanity will not be able to cope with such a loss for the time being. Therefore, constant development is obligatory for it. Every industry needs software because it helps modernize and simplify work. There are such for agriculture, but they are very long and difficult to create, but this is only on the condition that you don't have a good agriculture software development company. 

CleverDev has been developing programs for all industries for several years. We started off more than 15 years ago, and the quality of our services never keeps growing. If you need software for agriculture or for any other structure, contact us and have your problems solved.

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Why Does Agriculture Need Software?

At first glance, it may seem that software is not needed for agriculture, because everything can be recorded in a journal. But there are lots of applications for it in agriculture and other areas such as aquaculture - it improves efficiency, makes work easier, and, most importantly, provides opportunities for growth. So do not underestimate modern technologies and the benefits of the enterprise using software and without.

Below is only a small part of the benefits agricultural software will give you. These are the most popular, without which it is difficult to farm at the present time.

Creation of Electronic Field Maps

The use of most of the modern technologies in the field of precision farming is impossible without electronic field maps. With them, the agrochemical service can conveniently collect and use the information on yield, soil types, diseases, etc.

Electronic field maps are an indispensable tool for modern agricultural companies around the world. They are the basis of precision farming.

The mapping of electronic maps helps farms in that they can set thematic layers: settlements, hydrography, relief, forest belts, etc.

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Sizing is done by drones, after which the program analyzes and gives you all the data. It began to be used not only in agriculture. With plot size information, you can easily select the amount of fertilizer for your fields, seeds to plant, workers, etc.

Disease Outbreak Prevention

This custom agriculture software development will help you monitor the health of your prolific plants, which may be susceptible to diseases, which are determined using specialized software and tools. Therefore, order only high-quality programs from trusted developers, such as CleverDev.

These opportunities will help agriculture improve its efficiency, increase its size, and integrate modern technology into its programs.

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Useful Features of Software for Agriculture

Agricultural software provides at least three major features:

These are just examples of the useful features of farming software. You have a huge range of opportunities to develop your business in the right direction and make your hard work easier.

Why CleverDev?

The main advantage of CleverDev among other companies is that we provide agriculture software development services for our customers and many other industries. We have been working in this field for more than 15 years and have extensive experience in the software market. A huge number of positive reviews proves our competence and safety of systems we provide.

On our official website, you will find a lot of useful information about agriculture development services. You can contact us in a few cilcks, just fill out the given form and wait for a response. CleverDev will definitely find a solution to almost any of your problems. Don’t miss the opportunity to start cooperation with CleverDev!

What services do we provide?

All these services can be found on the company's website. Also, they have a testing service that will help you with solving software problems. CleverDev strives for constant cooperation and is always ready to discuss work.

After contacting CleverDev through a special form, you will be able to discuss the complete software development process for your needs and requirements. This is not a complete list of services, you know where to find it.

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What to Think About Before Choosing Software

In short, you must decide on the purpose and objectives of this software. What should it be, classification, etc. What price will suit you, how long will the development take? You can ask these questions to the developer company, but let's take a closer look.

Before choosing software for agriculture, you need to think about what you need this or that program for. If you need a program for compiling electronic maps, then you should find out those of its functions that should be present in it and then contact the developer.

Many people look at tools and resources that help them become familiar with the software. Any CleverDev agricultural program has instructions that help you interact with the program and provide information about the program's capabilities, technical support.

Thus, remember that choosing software for agriculture is difficult. The most important factor is convenience and ease of use since you will have to work with this program every day. After you decide on all these characteristics of your future software, you can immediately start communicating with developers on these topics.

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