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Better the Lives of Your Clients through Technology

CleverDev Software addresses the needs of modern behavioral healthcare organizations by building custom mental health case management software that keeps it simple. Our tailor-made solutions automate scheduling, documenting, and reporting, while also aligning your clients with the most efficient care plans.

Mental Health Case Management Software

Custom Case Management Software for Mental Health

Our mental health management software combines clinical, financial, administrative, and research functions that enable personalized care, easy practice management, and seamless clinical collaboration. Get an all-in-one practice management tool developed from the ground up to cover the unique needs of your organization.

Centralize all elements of patient care, including scheduling, treatment planning, and billing
Streamline client assessments and case management process
Add multiple communication options and paperless intake forms
Enable unified document management
Report effortlessly on clients and programs
Integrate with internal business systems for easy exchange of patient data

Mental Health Management Software for Your Practice

Our mental health case management software helps healthcare providers, including both large operations and single-practice clinics, simplify their day-to-day tasks. With every function designed for your workflows, our solutions bring unmatched flexibility into the management of complex treatment regimes.


With features like scheduling, billing, telehealth, and more, our mental health solutions supplant custom medical practice management platforms for behavioral health practices of all sizes.


Our custom software for mental health is designed to help behavioral health practitioners capture all client’s data in one place, spend less time on admin, and keep track of payments.  


Our comprehensive mental health case management software assists LPCs and LMHCs in providing a holistic approach to coordinating support and services for individuals with mental health needs.

Social Workers

Designed specifically for LCSWs, our tailor-made solutions help you meet the diverse and complex needs of your patients via easy-to-use, paper-free software that keeps you on track to higher efficiency.


Make informed care decisions, implement value-based care models, and facilitate care coordination with other providers through our mental health software made for primary care physicians.

Custom Software for Mental Health Professionals with Value-Driven Features

Our custom case-handling platforms bundle all the tools, workflows, functionalities, and integrations you need to help your organization positively impact a patient’s life. We collect your mental health software requirements and transform them into a fully functional, meaningful solution.

To improve the efficiency and productivity of care, you need a data hub that collects and stores case notes, audio files, reports, and other information — and our custom software lives up to the need.

  • End-to-end case tracking and management
  • Document management capabilities
  • Integration capabilities
  • Built-in document and charting management

Our platforms are built to make your job simpler by eliminating time drains caused by paperwork and inefficient workflows. Our developers streamline your processes where it makes sense to let you focus on your patients.

  • Scheduling and appointment management
  • Automated billing and claim processing
  • Task and time management
  • Automated data entry workflows

Centralized data collection and processing present in our custom software allows you to easily track and report on the outcomes, case metrics, performance, and trends.

  • A wide selection of reporting templates
  • Data analysis and business intelligence tools
  • Report scheduling and collection

With built-in compliance and multiple security levels, our software reduces your audit burden, curates access levels, facilitates risk management, and always keeps patient information in the right hands.

  • Access controls and permissions
  • Fully compliance workflows
  • Automated risk management

Mental Health Software Company with End-to-End Expertise

The effectiveness of case handling depends on how unified, standardized, and easy-to-access your other healthcare systems are. With years of health tech expertise, CleverDev Software is ready to deliver any type of healthcare system according to your business needs.

Custom Claims Management Software

From health insurance software to billing apps, our developers build solutions that optimize your claims management cycles, improve mental health billing, and increase customer satisfaction.

EHR/EMR Development Services

Our custom EHRs take over scheduling, charting, credentialing, and other aspects of your client’s care. Designed uniquely for the needs of mental health practices, our solutions also help you conduct assessments, develop treatment plans, and track progress.

Medical Billing Solutions

We develop medical billing software for hospitals and private doctor’s practices to help them transform the way revenue management is handled. Our solutions integrate easily with healthcare portals and other solutions.

Patient Portal Development

Streamline your service delivery and create meaningful patient connections with our tailored and secure patient portals. Our solutions are patient-centered, making sure there are no bottlenecks in your client’s medical journey.

Mental Health Applications

CleverDev Software delivers reliable mental health apps that feature remote monitoring, advanced progress tracking, telehealth, and other functionality you need to extend the reach of mental health care.

Practice Management Software

Optimize your administrative and financial processes via our custom medical practice management software. Simplify every facet of your practice management with a PMS cut out for your needs.

Mental Health Software Company with End-to-End Expertise

It’s hard to make the right care decisions if your medical data is fractured and hidden in a web of isolated apps. Our developers set up the necessary integrations between your systems so they can support data-driven decisions.






Patient Portals

Telehealth Apps

Integration with insurers and clearinghouses

Healthcare Case Handling Software That Works the Way You Do

When performing case management tasks, you want to use a software system that supports your workflow, stores all information in a centralized location and has an easy-to-use interface.

Case Management Software for Mental Health

How We Build Case Management for Mental Health Solutions

It’s a struggle to juggle deadlines, budgets, and expectations — and we get it. At our company, we act as your partner, lending the expertise, talent, and tools you need to get your business vision implemented.

Defining the Project

We first get into the nitty-gritty of your project needs, compliance requirements, and tech limitations. From there, we identify your project scope, establishing common goals and the purpose of the project.


At this stage, we dive deep into the project planning and set the schedule, due dates, and deliverables for all phases of the project lifecycle. At this stage, we also come to grips with the main features of your final product and develop a regulatory compliance plan.

Design and Development

Our team builds your product in small iterations to make sure it’s up to your expectations and industry standards. We design the interface, set up the front- and the back-end, and set up integrations.

Quality Assurance

Our specialists start testing and quality assurance in the early stages of development to maximize the quality and performance of the solution.

Launching and Maintenance

We prepare your solution for a launch, perform pre-launch activities related to compliance, and develop training documentation. After launch, we stand by, constantly monitoring the health of your application.


On-demand, we offer managed IT support services that include proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and product evolution. Our services also include responsive support (L1, L2, L3).

Advantages of Our Custom Mental Health Solutions

We speak the same language your business does, leading you to a successful product now and into the future.

Features You Really Need

Our developers implement the features with high utility to reduce your development costs and speed up delivery. Thorough discovery and meticulous project planning are what help us deliver a no-frills product.

Case Management for Mental Health

Security You Can Bet On

In healthcare, your product is only as good as its security. Our solutions follow industry-specific compliance standards and secure engineering practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of patient data.

Mental Health Management Software

Flexibility and Scalability

We deliver solutions not just for the existing needs of your business, but also for the next to emerge. Our products are designed with scalability in mind to grow along with your mental health practice.

Mental Health Software

Access from Any Device

Our expertise in web and mobile app development allows us to make your solutions device-agnostic. You can manage your practice, communicate with the patients, and handle emergencies on the go.

Software Mental Health

Interact with Everyone, Everywhere

Our solutions come with telehealth features so you can monitor emotional or cognitive issues as they happen. We also connect your software with patient portals to enable online appointment booking and billing.

Mental Health Software Company

Reduce Patient Churn Rate

Based on our experience, custom healthcare solutions increase the customer base by around 50%. Availability, personalization, ease-of-use, and rich functionality also prevent patient attrition.

Software for Mental Health

Stay Competitive

Making our software a part of your business promotes better utilization of healthcare resources, improves patient satisfaction, and facilitates effective patient-physician communication.

Best Mental Health Software

Why Choose CleverDev as Your Mental Health Software Company?

Central to our ethos are dual commitments: top-notch software product quality and fruitful collaboration.

Custom Web Application Company

Immaculate Track Record of Healthcare Projects

Our expertise is based on years of partnering with global healthcare providers and polished by an impressive number of completed projects.

Compliance Expertise

We are adamant when it comes to compliance. Our experts keep up with the latest trends in popular healthcare standards such as HIPAA, PIPEDA, CMS, HL7 FHIR, and others.

Fast Delivery with Lowered Risks

Over the years, we’ve brushed up and honed our delivery framework to make it business-driven, result-oriented, and risk-free.

Mature Quality Standards

Our team puts quality at the center of all development processes, maximizing the reliability, usability, maintainability, and security of your product.

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