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CleverDev Software is a web development company serving bespoke software solutions.

Healthcare is an important and precise area. So, it is necessary to preserve all information and minimize the human factor. Software solutions for Healthcare help automate and optimize all processes, ensure the safety and availability of all data, implement artificial intelligence in diagnostics and maintain a closer relationship between the doctor and the patient.

CleverDev Software creates a range of healthcare software solutions with surgical precision. All of them are united by the goal of accelerating the arrival of innovations in the industry and simplifying processes in various health facilities and medical technology companies.

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Healthcare Software Development 

Our healthcare software development services cover all stages of development: from preliminary consultations to the technical support of the finished solution. We offer:

Web Application Development

Our healthcare software development company develops web applications for the healthcare sector that allow our clients to streamline workflows and offer better services to their patients.

Mobile Application Development

We offer healthcare app development for both iOS and Android. The functionality ranges from tracking specific metrics to sophisticated augmented apps.

Why You Need Healthcare Software

The constant improvement of healthcare is a top priority for developed countries. Thanks to the introduction of new information technologies, medical software development is beginning to be provided to the population at a fundamentally new level.

Software for medical institutions allows you to solve issues of access to medical care, promptly provide it, prescribe the correct and timely treatment. Moreover, a set of preventive measures of software helps to prevent the risk of disease or too frequent exacerbations.

Automated Workflows

Most routine work can be automated, which will significantly speed up processes and increase employee productivity. Digital medical records, online appointment booking, automatic notification of test results, or next appointment to patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Wearable devices and healthcare application development will help to collect information about patients at any time, without the need for constant visits to the clinic. Healthcare software development will also help notify patients when a health condition has changed and it is time to visit their doctor. All in one place.

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Industries We Work With

Secure Data Storage and Analytics

When all data is in a single secure system, you always know that all information will be available at any convenient time. Nothing will be lost. In addition, by collecting data with software, you can more accurately calculate the efficiency of your processes, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. And take reasoned actions to improve these indicators.

Reduced Additional Costs

Software for medicine will help reduce risks, including the human factor, which can lead to unforeseen costs, save you from data loss and the need to re-analyze. It also helps reduce the cost of routine tasks for your employees, freeing up their time for more important, profitable, and beneficial activities.

Healthcare Solutions From CleverDev Software

We are a custom healthcare software development company. Our specialists offer their services for the creation and improvement of various specialized software in the field of healthcare. We can provide all the necessary integrations, such as with the MHI registry, e-government systems, etc. We can create:

CleverDev Software’s mission is to provide comprehensive assistance to our clients. We provide a full range of services in the field of professional custom software development, application integration, strategic and technological IT consulting, software testing, maintenance, and support. Contact us - our experts will analyze your current situation and help you find an effective solution to create a quality product.

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