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Why You Need Software for Insurance Business

Insurance carriers have a lot on plate. Custom-built insurance solutions help bring claims management, billing, underwriting, and other daily processes into a single interface to automate workflows and enhance visibility. As an insurance app software development company, CleverDev Software helps insurance providers move their workloads to smart solutions and turn daily tasks into fully managed infrastructure.

Types of Insurance App Software Development We Provide

We deliver a whole range of insurance app software development services to help you reinforce your efficiency and safety through digital-first applications.
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Need expert advisory on insurance application development? Our team of experts will audit your existing workflow and suggest an elegant technical solution to boost your productivity. We help you innovate with the right choice of architecture and technologies.

We build powerful environments that help providers expand their services and attract more customers. Whether it’s custom web development or smart quoting algorithms, our developers make technology work for your benefit.

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Let us polish your digital assets by tailoring them to your unique, insurance-related needs. Our team of engineers helps you iterate on your applications by adding new features and configurations to adjust generic solutions to your business and security needs.

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Enable your data to move seamlessly across systems and deliver the connected experiences policyholders expect. Our developers help connect your insurance software solutions into a single, interoperable organism.

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Establish a consolidated data view by connecting your digital assets with a custom API. Our developers rely on REST APIs to unite your risk management systems with claim management and other software for a 360-degree view and faster cycles.

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Insurance Solutions From CleverDev Software

Streamline policy management, claims processes, and other insurance-related tasks with purpose-built solutions.

Underwriting and Risk Intelligence

Claims and Policy Management

Portals and Web Applications

Insurance Mobile Applications

Dynamic Quoting Software

Policy Compliance Software

CRM and ERP Insurance Software

Fintech Applications

Secure Software Development for Insurance Businesses

As the insurance field becomes more digital, secure and feature-rich software used by insurance companies is paramount to automate manual tasks and increase operational efficiency. We, at CleverDev Software, know first-hand how the right underwriting solution or agency management system can optimize operational costs and deliver a better experience to clients.

We provide software development for the insurance business to help global companies manage daily tasks more effectively, automate more workflows, and adjust to the evolving regulatory landscape. Having insurtech solutions in place allows insurance providers to better comply with insurance policies and establish a robust security posture.

Our team creates innovative solutions in line with evolving regulatory requirements, including:

  • IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard)
  • HLA (Higher Loss Absorbency Requirements)
  • IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive)
  • NAIC Model Laws ComFrame (Common Framework for the Supervision of Internationally Active Insurance Groups), and others.

Advantages of Our Insurance Software Development

We help you unlock the full potential of insurtech solutions.

Expand Market Reach

Reach new customers and tap into customer data to personalize products and meet evolving business needs.

Automate Manual Tasks

Focus more on mission-critical processes, streamline internal workflows, and shake off the burden of the daily grind.

Reduce Costs

Business-tailored software allows providers to save on operational costs and do more with fewer resources.

Leverage Analytics and Reporting

Eliminate data silos and make informed decisions to foster the efficiency of your insurance company operations.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Make your customers feel heard by automating communication, offering granular services, and facilitating service discovery.

Improve Compliance Management

Adopt a built-in compliance protocol that keeps your data management in line with the latest regulations.

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Software Development Life Cycle for Insurance

We provide turnkey insurance app software development processes and help insurance companies accelerate digital adoption and informed care.

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Product Launch

Product Enhancement

Product Enhancement

MVP Launch


Agile Development

Project Initiation

Project Discovery

A shared vision of the final product.

Accurate functional requirements aligned with business needs.

Robust architecture to future-proof your product.

A transparent project plan with deliverables, timelines, and costs.

A solid product strategy and all-in-development roadmap.


We power your digital products with a winning combination of both mature and innovative technologies.


Why Choose CleverDev Software

As an established technology partner, our company has a proven track record of delivered projects, domain expertise, and hands-on knowledge in insurance software development.

Proven Expertise in Insurance-Related Projects

Our team has been working with global insurance companies to help them digitize their workflows and unlock additional revenue streams.

Adherence to Regulations

Insurance Software Development Company

Over the years, we have delivered secure and compliant solutions to compliance-heavy industries, including healthcare and insurance.

Certified Developers

Insurance Software Development Services

The skills and expertise of our team are validated by industry-acknowledged certifications and professional training.

Individual Approach

Insurance App Development Company

We do not settle for mediocre results. Instead, we drill down into your project requirements and business needs to create a game-changing product.

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Cost of Insurance Software Development

Our team makes sure your unique needs are covered in full — on time and within the budget.

Dedicated Team

This hiring model is best-fit for long-term collaboration and projects with evolving requirements. We allocate a dedicated team as an agile pod that covers all job roles in your project. Each team member is selected individually, based on your unique project needs.

Within this model, you have full control over the team, while we handle all administrative burdens, hiring, and overhead costs. Our specialists will work exclusively on your project, thus ensuring high-quality work in line with your product vision.

Augmented Specialists

Reduce operating expenses while increasing productivity and agility with our augmented hiring. This model enables you to build up and down your talent on demand, with no hiring hassle or tedious sourcing process. Staff augmentation is suitable for all kinds of projects.

Our augmented specialists are ready to join your in-house team at any project stage, be it development, research, or testing. As we have only vetted experts in our talent pool, our specialists have the skills and experience to contribute high-quality results.
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