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A Custom Hybrid App for an RPM Platform: The Case of Success

CleverDev Software designed and implemented a multifunctional custom hybrid app for an RPM platform of our client. The app empowered healthcare professionals with top-level professional health support to patients in a 24/7 format and increased the customer base by 50% annually.
Hybrid App for RPM

About Client

An acknowledged care provider, headquartered in the US, supports its patients with responsive rehabilitation therapy, physician and nursing care, and also custodial assistance in a continuous operation. Our client gives the community even more than professional assistance — it delivers family-like help and support.
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One of the fastest-growing segments of the healthcare industry — mHealth keeps on demonstrating significant results. According to Statista, the global mHealth market reached $ 132.7 billion and is expected to hit $332.7 billion in 2025. It vividly illustrates that technological upgrades of traditional healthcare services and mobile solutions integrations particularly are all the rage today.

For instance, with a hybrid app for an RPM platform, you can be sure that your state of health is constantly under professional supervision and you can get necessary help and support from specialists without delay. As for the doctors, such solutions enable them with better insights and additional valuable data about their patients’ health for better diagnosing and faster decision-making. Health applications are efficient tools for patient-centered healthcare where consumers can monitor and understand their medical indications.  That also promotes a higher level of preventive measures against serious conditions. What is more, the range of portable devices brings healthcare services right into the palm of your hand.

Given this, our client reached a ground decision to empower the RPM platform with a flexible and robust mobile solution — a hybrid app with advanced features.

Our team at CleverDev Software is proud to have contributed our skills, expertise, and dedication to this incredibly important project. The insights about building the hybrid app for RPM are presented in our detailed case study.

Hybrid App for an RPM Platform

Business Challenge

Our client needed a mobile application that could light a fire under the powerful RPM ecosystem and make it tightly coupled and effectively comprehensible for healthcare specialists and patients. The company needed a tool for providing professionals with secure and quick access to patient data, upgraded scheduling, and information streamlining to insurance companies and clearinghouses. Also, it was essential to build a channel for patient-doctor communications with an intuitive and adaptive interface and extended functionality.

Before addressing CleverDev Software, our client relied on a set of solutions from a range of providers like a general CSP provider, third-party operation software, and others. Despite being extremely inefficient and bulky, they caused personnel overloads, partly- and non-paid claims, and disappointed customers. Furthermore, the company faced the problem of inability to develop its business as nonproductive old systems were not compatible with our client’s goals and ambitions.

Considering this, our client made the right choice and turned to CleverDev Software to build a high-quality, innovative, and confidence-inspiring hybrid app for an RPM platform.

Hybrid App Development


The solution to the problem implied launching an IT-intensive software development project which required a deep understanding of regulatory-compliant HealthTech solutions. The healthcare vendor employed CleverDev Software’s team that possess relevant expertise in hybrid app development. So, we initiated the creation of a high-end HIPAA-compliant application tailored to be equally productive on various devices and operational systems.

We targeted building a hybrid app enriched with innovative capabilities that could fit our client’s goals and become a significant advantage in a competitive market of healthcare services. Moreover, the custom solution added valuable functionality to doctor-patient communications, streamlined workflows across the company and with third parties, decreased specialist overloads significantly, optimized costs, and attracted new customers.

Our client got an exclusively-tuned custom hybrid app for RPM that was adapted for various devices and platforms and enriched with the following tailor-made features:

  • Appointment Management. It provides patients with an interface for booking visits or calls which is easy and understandable even for people that may have problems adapting to new tech. Healthcare professionals in their turn can view and adjust their calendars without any difficulties.
  • Staff Management. The feature improves staff efficiency by implementing smart schedules, health records, and reviews that upgrade hospital management and help avoid staff overloads.
  • EHR and EMR Management. Integrated app functions for updating patients’ health records like electronic document signing considerably reduce the time for data management and specialists can use it for their patients.
  • Specialists and Patients Profiles. Patients can use a profile to log their medical information and doctors can view a quick summary of their conditions or medications. Doctor's profiles contain info about specializations, healthcare facilities, or current availability.
  • A Video Chat. It is a convenient alternative to get a professional consultation right in the comfort of the patient’s home. Also, it meets the modern requirements of our post-pandemic times and unweights clinical overloads.
  • Notifications & Messages. They include reminders for taking medications or doctor’s visits. Quick messages provide necessary interaction features for healthcare specialists and their patients when there is no need for launching a video conference. The system helps provide immediate care, build trust, and strengthen the patient's confidence in the healthcare service provider.
  • Integrations Ecosystem. Our client’s hybrid app for an RPM platform has a set of useful and secure integration features. Payment integrations and third-parties integrations enhance EHR usability for specialists. Wearables integrations empower professionals with more valuable patient data like heart rate or blood pressure in real-time. It helps provide better care and can even save lives.

Our omnichannel solution, with a variety of related technologies and tools, is a product of our integrated teams of skilled experts.

Following HIPAA policies is a vital aspect of this healthcare project. Information about protected electronic health records is kept confidential, secure, and accessible.

To build a hybrid app for an RPM platform, our senior developers worked with business analysts, system architects, quality assurance professionals, and UX/UI specialists.

Hybrid app for RPM Feedback
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The hybrid app we created for our client’s healthcare business is productive, responsive, and easily understandable for a diverse audience. The project is delivered with strict adherence to regulations and legal requirements and guarantees the utmost degree of data safety.

Our client has seen outstanding results with a hybrid application that was tailored to meet the company's business needs.

Upgraded Functionality for Healthcare Professionals

The hybrid app for RPM provides the healthcare specialists of our client’s company with a range of modern tools for monitoring patients’ health from a distance. Features like video chats, messages, and notifications improve the level of patient-doctor interaction for improved care and support and minimize specialist overloads and burnouts.

Quick Access to Healthcare Support

The application we delivered helps our clients bring top-quality healthcare to wider audiences. For example, patients can get in touch with their doctors and ask general health questions or book an appointment in just a few clicks right in the comfort of their homes.

Workflow Management Upgrade

Our application is a significant contributor to the digital transformation of our client’s business. We unified data streamlining, integrations, scheduling, analysis, and other essential features in one powerful hybrid app for an RPM platform.

Security and Compliance

We secured the sensitive personal, health, and financial data of patients in our harmonized app which guarantees its robust protection and regulatory compliance. Integrations are provided via our innovative solutions like the X12 EDI connector.

Customization and Scalability

Specifically tailored to our client's healthcare business, the application we delivered meets all of its unique requirements. With our hybrid app for RPM, the client is ready for future alterations, scaling, and business development.

CleverDev Software was responsible for researching and developing the application, creating custom software, testing it, deploying it quickly, and releasing it smoothly. Together, we provided both an efficient and functional solution. We engage our team enthusiastically in the development strategy, project realization, and the follow-up service desk support system.

The application was successfully developed and implemented during a six-month project. All the advantages of our custom hybrid app for an RPM platform resulted in additional functionality for patients and healthcare specialists, improved workflows and reduced operational costs, advanced security, and adaptability of our client’s business to changing environments of our life. Our dedicated work became the base for new ambitious goals of our client and facilitated the 50% annual growth of the far-reaching business of our client.

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We Are Open to New Projects

Professional help is required when it comes to implementing a progressive software solution that ensures utmost data security throughout all processes. In the sphere of hybrid apps for RPM platforms and regulatory-compliant solutions, CleverDev Software's team has proven expertise and years of experience.

We are therefore skilled and knowledgeable about building hybrid apps for various industries. Get in touch with our development team to learn more about our custom software development capabilities and healthcare solutions.

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