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Custom web portal development promotes smarter healthcare delivery through integrated knowledge-sharing, easy access to health records, and a higher level of patient enablement. Developing portals helps you lead the competition, while also reinventing your internal workflows. CleverDev Software is a custom web portal development company that delivers media-rich, contextualized, and granular web solutions to healthcare providers around the world.

Differences Between Web Portal Solutions and Websites

While a website is designed to showcase a company, a custom web portal adds a more personal touch to each interaction and puts the patient in control of their experience. A portal also acts as a patient-centric gateway between the company and the user, while a website is a means of one-sided communication.

We build user-focused web portal solutions that augment the patient experience, serve as reliable points of contact, facilitate interaction, and support internal processes.

How Web Portal Can Benefit Your Business

Our healthcare portal development company helps you tap into the full potential of custom web development to reimagine the value of technology for your business.
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Immersive User Experience
Omnichannel Presence
Reduction in Overheads
Seamless Access from Anywhere
Extended Training Opportunities
Improved Communication

Types of Web Portals We Build

Our health tech company builds web portal technology into a wide range of solutions, each designed with the user in mind. Our team can also support your digital posture with bespoke web applications.

Meet and exceed the needs of your patients with our intuitive web solutions. We build engaging, straightforward, and customized patient portals with easy navigation, telemedicine capabilities, EHR integration, ecommerce, and other bespoke modules. Whether it’s appointment scheduling, virtual care, or payment gateways, our team makes sure your patient needs are addressed in full.

Our team creates a comprehensive web experience for your care teams to facilitate knowledge-sharing, reduce manual tasks, and boost work efficiency. Build a digital work setting for your medical staff to promote data-driven decisions based on analytics and built-in automation

Our developers build all-in-one web portal solutions that facilitate access to healthcare data, information, and healthcare expertise. Set up a digital knowledge hub for healthcare professionals that has intuitive navigation, user-friendly design, and rich integration capabilities.

Extend your business reach and bidding opportunities with our vendor web portal solutions. We create web solutions that simplify the registration and validation processes, provide easier access to vendor communication history and help organizations faster validate medical supply vendors.

Our team of developers can wrap any portal into an innovative, custom web application to augment your web software and scale the set of existing features and associated services. We can also build appointment scheduling, e-signature, or any other module as a standalone web application.

Web Portal Software Development Services for Your Business

We work with medical groups, hospitals, organizations, and other healthcare organizations to provide each with a bespoke digital solution tailored to their needs. Our specialists delve deep into the requirements and limitations of each medical project and offer the optimal solution for your business.

Transform your lab’s technology landscape with unique web portal systems. Streamline your lab workflow with automated communication, a single source of truth, and better reporting. Place laboratory orders with ease, manage test requests, and track sample progress - all within a single interface.
  • Online check-in
  • Built-in intake workflows
  • Order/receive Labs within the Patient’s Chart
  • HIPAA-compliant data sharing
  • PCI DSS compliance for payments
  • Automatic notifications
  • Custom lab mobile labs for LIS integration
Shift your patient management into a digital realm to save costs and increase productivity. We build online portals that naturally integrate into your pharmacy management system. Track patient refills, access the prescription history of your patients, and monitor patient medication compliance within an all-in-one solution.
  • E-prescription
  • Patient management module
  • Refill reminders
  • Medical mobile apps to compliment
  • SMS and notifications
  • Online refill prescription
  • Drug information
Create an integrated flow of medical data and unlock seamless data sharing between your digital estates to enhance care delivery, improve decision-making, and increase patient satisfaction. Our developers set up custom integrations between healthcare systems according to CCDA, HL7, and FHIR standards.

We can interface your portals with:
  • EHR and EMR software
  • Practice Management (PM) software system
  • Revenue cycle systems
  • Remote patient monitoring software
  • RIS software solution
  • Pharmacy information system
  • Hospital management systems
  • Existing medical portals
  • Appointment booking software
  • Healthcare CRM systems
  • Medical billing software
Custom Web Portal Development

HIPAA Compliant Portal Development for Your Company

Healthcare compliance might be challenging to achieve and costly to violate. We prioritize HIPAA and other standards compliance in our web portal and web development services and pay due diligence to help your software comply with healthcare security guidelines and regulations.

Our developers implement the best HIPAA practices to create an impactful solution that amplifies your security and compliance posture. We rely on a role-based authentication system, robust security safeguards, risk assessments, and other measures to ensure the security of PHI information in transit and at rest.

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Technologies We Use

We power your web solutions with a wide combination of the latest technologies, frameworks, and tools to deliver high-value medical solutions.
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Web Portal Development Steps

Building a web portal, we employ the best Agile and DevOps practices to create a continuous loop of delivery and feedback to make a worthwhile web solution.

Information Gathering

We first get to know your project inside-out to gather requirements, define limitations and compliance needs as well as choose a set of core features and integrations.


Your project is split into meaningful iterations, documented, and estimated in terms of resources and times.


Our UI/UX team creates the look and feel of your web portal based on the user's needs and your unique business requirements.


When the web portal design gets your approval, our developers build the front- and back-end of your solution, set up integrations, and create custom modules based on healthcare standards.


Our QA team runs multiple tests to validate the usability, performance, and compatibility of your web portal.


Once you give the go-ahead, the developer will deploy your solution into the environment. This usually includes setting up hosting and getting the domain pointed.

Why Choose Us as a Web Portal Development Company

We focus on solving healthcare challenges, combining excellent tech knowledge and proven domain expertise.

icon HIPAA-Compliant Technology Partner
HIPAA-Compliant Technology Partner
icon Proven Track Record in Healthcare Projects
Proven Track Record in Healthcare Projects
icon Calibrated and Mature Processes
Calibrated and Mature Processes
icon Visibility and Transparency of Collaboration
Visibility and Transparency of Collaboration
icon Certified Developers and Experienced Professionals
Certified Developers and Experienced Professionals
icon Wide Area of Expertise
Wide Area of Expertise
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Web Portal Development Cost

Each project requires a different approach when it comes to resources, talent, and timing. We, at CleverDev Software, do our best to address your unique project needs.

Dedicated Team

We choose a ready-to-go team according to your demands for experience and skill sets. Our dedicated developers work as your in-house team following a focused approach. Within this engagement model, you have full control over the management of the team with no burdens of traditional hiring.

This collaboration model is the best option for long-run projects without a clear development plan and well-defined requirements. Our dedicated specialists work closely together to achieve a common goal and obtain visible results.

Staff Augmentation

If you need the flexibility of talent hiring, our augmented specialists can help you fill your talent gaps. This hiring model is suitable for both long-term and short-run projects, helping you achieve full cost control and add more agility to your workflows.

Our augmented talents are both experienced and skilled to let you get high results without in-house staff training and long hiring rounds.
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