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Engage the Best Tech Talents — On-Demand Teams for Your Business

CleverDev Software offers dedicated software development services to speed your product’s time to market, expand your scaling and digital transformation potential, and take the most of our expert talent pool for your company. Rely on our experience, custom tech solutions, enthusiasm, and careful attention to your business values.

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Dedicated Team Model
for Your Project

Choose a dedicated development team for your project to get top professionals to match your specific business goals. The team covers the full range of a software development to-do list in close collaboration with a client’s company. CleverDev Software’s dedicated teams adapt to your project scope and project's requirements — we can scale them according to changing client’s demands.

Take the advantage of top-notch expertise and focus on your project realization. All administration and team management issues like HR, social benefits, or taxes are the responsibility of your software development partner.

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Our Dedicated Software Development Teams

CleverDev Software helps your company reach ambitious business objectives with our cohesive expert teams of seasoned professionals. We go hand in hand with you to select the best developers, engineers, analytics, and other specialists for your projects from our professional candidates' pool ready to take over specific tasks or the whole project.

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Top Talents Get Down to the Challenge Right Away
End-to-End Development Service
Dedicated Software Development Center

We Provide You With


  • Productive Teams
  • Concentration on the Project
  • Wide Tech Stack
  • Domain Excellence

Development Infrastructure

  • Computers and Devices
  • Networks
  • Software and Certifications
  • IDE

Team Processes

  • Operations Optimization
  • Team Extension and Integration
  • Smooth Communication
  • Procedures Adjustment to Client’s Requirements

When a Dedicated Team Is the Best Model to Choose?

Turn to our outstanding dedicated software development when you face the challenges of modern markets, shifted audience expectations, and the need for digital initiative.

New Products Launch

Our experts are all set to realize your vision into reality. Your company doesn’t have to waste time, effort, and resources on getting the required skills and proficiency. Launch new products and services ahead of your competitors.

Large Projects Update

Strengthen your company with a dedicated team of professionals. Delegate IT-heavy workflows and let your in-house staff focus on the essential business goals.

Long-Run Projects Renewal

Keep up with the latest trends and breathe new life into your lasting successful products and services. Our IT consultants can help you update requirements and adjust processes to get a competitive advantage.

Budget Optimization

Save expenses on hiring rare specialists for your company. Dedicated software development teams are ideal for businesses that want to use their time and funds wisely as outsourcing services can be considerably more cost-effective than paying high salaries to local tech experts.

Business Expansion

Turn to CleverDev Software to prove stable business growth and development empowered by top-level professionals fully dedicated to your business's objectives.

What Should You Look For in a Dedicated Development Team?

Make a sound decision to choose the best dedicated development team from CleverDev Software considering a set of impact factors.
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Benefit from distributed dedicated product development teams with more attractive rates compared to overpriced specialists from the USA.

CleverDev Software is an awarded custom web development company featured in ranking listings by such reputable reviewers as TopDevelopers, Techreviewer, Goodfirms, and others.

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Foster your project's realization by straightforward communication with the development team without delays, time lags, and understanding issues.

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Get prolific dedicated software development for your project with a wide skill set of our professionals. Our business and system analysts, frontend and backend software engineers, designers, testers, managers, and other required talents undertake full-cycle delivery surpassing in fineness.

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Adjust your tech innovation on the go without the interference of your business workflows. CleverDev Software tunes into your conditions, guidelines, and methods. Our experts also pay special attention to utilizing your effective assets to reduce expenses on revitalization.

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Empower your business with our proactive results-oriented approach to keep ahead of the market. With our advanced expertise, your company will be enlightened by new technologies and updates.

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How We Deliver Our Services

CleverDev Software will expand your development capabilities with available talents and quality resources. Employ our service processes gained from the impressive practical experience of our company.

Client’s Needs and Growing Points Estimation

We evaluate:

  • Current capabilities
  • Pain points
  • Goals
  • Potential

Dedicated Development Team Establishment

Recruitment stage establishing:

  • Pool of candidates
  • Filtering and selecting by our recruiters
  • Interviews for the client

Cooperation Launch

Opening initiation:

  • Our equipped workplaces
  • Tools and certificates set
  • Administrative procedures

Collaboration Evaluation

Transparency and control at each stage:

  • Data, intellectual property, and networks safety
  • Additional security on demand
  • Work processes coordination
  • Performance analysis
  • Friendly and comfortable work environments
  • Project adjustment and tailoring

What Do You Get from a Dedicated Development Team from CleverDev Software?

Let your business flourish with the perfect combination of careful commitment, high-grade skills, and attractive pricing models from CleverDev Software. Get the advantage of flexibility, maneuverability, and synergy in a collaborative culture.

Accelerate Software Development Process

We guarantee the fastest project delivery to stay ahead of your competitors. You won’t have to search for the best talents, recruit, onboard, and assemble your personnel teaming. Senior certified specialists are ready to strengthen your processes from the first days of our collaboration.

Boost Digital Transformation

Get the advantage of the innovative potential and well-tuned processes of our teams. Step onto the innovation path straight away without delay to sustain the challenges of current-day markets. We will launch efficient project delivery swiftly, from scratch, and with full control of our clients.

Strengthen Product and Service Quality

Treat your customers with audacious ideas and best-working approaches. Do not hamper your business while choosing, testing, and validating upgrade plans. Our dedicated software teams are know-how experts in a range of domains and will ramp up fresh thinking grounded by tested vision and regulatory-compliant quality.

Maximize Business Productivity

Optimize costs on your workflows and operations. Do not sacrifice value and quality by reducing expenses when you have to struggle with the challenges of shrinking budgets. Instead, inspire your company with new life by tuning your environment to modern landscapes. CleverDev Software will provide you with resourceful dedicated teams empowered by required hardware and software tools to collaborate with your team.

Focus on Core Business Objectives

Delegate IT-specific tasks to our sophisticated experts and let your in-house team concentrate on the strategic goals of your development. Our digital project delivery is completely transparent and aligned with your procedures and business monuments. We are all set to assist you in opening new horizons.

Stay Competitive

Unleash your business flexibility and stand over your competitors with dedicated development team services from CleverDev Software. There is no need to pursue your competitors — you can set your own rules for the race to succeed. Dive into our vast talent pool right at the moment when your business requires it.

Develop and Expand Your Business

Enable your business growth potential with our dedication to every project we deliver. We cater to excellence in technology and processes. CleverDev Software’ distinctive feature is that we carefully concentrate on our partners' success in every project we work with.

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