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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing — Our Detailed Case Study

CleverDev Software’s custom solution for a window production company implemented digital transformation in manufacturing and reinvention of its core business processes. Our cutting-edge software, designed for window manufacturing and installations business, facilitated more streamlined operations, cost optimization, and improved customer satisfaction, and also decreased overhead. Its implementation significantly enhanced transparency in operations, leading to an impressive 150% improvement in the inventory turnover ratio, thanks to upgraded data visibility and better decision-making.
Digital Transformation for Manufacturing

About Client

A top-notch company in the US operates as a regional leader, specializing in making and installing windows across several states in the northern part of the country. Known for providing custom-made window solutions, they excel in tailoring specifications like sizes, colors, specialty finishes, and architectural shapes. To match their advanced manufacturing processes, our client looked for a strong Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.


As technology is advancing fast, it's really important for businesses to use successful digital tools to stay competitive and efficient. Things like automation, data analytics, and IoT are not just choices anymore — they're necessary for survival. Being able to adapt and use these tools helps meet what customers expect and handle complex supply chains. Simply put, going digital isn't just about being innovative; it's a must for long-term success in modern digital transformation for manufacturing.

Digital Transformation Manufacturing Case Study

Business Challenge  

Our client realized it needed to update how it manages essential tasks. This included things like calculating job costs, creating schedules, tracking the time worked by installation teams, and overseeing the digital transformation of manufacturing and storage of windows.

While exploring existing solutions, they found off-the-shelf options weren't flexible enough to adapt to the business’s specific needs. This caused challenges not only in handling job costs and schedules but also in managing customer interactions and fulfilling orders.

Using these ready-made solutions often led to finding ways to work around their limitations, making production processes less efficient. They also faced problems like information not flowing smoothly between different parts of the company and struggled to make the systems grow as the company expanded. Our client recognized the importance of a more personalized and adaptable digital solution to address these complex business issues.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Case Study


Understanding the importance of advanced operational systems is crucial in the digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. Our client, a company that offers personalized window solutions, understood how technology-driven manufacturing management software could streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. To achieve this, they chose CleverDev Software, a trusted name known for expertise in creating custom software development solutions. We specialize in business automation and integrated ERP solutions specifically designed for manufacturing and digital transformation.

CleverDev Software started a project to make a special inventory software that perfectly fits our client's needs for making and installing windows. Here are some of the key modules that distinguish our software development for manufacturing company:

  • CleverDev Software started a project to make a special inventory software that perfectly fits our client's needs for making and installing windows. Here are some of the key opportunities that upgraded business of the client with our software development for manufacturing company:
  • Visualization and customization of window designs. Customized window design software allowed our client to automate core designing processes, facilitating a more interactive and personalized customer experience in real time.
  • Automated Quoting and Estimation. Custom software automated the quoting and estimation process, providing accurate pricing based on customizations and specifications, thereby expediting the sales cycle.
  • Dynamic Inventory Forecasting. Incorporating predictive analytics in custom software helped forecast inventory needs based on historical data, preventing shortages or excess stock and minimizing carrying costs.
  • Integrated Supplier Management. Streamlining communication with suppliers through custom software ensured timely procurement of raw materials, reducing lead times and optimizing the supply chain.
  • Precise Project Planning and Delays Reduction. Custom software that integrated weather forecasts and site conditions allowed for better project planning, reducing delays and ensuring optimal installation conditions.
  • Real-Time Updates for Field Service Teams. A custom mobile field service application for field service teams enabled real-time updates on project statuses, inventory usage, and facilitated efficient communication between the field and the office.
  • Automated Warranty Tracking. Custom software automated warranty tracking, providing easy access to warranty information for both the business and its customers, improving post-installation support.

Here at CleverDev Software, we know that manufacturing digital transformation for businesses need more than just efficient software — they also want it to be safe and follow industry rules. Our skilled dedicated team of developers worked really hard to create software that fits the unique needs of this industry.

We understand the challenges faced by construction providers, and that's why our custom software was carefully designed to solve these specific problems. Our aim is not only to make things run smoother but also to make sure our software meets the current industry standards and can adapt to the changing needs of our clients.

Digital Transformation In Manufacturing Feedback
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The Results

The integration of advanced software features has ushered in transformative benefits for our windows manufacturing and installation company. Let's delve into five key advantages resulting from our digital transformation:

1. Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Retention. By offering an interactive and personalized experience through customized window design software, our client strengthened customer loyalty and increased upselling and retention rates.

2. Accelerated Sales Cycles and Revenue Growth. The integration of automated quoting and estimation processes has not only streamlined sales but also led to quicker decision-making by customers.  

3. Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction. Through dynamic inventory forecasting, our client’s business achieved a more streamlined and efficient resource management process. This resulted in significant cost reductions, not only minimizing carrying costs but also optimizing the overall utilization of materials.

4. Precision in Measurement and Design. The integration of digital measurement tools with CAD capabilities in our custom windows manufacturing software streamlined measurement and design processes. It reduced errors but also improved precision, ensuring the highest quality of products and services.

5. Supplier Collaboration and Risk Mitigation. Integrated supplier management has fortified the company’s collaborations with suppliers. This not only ensured timely procurement but also mitigated the risks associated with supply chain disruptions, contributing to overall business resilience.

The strategic collaboration with CleverDev Software in end-to-end development delivered transformative outcomes for our client. Our proficiency was apparent in the inventive strategy, effective communication, and dedicated attention to our client's business needs. The digital transformation manufacturing not only boosted transparency in operations but also played a pivotal role in substantially improving the inventory turnover ratio. This enhancement, amounting to an impressive 150%, was achieved through upgraded data visibility and more informed decision-making. The system's ability to provide clear insights into inventory levels and movement allowed for better management, reduced holding costs, and improved overall efficiency in handling materials, further contributing to the company's financial health and operational effectiveness.

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