Outsourcing IT Services: How to Hire a Developer

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According to Evan Data Group, there are over 23 million developers worldwide. That number is expected to reach 27.7 million by 2023. However, finding and hiring a great programmer is still not an easy task.

A relevant idea and a competent entry into the market are of great importance for the company's success. But the key ingredient is a quality product. Even if the IT outsourcing services meet the needs of the target audience and have no analogs, nobody wants to use an app with a bunch of bugs and long page loading. You need an excellent team of developers for this, but how to find the greatest ones?

We have created a useful list to help you hire a programmer that will meet all your needs.

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How Do IT People Choose a Job

Having learned and analyzed the market offers, it is necessary to form a “portfolio of benefits” that your company is ready to offer. Derive its competitive advantages, combine the expectations of candidates and its capabilities. Programmers usually pay attention to: 

To hire cool programmers, you need to be competitive in two of these three parameters. For example, you cannot pay a large salary, but you are ready to give a person the opportunity to participate in an option program: flexible hours, interesting tasks, the ability to work remotely, some other intangible bonuses.

How to Create a Competitive Advantage in Hiring

Creating a competitive environment, you can get great programmers on your team. People (especially IT professionals) can be attracted not only by salary but also by other benefits. Therefore, the following steps should be taken:

Step 1. Data segmentation. You need to know what companies are similar to your to understand how to attract valuable specialists for you. Or companies you want to become like.

Step 2. Analyze. Start by analyzing the motivation system adopted by other companies in your market.

Step 3. Select the options you can afford. For example, a wider range of tasks, flexibility in career advancement, speed of decision-making, the ability to contact and convey their thoughts to business leaders directly.

Tip. Use cafeteria-style benefits: you offer each employee to choose bonuses from the list offered by the IT outsourcing company. For example, if a person rides the subway, they do not need paid parking. In return, they receive payment for meals or foreign language courses. Experience shows that employees who choose their own benefit are more loyal. Being able to choose your own rewards is a perk in itself.

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Ways to Find Reliable Developers

Ok, you’ve created all the necessary conditions. But you still don’t catch programmers with honey? Try the following search methods:

5 Questions for an Effective Interview with a Programmer

Recruiting in some aspects differs from the selection of specialists in other areas. So, you can face the problem of how to interview a programmer properly. The biggest difficulties, in such cases, are usually caused by checking the qualification level of an IT specialist. Follow our list to ask the exact questions.

Where Were You Employed?

Pay special attention to the last place of work. During the interview, the candidate will tell you whether they were engaged in freelancing or worked for the company and how big it was. What projects they had to work on, what technologies were used. The product being developed was intended for the B2B or B2C segment. The collected information will allow you to understand whether their skills and experience meet your requirements.

Сore Technology Experience Required for the Job. 

Often, in their resumes, programmers for hire point to long lists of technologies they own, programming languages, without specifying their experience on each item. It will show how much time the candidate spent working with a particular technology. So, you will assess whether the specialist has sufficient experience in the specific areas.

How Many Projects Did You Have?

Often, the programmer indicates only the place of work in the resume. Without specifying the projects. You can also clarify how long this or that project lasted. Whether it was implemented on time.

Describe the Project That Was the Most Difficult/Interesting.

Thus, you can find out which technologies are a priority for the candidate. How intensive his experience is. What is a “large-scale project” for the candidate? For some specialists, a long-term development with hundreds of developers around the world is considered a large-scale project. For others, it is a project for several months with 5-10 programmers.

Tell Us About the Team You Worked With?

Find out the programmer's portfolio with this question. How many employees took part in the implementation of the project(s)? What kind of relationship did they have with the team? Would it be comfortable to work with them? If a person does not join the team, sooner or later you may become uncomfortable working with them. Even if they are a great specialist. 

How to Avoid Mistakes When Hiring a Developer?

The fate of your outsourcing company will largely depend on the quality of the programmer's work. Here are some key tips to help you hire a developer not make a mistake:

The more information, the easier it will be for you to make a decision and hire a reliable developer. The main thing is to clearly define what tasks the specialist should solve, and ask the right questions at the interview.

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