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Driving businesses forward with
excellent service quality
Delivering custom solutions tailored
to specific business needs,
however big and ambitious
Developing business
relationships built on trust
and reassurance

Focus on the business side of your business, while we focus on providing you with the right technology and a top-notch web development service.

What’s a person working in IT like? Is there an image that comes to mind, like a Matrix character hacking things for fun?

There are definitely many stereotypes surrounding the industry, but have they actually become obsolete or do they have any truth to them?

Last week we mentioned giving our team a questionnaire. One of the questions was about special hobbies and interests that people at CleverDev have. Some of the responses were quite surprising for your ‘typical IT professional’:

How about that, huh?

Still, our personal favorites were these two:

Stay tuned for an essay on company values next week, and hope all your dreams come true this weekend too.

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