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Focus on the business side of your business, while we provide you with the right technology and a Dedicated Development Team for a truly bespoke experience.

Say, you have a software development problem to solve. The problem may take different shapes and forms:

Now, you might have your own resources to solve it (like a team of in-house developers), or maybe you’re willing to pay someone to fix it.

If you choose the former, you might strategize, lay out a plan, maybe get a consultation or two. But if you’re going with the latter, would you expect to be doing all the legwork?

The answer is very likely a confident ‘no’. Yes, some input and effort would still be required, but you’d like to feel confident about the outcome without having to dive too deep into the details.

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What If You Could Have a Full Team Dedicated to Your Project Without You Having to Hire The Team In-House?

And what if every professional on that team were chosen by industry experts according to your particular needs?

That’s exactly what we had in mind when we came up with our Dedicated Teams concept. It works this way: you present us with a problem, and we assemble a team that targets that problem and works on the solution. You don’t have to stress about how to find the right professionals for each specific task–we got you covered.

Now, here’s more on how that is accomplished. Not to set any unrealistic expectations–we obviously don’t have a hundred people sitting around waiting for the launch of a new project, but we’re always aiming at providing a custom experience. And we know exactly where to find just the right people for the job.

The process is initiated via adequate business analysis carried out by one of our business analysts. Once that is done, the business analyst either stays on the project, or a new one is assigned. Thoroughly going through all the requirements allows us to understand exactly what kind of team is needed.

Once we’ve identified the need, we start planning and doing our research. Once the people have been assigned, they stay with you till the project is finalized.

Based on the request, the team can comprise:

The configuration will depend on the nature and complexity of the project.

We always strive for maximum efficiency, and it definitely starts with ongoing communication. We’ll schedule on-demand calls whenever you feel you need one. Our team will also stay proactive through the process, asking for clarifications or alignment if necessary. All of that will ensure that the product is delivered on time, and that your expectations are met.

One of the pros for bespoke software development via a Dedicated Team is that it’s possible to choose the schedule that works for you. Obviously, we may follow the internal schedule we have at CleverDev Software and provide you with suggestions, but you’re always free to tailor and negotiate the schedule.

Also, we prefer good surprises only. That means that all the vacations of the Dedicated Team members will always be agreed upon beforehand and cleared by you.

We don’t just develop software. CleverDev Software’s seasoned engineers are able to think through the logic of the future solution and design its architecture from scratch. We’re willing to consult you on the options and best practices, making sure the finished product does exactly what it needs to do.

Our goal is to minimize your effort and to provide you with exceptional service where you will stay updated, but won’t have to follow every little detail and spend your time dealing with minor issues.

We build software, and we also build partnerships.

Advantages of Choosing to Work With CleverDev Software

We take special pride in the experience our team members have. Some of them have not just 10+, but 20+ years of experience in software development. That kind of experience means one thing: we know the minuses of the industry very well, and we’ve worked hard to eliminate those for our clients. Our experts are tech-savvy, business-savvy and know how to deal with projects of any complexity. They also stay on top of new technology emerging in the field, choosing to be ahead of the game and delivering innovative solutions to every project. We provide excellent backend and frontend development services; and are rightfully considered to be the best Java development company.

Say ‘yes’ to CleverDev Software’s dedicated development team services, and leave the details to us.

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What’s absolutely crucial is that when we say it’s a dedicated team service, we mean it. The team we put together works on your project exclusively, that is: it’s not involved with any internal projects of CleverDev Software or other client’s projects, concentrating solely on what they are doing for your company.

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