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What is React App Development?

Before we jump into what React is, we have to mention JavaScript, one of the most frequently used and well-known programming languages. It was developed in the early nineties and still hasn’t lost its appeal within the community. Impressively, a 2020 survey from Stack Overflow showed that JavaScript is currently the most popular language. It has been holding this position for 8 years in a row and is used by over 70% of the developers.

The base JavaScript functionality is usually enhanced by using external libraries or frameworks. The top ones include jQuery, Angular and React. Now, React can mean two things: React.js and React Native.

React.js is a JavaScript library used for creating UI solutions. Interestingly enough, it was initially built by Facebook (now Meta) for their own needs and later released as an open-source library. It truly revolutionized user interfaces and made Facebook and Instagram Timelines possible. Later, based on Reactjs, React Native was born.

React Native is a full-scale framework that translates concepts from web development into mobile development, providing the native feel to the applications.

So, a React development company would be one that can either create user interfaces or build native iOS and Android mobile apps for you (depending on whether they know React.js, React Native, or both).

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What are The Unique Features and Pros of React Development?

The mobile apps of Facebook (now Meta), Tesla, SoundCloud and Walmart are all relying on this technology, so there definitely has to be something about it that makes it so appealing, right?

There sure is, and choosing this framework has a bunch of advantages.

First and foremost, it’s the fact that mobile apps built with React Native run on different platforms. There’s no need to develop two separate apps if you need them to work on Android and iOS–one would run on both. This is obviously great for business, as you don’t have to duplicate the development team and have a multitiered project management plan in place to make sure both apps are released simultaneously. This saves quite a bit of time and money, and also speeds up the launch of the product. Besides, such apps can also be integrated with already existing native applications.

Ultimately, you’ll have a complete solution that is tested out and ready to go.

Another reason for React Native application development services being a favored item on the software dev menu is the community. Because React Native is an open-source framework, it has an abundant ecosystem with many additional libraries and assets at hand. It also allows you to incorporate plug-ins and APIs seamlessly.

Despite a common concern that React Native apps may fall short in terms of performance compared to native apps, in reality this is not the case at all. They have been proven to be almost identical, with React apps sometimes showing an even stronger performance and very quick loading times.

To sum it all up, React Native apps are:

All of the above gives a lot of space for developers to do their magic within the realm of React development services and a lot of flexibility in terms of what can be achieved–and how soon. With this in mind, it’s easy to believe the claim that React truly revolutionized the industry.

Why Choose CleverDev Software for React Native App Development Services?

At CleverDev Software, we value your time and money. We understand the importance of optimizing the process so that the solutions come together faster and more efficiently. We also stay in touch with the current development trends and changes within the industry.

Our team is fluent in JavaScript and React Native, and we truly appreciate the capabilities this technology can offer to your business. If you know that time-to-market matters for your project, if you’d like to reduce production and maintenance costs–this may be the right way to go.

CleverDev Software is there to consult you on the best strategies to develop what you have in mind, applying our expertise and a wide range of tools under our belt. What remains a constant in every project we take on is communication, providing you with clear insights into the progress and delivering results.

Above all, we focus on: 

Ultimately, we are just the right React Native development company to build apps for your business that have a native feel to them, without the hassle of having to build separate solutions for different platforms. Upon evaluation of your requirements, we’ll consult you on the best options to make sure we tick all the boxes.

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