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CleverDev Software is a web development company serving bespoke software solutions.

The retail software was created by experts and looks like an integrated hierarchical system with which you can manage a network of retail stores. This method contributes to the automation of the main retail business processes of work activities. It also combines all the retail objects of your stores into one information field. Store chain management is turning into a more practical and automated process, the probability of error due to the human factor is reduced by several times, control of product residues and its timely reordering. The retail program covers the needs of medium and large stores.

CleverDev Software is a retail software development company. We create and customize E-commerce solutions using cutting-edge technology platforms. We help our retail clients transform their interaction with customers and partners by connecting them in an automated supply chain. CleverDev Software partners with digital marketing agencies and E-commerce solution providers. As a result, our customers have access to the latest IT capabilities and advanced technical knowledge.

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Why Retail Automation is Necessary

You need to understand that automation will help you organize the work in the enterprise correctly, and increase profits.

Often, store owners are reluctant to invest their money in retail software development, believing that it won’t bring them profit. But this is not the case. Once you pay the retail software development company, while your staff is reduced. Further work is faster, while errors and defects are minimized.

What Does Automation in Retail Stores Mean?

First of all, the cashier's place is equipped with reading scanners for barcodes and cash registers. In this case, you need special retail programs to allow the equipment to work properly. The faster the checkout will work, the more people your store will be able to serve.


Benefits of Retail Software

Custom Software Development for Retail

Retail software is becoming an indispensable assistant when it comes to organizing purchases, delivery, storage, personnel management, and other activities related to offline sales. Automation of all these processes helps to increase the productivity of your business and focus human resources on the main thing - sales. And your visitors will get an improved experience and will want to return to your store again and again.

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Industries We Work With

Understanding Customer Needs

How can you provide customers with a positive experience and meet their needs if you don't fully understand their needs? This issue can be solved with the help of custom software development for retail. Special analytics tools will collect data and analyze it. So, you can understand exactly what your customers need.

Entering New Sales Channels

Retail software development services will help to enter new markets. Analyze the information you have to understand and expand your network as efficiently as possible. In addition, the development of certain tools can allow you to go online, without limits at all to the possibilities of your business.

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Cost Optimization

Reducing the amount of time required to process a large amount of information, accounting for all data in one system, managing company resources using software - all this reduces the risk of errors. It ensures complete transparency of all business processes. As a result, costs are reduced, there is no need to hire a large staff, and you are insured against the “loss” of some products due to inattention.

Increasing Buyer Loyalty

Faster and better service, providing up-to-date information, and the ability to get feedback will make your customers' experience much better. It means they will become more loyal to your brand. So, you will be able to keep customers longer and get more and more new ones.

We always choose an individual approach to development. The resulting tool must solve the tasks and problems of the business. It means that the set of tools will be selected for each business based on its characteristics, and will be unique. Our retail software solutions and app developers use the latest technological advances to increase online and offline store conversions.

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