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Warehouse Inventory Tracking Software Transformation Case Study

CleverDev Software’s bespoke warehouse inventory tracking software cut labor costs down by over 1/3 and doubled productivity of the business of our client. The custom platform fueled agile operations, precise automation, RFID tech, and temperature control which led to 95% inventory accuracy and 75% reduction of stockouts.
Warehouse Inventory Tracking Software

About Client

A US-based company stands as a beacon in the health food industry, serving as a wholesaler-distributor of health and natural food products across the United States. Their expansive footprint extends to over a dozen states west of the Rockies, offering an extensive range of Certified Organic, natural, and specialty products to health and natural food retailers and foodservice customers.


In a world where consumer expectations evolve at lightning speed, our client, a prominent supplier of healthy food products, embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize its warehouse operations. This case study delves into the strategic partnership with CleverDev Software, an innovative warehouse management systems and inventory software development provider, showcasing how our client successfully overcame operational challenges to achieve substantial cost savings, remarkably increased efficiency, and elevated standard of customer service.

Warehouse Inventory Tracker Software

Business Challenge  

Our client confronted significant operational hurdles:

  1. High Labor Costs: Labor costs were spiraling upward, mainly attributed to the extensive time in inventory tracking warehouse.  It also required a growing amount of workforce for product transportation across their four-building distribution campus. This intricate setup comprised three distinct temperature-controlled zones: chilled, frozen, and dry/ambient.
  1. Inefficient Processes: Warehouse operations were plagued by inefficiencies, with substantial amounts of paperwork and manual processes. It was a serious drawback that each product underwent a staggering 18 touches before reaching the end customer.
  1. Outdated Technology: The existing inventory management technology and distribution processes were ill-suited to accommodate the company's ambitious growth plans, creating bottlenecks and operational limitations.
Warehouse Tracker Systems Inventory Software


In the logistics industry, particularly in warehouse management, recognizing the significance of warehouse updates is paramount. Our client, a provider of health and natural food products, fully grasped the role that technology-enabled warehouse inventory tracker software plays in streamlining operations and enhancing customer satisfaction. In pursuit of this objective, they turned to CleverDev Software, a trusted name renowned for our expertise in crafting custom software solutions, with a special focus on business automation and tracking technology tailored for warehouses and logistics.

CleverDev Software embarked on a project to design a bespoke inventory software solution, finely tuned to our client's warehouse tracking needs. Here are some of the pivotal modules that make our software exceptional:

  1. Inventory Management. Our team developed a warehouse inventory tracking system with a management module with a product catalog featuring comprehensive information about every health and natural food product in our client's portfolio. It boasted a real-time stock tracking feature and the ability to trace products by batch and lot.
  1. Warehouse Management. CleverDev's custom software revolutionized our client's warehouse operations. This encompassed location management, pick and pack capabilities, and advanced shelf-life tracking options.
  1. Barcode and RFID Integration. This feature enhanced inventory accuracy and order fulfillment, ensuring compliance with industry regulations (including FDA requirements for food products) and maintaining rigorous quality control standards for all products.
  1. Supplier Management. Our software included a comprehensive database with detailed supplier information and trade terms, incorporating a purchase order functionality and the ability to track supplier performance effectively.
  1. Shipping and Logistics Integration. Seamlessly integrated with shipping carriers and logistics providers, our software optimized order delivery and facilitated the management of multiple warehouse locations.
  1. Dashboard and Alerts. To provide real-time insights, we incorporated a user-friendly dashboard offering a snapshot of key metrics. Additionally, our software included alert features to monitor inventory, order statuses, and critical events.

At CleverDev Software, we comprehend that health and natural food providers demand more than just efficiency from their warehouse tracking software; they require security and strict compliance with industry regulations. Our team of highly skilled developers meticulously crafted our solution to cater specifically to the unique needs of this industry. We acknowledge the intricacies and challenges faced by health food and product providers, which is why our customized software solution was meticulously designed to address these very challenges.

Warehouse Inventory Tracking Software Feedback
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The Results  

CleverDev Software's strategic partnership yielded transformative results for our client. Our expertise was evident in the innovative approach, clear communication, and concentrated focus on our client’s business requirements. The strategic partnership delivered transformative results for our client.

  • Realized a significant reduction in labor costs, exceeding one-third, while simultaneously doubling productivity, a testament to the efficiency gains achieved.
  • Our client retained 97% of full-time employees while strategically eliminating temporary positions and non-value-added roles.
  • Effectively transitioned from a mechanized to a non-mechanized system, which is the best way to keep track of warehouse inventory, streamlining operations and improving flexibility.
  • Evolved from paper-based processes to seamless automation, leveraging RFID and voice technology for precise control and accuracy.
  • Enhanced product tracking for granular visibility into product movement. For instance, perishable items such as fresh produce could now be tracked in real-time, allowing the company to ensure products were shipped to customers well before their expiration dates.
  • Temperature control by utilizing RFID technology to monitor temperatures, ensuring products were stored and shipped at precise temperatures. This not only maintained product quality but also ensured compliance with health and safety standards by multiple warehouses inventory tracking.
  • A remarkable 95% improvement in real time inventory accuracy. This translated into a reduction in stockouts, a common source of customer dissatisfaction, by a staggering 75%.
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