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Healthcare Software Consulting and Development at CleverDev Software

In the age of innovation, healthcare is transforming into a data-driven and automated industry. As an established medical consulting and software development company, we specialize in innovation-led healthcare. Our team helps care providers amplify their clinical pathways and elevate patient experience with bespoke technology solutions.

We deliver compliant and business-driven applications in line with major industry benchmarks including DICOM, FHIR, ICD-10, and others.

Why You Need Healthcare Software

From ideation to delivery, we own the end-to-end process of medical software development to help you maximize the potential of innovative tech.

Better Decision-Making

Moving your legacy solution to a newer infrastructure with little to no changes to its underlying code or architecture.

Supreme Patient Experience

Breaking monolithic applications into granular, microservices-based solutions to maximize the benefits of cloud-native infrastructure.

Automated Clinical Workflows

A golden medium with a few major architecture changes and complementary updates to unlock the cloud benefits for your solution.

How We Can Help You

Our team of software experts is ready to assist you at any stage of your digital journey — as a dedicated team or augmented specialists.

Custom Healthcare Tech Solutions from Scratch

Build a bespoke digital solution calibrated to your internal processes and objectives. Our team of health tech experts handles the entire cycle of software development — from rigorous business analysis to an MVP and a full-fledged product.

System Modernization and Enhancement

Elevate your infrastructure with new features, integrations, and brand-new architecture. Our professional developers look into your existing solution to identify improvement areas and upgrade your software to add more performance.

Enterprise-Grade System Integration

Enhance your care delivery and patient experience by connecting your disparate tools into unified solutions. Our developers build custom connections between your medical software to enable interoperability and information-sharing for more accurate decision-making.

Health Tech Consulting

Struggling to choose the right technology solution? Our health tech consultants perform a thorough audit of your existing ecosystem and business needs to provide advice on performance optimization, data security, suitable tech stacks, and other elements of a successful digital solution.

Healthcare Solutions From CleverDev Software

Our custom health tech software development company builds and deploys software of any complexity or enhances your existing healthcare application.

Digital Records Software Solutions
Mobile Applications
AI and ML Solutions
Mental Health Applications
Remote Patient Monitoring Platforms
Telehealth Development
HIE Software Solutions
Medical Practice Management Software
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IoT Solutions for Healthcare

Benefit from our IoT expertise to leverage the competitive edge of connected devices. CleverDev Software builds and implements innovative IoMT solutions to help you improve patient care, optimize asset use, and lower costs of care.

Smart Hospitals

  • RFID and IoT hospital asset tracking
  • Geo-tracking for patient and employees
  • Patient monitoring systems
  • Automated asset tracking

Clinical Labs

  • Inventory management systems
  • Environmental monitoring software
  • Diagnostic and screening solutions

Remote Patient Care

  • Wearable monitoring solutions
  • IoT-powered RPM systems
  • Home patient care solutions

Advantages of Our Healthcare Software Development

CleverDev Software offers custom healthcare software consulting and development services that help global companies build secure, compliant, and user-focused solutions.

Supreme Security

We develop software in accordance with HIPAA, PIPEDA, ISO 9001 and 27001, ISO 13485, and other healthcare security standards.

Full Compliance

Our health tech solutions meet stringent healthcare regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and other types of compliance.

Rich Functionality

Our solid health tech expertise allows us to deliver task-driven solutions with custom integrations, automated pathways, and cutting-edge features.

Perfect Match

Our team dives deep into your project specifics to suggest a business-driven solution with the optimal and easily maintained infrastructure.

Why Choose Us

We always take this extra step to deliver high-quality, innovative, and business-driven healthcare solution development services.

Proven Healthcare Expertise

Vendor-Agnostic Approach

Vast Pool of Engineering Talent

Diverse Engineering Skills

Robust Data Security

Latest Technologies

Cost of Medical Software Development at CleverDev Software

Reduce your development expenses with our cost-efficient engagement models. Secure an entire team of experts for end-to-end development or extend your existing talent pool with augmented developers.

Dedicated Team

Leverage this hiring option if you require a team of professionals allocated solely to your project. Our dedicated professionals are closely aligned with your business objectives and handle the full suite of tasks associated with your project.

Within this model, we cherry-pick developers according to your project specs, while you validate each candidate during an interview. The dedicated team model works great for long-term projects or short-term sprints.

Staff Augmentation

Respond to your evolving talent needs with our experienced developers. We help you build up your internal capabilities with on-demand talent and hassle-free hiring. Within this hiring option, you can secure solo developers, UI/UX designers, QAs, and other professionals needed for successful project delivery.

Include new experts for both short- and long-run initiatives with no administrative burdens. We offer an affordable way to scale your talent, while you get full control over the hiring process and get access to a pool of certified professionals.

Our Software Development Life Cycle for Healthcare

Our medical software development services encompass the entire process of software development. We can join at any project stage or handle turnkey healthcare software development services.


We first delve deep into your business idea to collect, analyze, and prioritize your requirements. Our developers also define the set of core features and integrations.


We set down your project objectives and deliverables to solidify an integrated project vision and chart out the development process.

Design and development

Our UI/UX designers create wireframes and prototypes to demonstrate the user flow of your future solution. Once validated, designs are sent to development.


Our developers use both custom and ready-made connectors to turn your software ecosystem into a unified whole.


We test each aspect and element of your solution to ensure high performance, security, and compliance.

Delivery and maintenance

We deploy the new infrastructure and fine-tune it to adjust to your business workflow. Our support team offers diversified tiers of tech support based on your needs.

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Our Technology Stack

We put a diverse technology stack to the core of our projects so that you can maximize the value of your custom software.

Look into the Future of Software Solution Development in Healthcare

CleverDev Software helps you catch up on the latest trends in healthcare technology. Explore our knowledge hub where our IT researchers, developers, and executives dwell on the best software development practices and edgy solutions.

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