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CleverDev Software is a software testing company serving tailored-made software solutions.

QA services and software testing are essential for the developer and publisher to be sure that it meets their requirements and expectations. For more than 15 years, CleverDev has been providing these and other services to all of its customers and helping them keep software releases on track. Clients worldwide choose CleverDev as one of the best QA testing companies. 

CleverDev will help you achieve your most ambitious business goals with the right technology. Users prefer us for many reasons, including great customer communication, professional program testing, etc. Using modern devices and combining manual and automated testing methods, we provide an excellent quality of automation testing services.

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Why is Software Testing Important?

The data obtained by an automation testing company is crucial in planning the subsequent development strategy of the app. This is a kind of diagnostic that affects further actions. It's hard to imagine a programmer who writes code flawlessly, as it’s unrealistic to keep everything in memory. The world's largest Internet giants like Google, Sony, and Facebook hire the most advanced programmers from around the world and still have to deal with glitches from time to time. So quality assurance and testing services became essential in the development process.

On top of that, QA software testing services are important because bugs can lead to financial losses or even cost lives if we’re talking about software for medical purposes. That’s why any product needs verification — testing before it can be used effectively and safely.


Main Classifications of Software Testing

There are several criteria to classify types of the testing process. For example:

The more types of testing your software goes through, the better you know its weaknesses. You can figure out the shortcomings of your program with CleverDev, an automated testing company with years of experience.

Benefits of Software Testing

If bugs are found early in app testing, fixing them is cheaper. Timely testing of any IT project will save you money from the long-term perspective.

Testing ensures that the software will work according to business requirements and perform its functions, providing value to its customers.

Most often, users choose from several similar products, the one that is more convenient and functional. In order to test your application, you will need test automation services.

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Industries We Work With

Quality Assurance Outsourcing

CleverDev provides a wide range of quality assurance services, such as:

With the help of CleverDev, testing software applications will become much easier. We provide software quality services and assurance audits to businesses in several industries at competitive prices.

How to Choose the Right Software Testing Company?

Choosing the right testing company will determine the future of your product. The more checks it passes, the fewer problems it will have after the release and during development. If you find a good software testing company, future users will say thank you!

Popularity, Scale, and Reviews of the Company

The staff of companies providing software testing services can include a couple of employees, as well as a few hundred people. A brand can be both world-famous and recognizable only in a specific category of customers. You would rather work with a large quality assurance outsourcing firm that provides a variety of services beyond testing than with an unknown niche company, won't you?

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There’s a key question to ask: Do testers in a third-party company need to speak the same language as you? Should they communicate with you in real-time and do everything upon request? What delay in responses will suit you without much harm to the working process?Remember the main rule - if there’s no good relationship between the developer and the tester, the project is doomed. It’s easy to learn this rule, don't forget it.

Find the Uniqueness of the Company

An example of uniqueness is that some software QA and testing services companies try to complete projects as quickly as possible at a low cost, while others are better at certain types of testing. Choose the one that has more benefits and unique software test services.

Most often, you can find this info on the websites of automation testing companies, and it’s also available on CleverDev. By going to our official site, you’ll see what makes us stand out from the competition. We’ve been on the market for over 15 years and are doing great to this day.

Company Reputation

This aspect is related to the first one; however, a large staff and the company's fame don’t always guarantee quality. Take some time to read testimonials, reviews, and past collaborations of the company with others, as well as view the final results. 

You’ll have no problem finding positive reviews from users working with CleverDev. The quality of our software test automation services speaks for itself, and we also perform a number of other tasks for our customers.

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