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Hibernate is a library that is designed for object-relational mapping tasks. This description can be seen in Wikipedia. In simple terms, Hibernate allows the developer to work with the database not directly, but by representing database tables in the form of Java classes.

Hibernate app development company gives your application new tools: instead of a bunch of unnecessary code, you just need to create a database entity class, mark it with special annotations, and the framework will do everything for you.

The OR mapper Hibernate has now reached a very wide distribution. According to its own statements, Hibernate is the clear market leader for OR mappers. More and more projects are using Hibernate, which is now available in version 5.6.0, to easily store their Java objects in relational databases.

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Hibernate Performance

An important criterion for ORM is performance. Hibernate uses a mix of bytecode generation and core reflection, resulting in negligible overhead. It shows its strengths in direct database communication. There are primarily three Hibernate development services that have a positive effect here:

Hibernate uses the standardized JDBC interface to access the database. At the same time, it uses specific database adapters that have detailed information about the specific database management system. It enables Hibernate to tailor optimizations precisely to your database management system. The use of the database adapter is transparent for the developer. They only have to specify the database type used in a configuration file.

Advantages of Hibernate 

The main advantage of Hibernate development lies in the abstraction of the database you’re using. With the ORM, it is possible to develop an application independently of the underlying database. This is particularly advantageous when a database system has to be replaced during the life cycle of an application. There can be many reasons for changing the database system. 

For example, a license may have expired or the system has been developed too slowly. Corporate policy reasons, caused by a merger or a joint venture, can also necessitate the change of a database system. There are many more pros for choosing Hibernate for your project.


It helps reduce lines of code, makes the system easier to understand, and places more emphasis on business logic than persistence work (SQLs). More importantly, a system with less code is easier to refactor.

Excellent Opportunities

Hibernate has a lot of tools for building really amazing websites. Moreover, the ease of use makes Hibernate an excellent framework for reducing project development time compared to conventional jdbc.

First and Second Level Cache

Hibernate offers functionalities for caches. The now very mature first-level and second-level cache can relieve a database enormously and thus improve the performance of the entire application. Code readability is greatly improved through the use of an ORM framework. Complicated joins and subselects are resolved directly via a mapping configuration and do not have to be created and maintained via plain SQL.

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Can a modern company do business without its own website? Oddly enough, many people still do this, hiding behind ridiculous excuses: supposedly there are no funds and time to develop the site. Hibernate website creation is a service that will effectively express yourself! It is through launching your business online that you will be able to attract more new customers.

Of course, not every site can become a successful business tool. The resource must be modern and meet the following requirements: be remarkable and attractive to visitors. Attention is required not only for the development of the site but also for tools that increase its productivity. So, CleverDev Software offers you our Hibernate development services.

Benefits of the Outsourcing Model

Our team of experts is preparing special interview questions aimed at hiring the best experts. So, we have a team of one of the best Hibernate developers of all competency levels. See our outsourcing solutions here

Our Hibernate software development services have the following pros:

Are you looking for a place where you can develop a high-quality online store or another website at an affordable price? We are ready to work with customers of any business area and have experience in developing with Hibernate in a variety of areas.

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