IoT Solutions for Manufacturing

Real Connections, Real Impact

As a manufacturing company, you face a lot of material, resource, and quality constraints that impact the productivity and revenues of your business. Our custom IoT solutions for manufacturing help industrials overcome the biggest challenges of the industry and reach their short- and long-term objectives.

IoT for Manufacturing
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Smart Manufacturing IoT Solutions We Build

We provide a wide range of industrial IoT solutions and services for a variety of sensors, controllers, and device gateways. Drawing on our experience, we adjust the solutions to the regulations, connectivity standards, and platforms of your IT infrastructure.

Asset Tracking

Equipment Management

Supply Chain Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

Sustainable Manufacturing

Inventory Monitoring

End-to-End Industrial IoT Services for Your Vertical

We bring our IoT expertise to your table so you can get custom IIoT solutions for both general purposes and exclusive industry-specific needs.

From improved manufacturing processes to innovative vehicle models, our Internet of Things automotive manufacturing solutions give you the edge you need to beat the competition and overcome supply chain disruptions.
To keep up, high-tech manufacturers need cutting-edge technology to power the production. We offer custom IoT manufacturing solutions that enhance product traceability, fuel innovation, and improve compliance.
By adopting Internet of Things manufacturing solutions, you can optimize pipeline routes, track drilling variables, and reduce the carbon emission footprint of your facilities.
Our company delivers IoT software for the energy sector to help companies improve grid reliability, prevent breakages, and monitor the health of the power plants in real-time.
Transform conventional farming processes into smart, sustainable operations with our IoT applications. Get real-time insights on plant health and soil composition, optimize the use of resources, and improve production control.
Finesse the power of IoT and manufacturing analytics to transform job sites, improve safety, and accelerate production through accurate planning. We help you amplify IoT-based automation with high-quality software.
All through autonomous drilling and energy management, our custom IoT solutions help miners optimize, automate, and innovate baseline processes and improve their predictability.

IoT Software Development That Tackles Your Biggest Challenges

As a seasoned tech partner, we are fully aware of the common barriers to IoT adoption. Our company helps lay a sound basis for your connected ecosystem that prioritizes data security, scalability, and interoperability of IoT solutions.

Data Security

Our developers ensure the safety and integrity of your data by augmenting IoT solutions with access controls, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and other data protection methods. We also keep your software in line with regulatory requirements.

Software Scalability

We develop your software with scalability in mind, using modular architecture as a foundation for your solutions. This keeps our applications scalable and adaptable to future changes.


Our developers achieve communication protocol compatibility before deploying your IoT solution. This allows multiple components within an IoT ecosystem to effectively communicate and share data.

Remote Access

We enable your workforce to securely access and control your systems. Our IIoT developers employ SSH, VNC, and RDP methods to eliminate the constraints of local access and enable headless monitoring of remote and in-plant assets.

IoT Benefits for Manufacturing You Get with Our Solutions

Here’s how our IIoT solutions push your company forward.

Lower Costs

An IIoT core collects valuable sensor data to produce recommendations on cost-reduction strategies across production lines, transportation, and other cost-intensive processes.

Efficient Production Processes

Our connectivity software has helped manufacturers reduce resource consumption, predict maintenance, and improve overall production.

Competitive Advantage

Industrials focused on IoT readiness get a leg up in the competition thanks to enhanced workflows, automated processes, and greater product quality.

Accelerated Pace of Production

With optimized inventory management and improved response to market fluctuations, you get the agility needed to reduce product cycles and reach the end customer before your competitors do.

Greater Visibility and Traceability

IIoT provides end-to-end visibility into the supply chain and production processes, allowing companies to keep tabs on the goods throughout the supply chain.

Improved Quality Control

Our IIoT solutions detect issues in real time, reducing the risk of faulty products and saving money on recalls and repairs.

Empower your OEM business with smart IIoT solutions

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Full-Cycle IoT Product Development for Manufacturing

CleverDev Software is a one-stop shop tech partner for your digital initiatives. We meet your business idea where it is and turn it into a fully functional product designed for your needs.

icon IIoT Consulting Services

IIoT Consulting Services

Deploying IIoT wisely requires a full understanding of the business landscape and existing IT infrastructure. Our experts help you prepare for IoT innovation, identify the right business use case, and define requirements for a future solution.

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Proof of Concept
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Requirement elicitation
icon Custom IoT Development

Custom IoT Development

Our company offers full cycle software development for manufacturing. We make your project cost-effective by implementing the core features first.

  • IIoT development and customization
  • Analytics and dashboard development
  • Cloud migration
  • IoT mobile and web app development
icon IIoT Quality Assurance and Testing

IIoT Quality Assurance and Testing

At CleverDev Software, our engineers have rich experience in testing and validating the performance of IIoT solutions in various test environments. We check the performance, security, connectivity, and compatibility of your systems.

  • Performance testing
  • Functional testing
  • Security testing
  • Compatibility testing
icon IIoT Integration Services

IIoT Integration Services

Our developers make sure your hardware, embedded software, cloud platforms, and enterprise systems work in sync to create a seamless, interconnected system that turns raw data into valuable insights.

  • Integration with internal systems (ERP, WMS, EMS, and more)
  • Integration with IoT devices
  • IIoT ecosystem setup
  • Integration with third-party software
icon Rapid Software Prototyping

Rapid Software Prototyping

Not sure whether your IoT project will take off? Our prototyping services help you check the technical viability of your idea, get stakeholder buy-in, and provide a clear pathway from concept to reality.

  • IoT app prototyping
  • Architecture design
  • MVP development
  • Prototype validation and testing
icon IIoT Maintenance and Support

IIoT Maintenance and Support

We ensure that what drives your IoT transformation remains operational. Our support team keeps a close eye on your IIoT assets to improve their performance, proactively fix issues, and eliminate vulnerabilities.

  • IIoT managed services
  • Performance and health monitoring
  • Security and compliance management
  • Application configuration and evolution

Our Collaboration Options

We offer a selection of engagement models to adapt to the unique needs of our clients.

Extended Team

Need an extra pair of hands to get your project done? CleverDev Software augments your in-house team with specific skills and expertise necessary to bring your project across the goal line.

Managed Project

Our cross-functional teams take care of your project, driving it from conception to delivery. Our autonomous teams take complete ownership of every aspect of the development process.

Fixed Scope

We help you bridge expertise gaps in a specific area, including UX/UI, mobile app development, quality assurance, and more. We define the project scope and estimate the time and cost associated with each deliverable.

Laying the Foundation for Your IIoT Ecosystem

You must adopt a holistic approach to reap full value from sensor data and extend it beyond the plant floor. Our company unlocks the potential of IoT and manufacturing by establishing a unified tech infrastructure to enable connection between assets and users.

Device Layer

Gateway Layer

Data Management Layer

User Interface Layer


  • Hardware selection consulting (sensors, GPS tags, RFID tags and readers, and more)
  • Hardware connection and monitoring


  • Embedded software development
  • Middleware development
  • API integration
  • Connectivity protocol selection
  • Data pipeline set-up
  • Cloud-based environment set-up
  • Data warehousing and analytics development
  • AI-enabled IoT analytics
  • Decentralized network for edge processing
  • End-user application development (web, mobile, smart assistants)
  • Dashboards and reporting

Why Choose CleverDev Software as Your Teach Partner

Out-of-the-box thinking combined with deep technical knowledge.

Custom Web Application Company

Peace of mind provided by our mature quality standards and delivery approaches.

Deep knowledge of the manufacturing industry and its standards.

Future-proof solutions based on innovative technologies and scalable architecture.

Guaranteed data security and compliance.

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