Custom CRM Software Development

Focus Your Processes on Customers

Transform customer relationships with our custom CRM software development expertise. From seamless communication to efficient data management, our CRM development company is here to enhance every interaction. Elevate satisfaction, streamline processes, and boost your business success.

Custom CRM Software Development
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Custom CRM Software Tuned with Your Goals

As a strategic business asset, custom CRM development helps companies manage and automate their customer interactions. By streamlining tasks and keeping track of customer data, CRM systems reduce the time and effort associated with customer interactions, while optimizing sales cycles and identifying upselling opportunities.

CleverDev Software assists global companies in developing, migrating, and adopting custom CRM solutions. Make the most of customer data, improve retention, and facilitate internal communication — all these within a single interface.

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Our CRM Development Services

CleverDev Software is a one-stop CRM development company dedicated to delivering best-grade client management solutions that generate business value.

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Leverage Our Custom CRM Solutions For Your Company

Following best industry practices, our CRM software development company helps each business solve its unique challenges with a personalized solution.

Facilitate farm management, automate balance and finance control, and streamline warehouse accounting. Our company delivers bespoke client platforms for agribusinesses to help you expand your activities and grow profitability.

Monitor construction contracts, automate invoicing, and enhance information-sharing at all levels of the organization. We deliver feature-rich customer management solutions that gather sub-contractors, builders, architects, and end clients within a single solution.

Create valuable customer relationships by effectively managing prospective, current, and graduate students. Our CRM software development company will help you boost enrollment rates and student satisfaction with feature-packed and automated workflows.

Keep track of online sales, monitor inventory levels and marketing initiatives — all that within a one-stop custom solution. A CRM platform amplifies your efforts and helps you grow your ecommerce business.

Achieve a single view of every customer account, bolster transactional processes, and blend all financial channels into a consolidated whole. CleverDev Software creates configurable solutions designed for the complex relationships and structures of private capital firms, financial services companies, and other providers.

Our custom client management software helps care providers attract new patients, optimize resource distribution, and amplify security posture. Manage all patient records, facilitate billing, and optimize staff workflows within a single solution.

Benefit from our CRM development services and inject more efficiency into your claim management. Our comprehensive solutions enable insurance companies to keep track of all the leads and claims, automate assignments, and manage multiple policies within one system.

Make your customer data work for your business. Increase analytics, drive more sales, and compete strategically with others by identifying trends in your customer behavior. Implement a powerful CRM system to help your data sell more.

Connect your ERP data, warehouse, and transportation systems into a single solution to automate and streamline workflows. CRM for logistics helps carriers manage request processing, improve customer service, and consolidate their marketing efforts.

Make informed supply chain decisions, forecast future sales growth, and get higher quality leads with a unified landscape of customer data. Our custom CRM software development is designed specifically to support the unique needs of manufacturers.

Building CRM from Scratch with Unique Functionality Set

Unlock the potential of your business with our custom CRM solutions. Beyond just data collection, envision the features that drive your success. Ready to turn your CRM goals into reality? Let's build it together for a tailored, high-performance solution.


Elevate your marketing strategy by orchestrating event-triggered, personalized campaigns seamlessly across various marketing and advertising channels. Leverage data-driven insights to refine your targeting and deliver compelling content that resonates with your audience, ultimately maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts.

Lead Capture

Effortlessly integrate your CRM with all lead generation sources, eliminating manual lead registration and streamlining the lead capture process. Enhance lead data accuracy and completeness by automating the capture of critical information, ensuring your sales team has a comprehensive view to convert leads into valuable customers.


Optimize lead processing speed and quality with live AI assistance, gaining end-to-end visibility into the sales pipeline. Empower your sales team with efficiency in daily tasks, such as automated follow-ups and personalized interactions, enabling them to focus on building meaningful relationships and closing deals.

Customer Service

Establish an efficient contact center with multi-channel case capture, rule-based case routing, and rapid access to a knowledge base for your agents. Improve customer satisfaction by providing timely and informed responses, turning customer interactions into positive experiences that foster loyalty and brand advocacy.

Call Center

Automate inbound call routing, schedule outbound calls, and record calls for further analysis and service improvement. Enhance the customer experience by reducing wait times, increasing agent productivity, and gaining valuable insights into call trends and customer preferences.

Field Service

Maximize efficiency in on-site visits for your field workers, ensuring smooth operations during every interaction. Equip your field service team with mobile tools that facilitate real-time communication, scheduling, and access to essential information, enhancing their ability to deliver exceptional service.

Customer Self-Service

Create a customer-centric space for quick answers to common challenges, reducing the workload on your customer service team. Implement self-service portals and knowledge bases to empower customers with instant solutions, enhancing their overall experience and freeing up resources for more complex queries.

CPQ and Billing

Take control of pricing data, including multiple price books, seasonal discounting, and multi-tier pricing. Automate quote and invoice generation for a streamlined billing process, reducing errors and ensuring accurate and timely financial transactions that enhance customer trust and satisfaction.

Order Fulfillment

Support various order fulfillment scenarios, optimize order routes with intelligent allocation to different inventory locations, and manage order returns efficiently. Improve order accuracy and fulfillment speed by implementing automated workflows and real-time tracking, ensuring a seamless and reliable supply chain process.

Customer Feedback Management

Implement surveys for feedback collection and analyze real-time customer sentiment to enhance your business's responsiveness. Act on customer feedback to continuously improve products, services, and customer interactions, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Spot optimization opportunities and foster data-driven business planning with intuitive reports, enabling informed decision-making for your organization. Leverage customizable dashboards and analytics to track key performance indicators, identify trends, and align your strategies with business goals for sustained growth and success.

Benefits of Our Tailored CRM Software Development

Being a mature custom CRM development company, we help companies spread their wings and maximize the benefits of custom client management software.

Edge Over Your Competitors

Gain a strategic advantage in the competitive landscape with tailored CRM solutions. Outshine your competitors by aligning technology with your unique business needs, providing a distinctive edge that sets you apart.

Perfect Business-Technology Fit

Achieve harmony between your business processes and technology with a tailored CRM system. We ensure a seamless integration that fits like a glove, enhancing efficiency, reducing friction, and promoting a smoother workflow tailored to your specific requirements.

Feature-Packed Tech Suite

Tailored CRM software goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach, offering a feature-packed tech suite. Enjoy functionalities designed specifically for your industry, ensuring that every tool and capability serves a purpose in driving your business forward.

Stable Performance

Experience stability in your operations with a customized CRM solution. Our development focuses on delivering robust and reliable performance, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your system functions smoothly, even in the face of increasing demands.

Robust Security Posture

Security is paramount, and our tailored CRM solutions prioritize a robust security posture. Safeguard your sensitive data with advanced security features, encryption, and proactive measures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your business-critical information.

Broad Integrations

Seamlessly connect and consolidate your business ecosystem with broad integrations. Tailored CRM development enables the integration of diverse tools, platforms, and applications, creating a unified environment that enhances collaboration and data sharing across your organization.

Enhanced Scalability

Adapt to the evolving needs of your business effortlessly with a custom CRM solution. Our development ensures scalability, allowing your system to grow alongside your business. Whether you're expanding your customer base, adding new functionalities, or entering new markets, a tailored CRM system provides the flexibility to scale without constraints.

Improved User Adoption and Satisfaction

Increase user adoption rates and overall satisfaction among your team with a CRM system tailored to their specific workflows. By incorporating user-friendly interfaces, intuitive features, and personalized training, we ensure that your employees embrace the CRM seamlessly. This not only enhances productivity but also contributes to a positive work culture.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Harness the power of data to make informed decisions. Our custom-built CRM software development emphasizes robust analytics and reporting capabilities, providing actionable insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and operational efficiency. Equip your decision-makers with the tools they need to drive strategic initiatives and achieve business goals based on real-time data analysis.

Our Tech Stack for CRM System Development

We base our CRM software development services on a powerful combination of both time-tested technologies and edgy solutions to make your adoption easy, fast, and impactful.
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Third-Party VS. Custom-Made Client Solutions

Every business is different. So are every company’s needs and objectives. Generic client management solutions cater to businesses across different domains and may fail to deliver the level of personalization you expect. It also means that all features and integrations are limited to the CRM provider you choose. Moreover, a ready-made suite often fails to cover the security requirements of compliance-heavy industries.

CRM System Development

Custom development of CRM software follows the needs of your business and blends seamlessly into the existing workflows and your ecosystem thanks to its high compatibility. An on-demand CRM infrastructure is highly flexible and promotes business growth with easy scalability.

By building a custom client management platform, you get a solution fully tailored to your requirements, internal security measures, and industry regulations.

Our CRM System Development Process

Our end-to-end development life cycle is guided by your unique needs, best Agile practices, and user expectations.

Discovery and Strategizing

We first delve into your business objectives and suggest solutions to address your CRM challenges. Following your requirements, we outline system requirements, set up a team, map your development process, and assess risks.

Design and Development

Based on design specifications requirements, our developers set up a custom CRM system in line with your requirements. We can either incorporate ready-made features and customize them, or build custom modules from scratch.


We then merge your CRM solution into the existing business workflows to ensure an uninterrupted flow and sync of data. Our software engineers can also incorporate third-party services for added value.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team checks the final product against predefined benchmarks, eliminating inefficiencies, and covers each aspect of your software with multiple tests.

Data Migration

We then transfer critical data from legacy systems and spreadsheets to create a complete picture. Our developers design a migration strategy to eliminate data loss and minimize disruption to the business ecosystem.


Our team helps you make the most of your CRM solution with regular updates, performance optimization, and security patches. We also fine-tune the solution after deployment to match every need of your company.

Choose Your CRM Development Service Option

Looking for a ready-to-go team? Or experiencing talent gaps in-house? We’ve got you covered. CleverDev Software supports you with the right resources to address your hiring needs, be it augmentation or full-cycle development. Let us know your preferred engagement model.

Dedicated Team

This engagement option is the ideal hiring mode for long-term projects with a big scope. Our dedicated team takes over the entire software development process, while you get complete control over the hires.

We allocate software specialists to work exclusively on your project. This model also presupposes bespoke hiring where you choose professionals according to your talent needs. You’ll have a fully committed team at every stage of your project that will guarantee a successful outcome within your budget and time frames.

Staff Augmentation

We help you ramp up your IT talent with vetted developers to grow your on-site team whenever you need specific expertise or qualifications.

This engagement option allows you to hire certified developers, UI/UX designers, and QAs —  fast, hassle-free, and with no administrative burdens. This model is great for both long-term and short-term tasks that require hiring flexibility, increased adaptability, and cost-efficient talent boost.

Custom CRM Development Cost from CleverDev Software

Elevate your business with a tailored CRM system development designed to meet your specific needs. Our pricing varies based on factors such as functionality, integrations, customization, data migration, user licenses, and ongoing support. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our flexible pricing ensures a scalable and cost-effective solution. Starting from $12,000, invest in the efficiency and growth of your operations with our customized CRM development.

icon CRM for a team of 10 employees and more

CRM for a team of 10 employees and more

from $12,000

icon CRM for a team of 1,000 employees and more

CRM for a team of 1,000 employees and more

from $120,000

Choose CleverDev Software as Your CRM Development Team

At the core of our service is a deep understanding of your business strategy. We go beyond the surface to comprehend the unique nuances of your operations, ensuring a CRM solution that is not just pragmatic but also contextualized to fit seamlessly into your business ecosystem.

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Full Visibility

Gain complete visibility into your business processes with our tailored CRM solutions. We focus on providing transparency across all aspects, enabling you to track and manage activities effortlessly. From customer interactions to internal workflows, our solutions offer a clear view of your operations.

Flexible Cooperation

Embrace flexibility in our collaboration as we tailor CRM solutions to suit your evolving needs. Our commitment to flexible cooperation ensures that the CRM adapts to changes in your business environment, fostering an agile and responsive partnership.

Agile and Stable Processes

Leverage the benefits of agile and stable processes embedded in our CRM solutions. We prioritize adaptability and reliability, allowing your business processes to evolve dynamically while maintaining stability for consistent performance.

Experienced CRM Developers

Rely on our team of seasoned CRM developers who bring extensive experience to the table. Our experts understand the intricacies of CRM development, ensuring that the solution aligns perfectly with your business goals and stands the test of time.

Excellent Code Quality

Trust in the excellence of our code quality. We prioritize clean, efficient, and secure coding practices, ensuring a robust CRM solution that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Our commitment to excellent code quality is a testament to our dedication to delivering a reliable and future-proof solution.

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