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What is Java?

Java is one of the top programming languages, and there’s a good reason for it. Java software development skyrocketed in popularity in the ‘90s as the Internet became widely available, and it hasn’t lost its popularity ever since. This could be attributed to its universality, continuous transformation and versatility. Platforms like Netflix and Spotify are mostly built on Java, along with LinkedIn and Uber, to name a few.

In many areas, Java is the default choice, because it’s comprehensive, safe and easily maintainable. It’s used in:

It can also be used for creating search engines, social media platforms, online stores and more. As you can see, its applications are endless.

At CleverDev Software, we’re also proud to call ourselves a Java development company – we love working with this technology, as well as with React development. To support our point, we’d love to share what makes it so great to work with.

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What are The Unique Features and Pros of Java?

There’s a whole range of reasons for Java’s success and continuity.

Reason #1: It has been around for quite a while (and has been evolving steadily).

Java has been on the market for over 25 years. Through this whole time, it has been developed, updated and refined consistently. Now, Java boasts a massive amount of data associated with it, from extensive frameworks and libraries to a huge knowledge base describing use cases, best-case scenarios and approaches. There are a lot of developers out there specializing in Java, so it’s quite easy to find a specialist if some updates are required for a website or app built using this service.

Java is both stable and innovative, as it is reliable. Think Gmail, which is also using Java on the server side.

Reason #2: It’s hassle-free.

Custom Java development allows you to create virtually anything, from apps to websites and much, much more. Java applications run on any platform (so a customer is not restricted in their choice). Its high compatibility with most devices makes going with Java an easy decision.

It’s accessible, but versatile all at once. Java can grant a quick start, which makes it perfect for smaller projects. Java-based solutions can be launched within months, not years. This can be crucial for many businesses, as it provides a reasonable timeframe till the finished product is released.

Reason #3: It has room for growth.

If you require a system that can be scaled, updated and maintained easily, then Java has everything in it that your business needs. This makes it particularly suitable for enterprise platforms, too. A company choosing ​​Java application development services knows it will get a solution that’s secure and robust, with multiple API’s and able to support a growing volume of requests per minute.

To sum it all up, it’s obvious why clients and developers love Java. It’s a leading tool that has widespread support and assistance. It has endless libraries, fully-developed frameworks and IDE’s available, which means it’s flexible and multi-functional. There’s a massive community behind Java, too, and an abundance of professional developers. And most importantly, it’s platform-independent and can be run anywhere.

Why Choose CleverDev Software for Java Development Services?

Our seasoned team at CleverDev Software is capable of creating web apps of any complexity for various industries and purposes, like multilayer CRMs, dynamic websites and E-commerce platforms.

Our goal is to always carefully process our client’s requirements and expectations, advising on the most logical architecture and convenient user experience.

Our experts will walk you through possible options, help define all the details and find the best solutions. CleverDev software also makes it a priority to keep you in the loop through the process to make sure you can track the workflow and see the status of any task. You won’t have to worry about how it’s done though, just let us know what you need and we’ll make sure the right technology is in place.

We work with projects that are currently in any stage of development, both frontend and backend development. If you have a previously developed tool that is not performing the way you require, we’re ready to step in and figure out how it can be optimized. If you have a prototype or an idea, we’ll be able to assess the ways it can be designed and built. All the software we release is tested thoroughly and ready to use. We also provide Private Rooms for our clients to track the progress and the updates, ask questions or request team calls. The calls can be held upon request, so that you can always make sure we’re on the same page.

Who We Are

CleverDev Software is a custom web and Java application development company. Besides creating Java-based solutions, we offer Java consulting for future projects. Our skilled team is ready to suggest best scenarios and frameworks, deliver a complete product within a reasonable timeframe and provide testing and support.

This is just a small number of web technologies and frameworks we work with:

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