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ERP Integration for RPM: Our Detailed Case Study

CleverDev Software designed and developed an ERP to RPM integration system for our client's healthcare network. With this new functionality, the company was able to reinvent its processes, set up scalability, and grow its patient base by 200% in just two years. It also helped to streamline $ 1 million of additional annual revenue flow.
ERP Integration Solutions

About Client

Providing next-generation affordable services, an innovative healthcare provider from the United States is reinventing rehabilitation therapy, custodial assistance, and also professional services by physicians and nurses. Through participation in digital healthcare transformation and cost optimization, our client helps families take care of their most loved ones by bringing high-quality support to wider audiences.
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Advanced requirements for quality healthcare services are characterized by a new norm reality where patient satisfaction is delivered with digital technological innovations as one of the key factors of the current healthcare industry transformation. With healthcare ERP integration solutions specialists can offer enhanced care to patients by delegating backend operations like finance, billing, scheduling, supply chain, patient relations management, and others to powerful software systems.

As an indicator of the growing demand, we can take a look at the global healthcare ERP market. According to GlobeNewswire, the size of the enterprise resource planning market for healthcare was valued at $ 7.3 billion in 2022 and it is forecasted to hit $ 11.6 billion by 2030, which will reach a CAGR of 5.96% during the stated period.

The healthcare industry today must handle a vast amount of data from different entities, departments, and sources, such as scheduling, patients' home care, diagnostics, and billing. Furthermore, healthcare companies need to utilize the data across the company's departments as well as to connect it with suppliers, insurers, other third parties, and their patients.

To maximize the potential for growth in the innovative healthcare business, our client decided to implement a custom ERP to RPM integration system.

A project of this magnitude involves skill, expertise, and dedication, all of which our team at CleverDev Software contributed. The following case study provides insights into how we built the healthcare ERP and RPM integration project for our client.

Integrate ERP and RPM

Business Challenge

To ignite the company's operational process, our client required well-organized healthcare ERP modules exquisitely integrated with a custom Remote Patient Monitoring platform that we also built for the company. To streamline information flow to insurance companies, clearinghouses, and suppliers, the professionals of our client’s company required a tuned system with secure and quick access to data and automated workflows.

Throughout the past few years, our client has relied on a variety of solutions from a wide range of providers, including a general CSP provider, third-party operations software, and others. Although inefficient and bulky, they added to staff overloads, partially and unpaid claims, and disappointed customers.

It was outdated systems that prevented our client's company from developing a viable business due to incompatibility issues. Moreover, a highly competitive industry required an end-to-end system all in one place to succeed and be prepared for scaling.

CleverDev Software was therefore the right choice for our client to build its best ERP to RPM integration system for the forward-looking healthcare business.


A software development project involving IT-intensive components was required to address the problem in a regulatory-compliant manner. Choosing CleverDev Software to integrate ERP to RPM was a wise decision for the healthcare company.

Intending to improve our client's productivity and efficiency, our team developed a high-grade solution.

Our specialists targeted on how to integrate ERP and RPM and build powerful healthcare ERP modules enriched with innovative capabilities and functionality. We also developed and implemented an optimal integration system that smoothly and securely connected the company’s processes with the innovative RPM platform of our client.

Our custom integration software connected and synchronized the ERP system we delivered with the advanced custom RPM platform that our specialists had also developed and tuned for the growing healthcare business of our client. The point of our integration solution was to robust automated information flow between both systems, so the company could get a single source of truth across all its departments.

Aside from adding valuable functionality for medical specialists and administrative personnel, the customized ERP integration simplified workflows across insurance companies, clearinghouses, and suppliers, decreasing specialist overloads, optimizing costs, and establishing the ground for future growth.

Our client received an exclusive ERP to RPM integration solution that fully meets the company's needs and builds a native connected environment across all the departments of the company:

The Finance and Accounting Department

Through our integrated core financials and accounting systems, specialized modules, and templates, we helped our client maintain profitability.

Reporting and Dashboards for Administration

The administrative personnel of the company can gain a better understanding of its organization with the help of inbuilt reporting and analytics.

Expenses Management

For our client's supplies team, we implemented a system that automates expense requests and approvals.

Quality Management

Medicines and other regulated products can be monitored and controlled by our healthcare ERP to RPM traceability functionality.

Marketing Management

Real-time forecasts and pipelines are created across branches, accounts, and teams with our integrated solution.

Service to Customers

Using our technology, we provided our client with cross-selling, up-selling, and after-sales customer service functionality.

In addition to a range of related tools and technologies, our omnichannel solution was enabled by the combined expertise of our integrated teams.

Ensuring compliance with HIPAA policies was also crucial to the project. Electronic health records were kept secure, confidential, and accessible.

The best ERP for a healthcare company was created in collaboration with business analysts, system architects, quality assurance professionals, and UX/UI specialists.

ERP integration RPM Feedback
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This scalable ERP system meets the needs of our client's healthcare business and is effective, responsive, and easy to operate. Regulatory and legal requirements are strictly adhered to, and data security is of the utmost importance.

Our healthcare client has experienced rewarding outcomes due to customized healthcare ERP modules.

A Single Source of Truth

Our integration solution ensures that all the sensitive data processed by our client’s specialists remain updated in the ERP software of the company. This information is secured in the company’s software and can easily be accessible by professionals.

Business Processes Automation

Everything that our client’s business needs for smooth daily operations is stored in the custom ERP system. Our unique integration solution streamlines the protected data flow with the RPM platform and provides a critically important connection between all the departments of the company.

Reliable Data in Real Time

We created custom ERP integration solutions that automate business processes. It helps reduce the manual work needed for data entry. It also avoids the risk of mistakes due to human error which can be critical for vital healthcare information.

Boosted Internal Efficiency

ERP integration we delivered eliminates one of the most time-consuming and tedious parts of the work — manually entering data into the ERP and RPM systems. With our solution, accurate up-to-the-minute data is available in the system. It can easily be utilized for updated decision-making and taking the business to the next level.

Research and development of the custom software, testing it before deployment, and smooth release were all parts of the CleverDev Software project work. With our solution, we were able to achieve both efficiency and functionality. Service desk support, project realization, and development strategy are all handled by members of our development.

Adaptability to ever-changing environments is ensured by our customized healthcare solution to integrate ERP and RPM. It included enhanced functionality for specialists, improved efficiency, and reduced operational costs. After just two years of dedicated work, our client achieved new ambitious goals, resulting in a 200% increase in patient base and $ 1 million of additional revenue every year.

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We Are Open to New Projects

To ensure the utmost data security throughout all processes, a professional's assistance is essential. Regulatory compliance and ERP integration solutions are among the expertise areas for CleverDev Software.

As a result, we are well-suited to craft ERP solutions for companies across many sectors.

Contact our development team if you'd like to learn more about our custom software development services in healthcare, finance, and business management.

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