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Are you looking for an experienced Java software development agency? Hire vetted Java developers from CleverDev Software to build reliable, scalable, and business-driven applications that help your company grow, innovate, and move swiftly into the future.

What Is Java in Commercial Development

While other technologies come and go, Java software development secured its place in the market as a fundamental and resilient programming language. Whether it’s desktop, custom web development, or Java mobile development, this technology excels at performance, scalability, and ease of maintenance. This programming language has become a staple in innovative applications such as data science, machine learning platforms, IoT infrastructure, and microservices-based software.

We, at CleverDev Software, help you navigate the field of custom Java development and create both mature and innovative applications that secure your company for the future.

  • Server-Side Web Applications
  • Desktop Software
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud Applications
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Cross-Platform Applications

What Java Offers That Other Programming Languages Don't

A recognized Java software and app development company, we know the ins and outs of the technology and help our clients leverage the maximum potential of Java.

Java allows you to reduce your development costs and do more with less. Write once, run anywhere and expand your market reach with fewer costs.

Flexibility of Integration

Mold the apps per your business needs and tap into the unlimited range of integrations to boost customer experience and lower costs.

Mature Ecosystem

Since 1995, Java has been fueling millions of applications with unmatched functionality, rich libraries, and custom extensions.

Easy Maintenance

Thanks to its backward compatibility and long support lifecycle, Java makes upgrades a breeze and helps you evolve with fewer resources.

Java Software Implementation Services for Your Business

CleverDev Software offers an all-around spectrum of Java software development services to help your company achieve a competitive edge in the market.

Java Web Development

Java Cloud Development

Java Mobile App Development

Custom Development

QA Services

Enterprise Solutions

Solutions We Build in Java

A mature Java application development company, we have achieved proficiency in delivering a wide range of compliant custom solutions.

CRM Systems

We build feature-rich customer management software packed with robust security, platform independence, unlimited scalability, and custom integrations.

EHR/EMR Systems

Secure, patient-first digital records based on proven technologies, compliance excellence, and broad experience in healthcare software development.

Web Portals

Secure and unified access point for easily discoverable information and improved user experience.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Put your data assets to good use with our custom, Java-based business intelligence, and data analytics solutions.

Supply Chain Management Software

Stay on top of your business operations with automated invoicing, procurement, and warehouse management — wrapped into all-in SCM software.

POS Software

We offer end-to-end POS system design, development, implementation, migration, and maintenance.

Finance Applications

Accelerate billing cycles, ensure accuracy and compliance, and transform legacy workflows into intelligent pathways via innovative finance applications.

Internet of Things

Whether it’s healthcare or manufacturing, we help you tap into the world of connected everything with custom IoT solutions.

Our Domain Expertise

Our company has accumulated multidisciplinary experience to help you create business-driven Java solutions.
Electronic medical records, medical portals, practice management software, administration management solutions, and others.
ERP, reporting software, financial management and accounting, personal finance management, and others.
LMS, educational platforms, mobile e-learning apps, and school management applications.
Underwriting and risk intelligence solutions, claims management applications, insurance mobile apps, CRM and ERP solutions, and others.
Supply chain management, POS applications, order management apps, billing and accounting software, and others.
ERP software, project management apps, customer and partner portals, analytics and reporting, and others.
ERP & MRP solutions, order and inventory management apps, product quality assurance, and others.

Why Choose Us for Java Development Services

By selecting our company, you make a choice for quality, expertise, and transparency of collaboration.

Security and Compliance

Adherence to HIPAA, PCI/DSS, GDPR, ISO:9001, and other security standards.

Hands-on Experience

Mature provider with calibrated processes and deep experience in Java projects.

Project Visibility

Documented processes, regular status reporting, and clear role allocation.

Latest Technology

We base your solutions on industry-best technologies at the edge of innovation.

How We Develop Java Applications from A to Z

We manage each process of software development and become an extension of your team.

Analysis and Estimation

  • Business idea validation
  • Market and competitor analysis (on-demand)
  • Estimation


  • Contract signing
  • Architecture
  • Project scope
  • Design

Development and Testing

  • Back/front end
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance

Software Release

Support & Maintenance

  • Health/maintenance activities
  • Backups
  • Version upgrades

Our Technology Stack

Benefit from our technological proficiency and diverse set of Java tools and frameworks.
Spring Boot

Our Engagement Models

CleverDev Software offers flexible hiring options for software development projects customized according to your needs.

Dedicated Team

The dedicated teams hiring model enables you to hire a ready-to-go team of tech professionals to work exclusively on your project. This model is suitable for situations where you lack the internal resources to deliver a project or want to build a solution at lower costs. Each candidate is selected individually based on your project’s team structure and required skills.

This model allows our clients to tap into a wide pool of talent and scale up or down the talent needs with no hiring or administrative burdens. Under this option, you can directly manage the team or hand over team management to our project managers.

Augmented Specialists

Fill in your talent gaps and accelerate time to market with our augmented hiring model. We help you build up and down your talent on demand, in time, and at reduced costs. Staff augmentation is a great last-moment option to hire professional developers and ease the strain on your internal resources.

We provide augmented talent for both long- and short-term projects, be it development, design, or testing. It is also a perfect option if you need to expand your operations on a trial basis, without investing in a full-fledged workforce.


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