How to Develop Remote Patient Monitoring Software from Scratch

On-demand services and a consumer-centric approach are essential requirements for the healthcare industry today. With remote patient monitoring solutions, medicare professionals can reach people where they are and in a more convenient fashion.

 building remote patient monitoring system from scratch

So, when you are aware of how to build a remote patient monitoring system then you are ready to fit into the global trends of fast responsive care, cutting costs, and reducing operational expenses.

Our new article will provide you with comprehensive guidance on RPM developing stages based on our mature practical experience and turnkey projects.

Top 5 Reasons Why Remote Patient Monitoring Systems Are the Future of Healthcare

First, let us reveal some stats to add value. Thus, the latest report by MarketsandMarkets showed that the global remote patient monitoring (RPM) market is projected to reach $ 53.6 billion by the end of 2022. What is more, in 2027, the market size is expected to hit $ 175.2 billion at a CAGR of 26.7%.

What are the considerable reasons for these impressive promising prospects? We’ve tried to choose compelling reasons and prove a bright future for RPM systems.

develop remote patient monitoring software

No Way Back

It is not surprising that such a vast acceptance of custom remote patient monitoring software demonstrated impressive growth after COVID-19 outbreaks.

According to the American Hospital Association, the pandemic became a real catalyst for virtual care. It noticed that not so many hospitals were ready to revolutionize their traditional medicare approaches several years ago. While today, more than 48% of US health providers are committed to continuing to use RPM solutions and other advanced technology to upgrade their service.

Hospital System Decompression

Among the major dramatic consequences of the pandemic was the massive overload of hospitals and clinics across the globe. With RPM solutions, hospital systems can release their resources by delegating a great number of regular checkups for patients with heart diseases and serious conditions, diabetes, or pneumonia to a meditech solution.

For example, patients can send vital health parameters via a mobile app while staying in the comfort of their homes. It helps doctors monitor their patients regularly and provide quick response measures if there is any need for more intensive care.

Shift to Lower Costs

Remote patient monitoring paved the way to reinventing the industry by providing efficient technology for optimizing workflows, reducing expenses, and empowering clinics and hospitals with the next level of service.

As for healthcare providers, the solution builds a robust system of seamless business and administrative process automatization. That means that all necessary charts are done, the electronic paperwork is taken care of, and the bills are generated and sent to insurers. It helps minimize prices and sets prospects for service development and future growth.

Breaking the Barriers

When it comes to doctors and patients, we have to consider one more serious consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from the threads of this serious infection, it changed for the worse the issues with chronic diseases.

Now, many people tend to avoid visiting medicare establishments often because of overloads and the fright to be infected. Therefore, doctors cannot regularly monitor the state of health of their patients.

Here, an RPM solution is a real game changer, as it gives the level of fidelity that is equal to hospitals right at patients’ homes.

Flexible Service

Insider Intelligence projects that 70.6 million of patients in the USA, or 26.2% of the nation, will turn to using RPM tools by 2025.

With these solutions, people can get more flexible treatment plans and have a wider choice of health providers. Hospitals can release patients earlier and monitor their state via devices and remote communication solutions to decompress the system. And doctors can have more valuable proven data about their patients and responsively improve therapy regimes.

build a remote patient monitoring system

Significant Elements of Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Now, when we’ve reviewed essential factors that move RPM to the forefront of healthcare innovation, why not have a close look at the tech stack essentials of the solution?

So, what are the core components you should take into consideration when you develop remote patient monitoring software? We handpicked the three most notable cornerstones.

EHR Integration

The essential element for any RPM platform is its robust interoperability with patients’ EHR data. That is why remote patient monitoring solutions need to provide access to any collected or stored information and its utilization.

Data Confidentiality

One more crucial factor for a medtech solution is its compliance with governmental requirements of sensitive medical data privacy. For this reason, you need to establish privacy settings that could be controlled by the patients. Also, information use training is a must for providers and patients of RPM portals.

Data Accuracy

Reputed fidelity of medication treatment delivered via an RPM solution can be only guaranteed by properly tested monitoring devices. Given this, providers should pay special attention to supplying their patients with proven certified tools.

create a remote patient monitoring system from scratch

Create a Remote Patient Monitoring System from Scratch with CleverDev Software

With all the aforementioned significant elements in mind, you should decide choosing a reliable custom software development vendor when you make up your mind to launching an RPM solution delivery for your business.

Why is CleverDev Software the best match for cooperation? The answer lies in several perspectives.

We are a mature company with vast expertise and the best specialists that are ready to take over the full-cycle RPM development process and deliver it from scratch.

Furthermore, we take every project with particular emphasis on improving our client’s business and not only coding and testing routine.

On top of this, CleverDev Software is an experienced vendor with a range of outstanding projects on our success list.

We are proud of the Remote Patient Monitoring platform that we have built for our US-based client. The platform has already brought additional revenue worth over $1 million annually and improved the client’s workflow and staff performance.

custom remote patient monitoring software

How to Develop Remote Patient Monitoring Software: Our Roadmap

Here is our comprehensive roadmap for your RPM software delivery that is grounded on our practical experience and top-notch expertise.

In this way, when you decide to develop an out-and-front solution, stick to the following seven stages.

#1 Know Your Competitors

The initial stage of your project starts with careful market research. It will consist of analytics of your competitors' strong and weak points, studying their customers' reviews, and defining possible mistakes to avoid.

These practical insights will help you outline the basic values of your RPM product and determine the functionality to deliver the values.

#2 Understand Your Targeted Audience

An RPM solution is not only software for automated tasks as you can’t do everything virtually in the healthcare industry.

That is why your product should answer the challenges that all the stakeholders have. You should plan the functionality for providers, doctors, medical personnel, and all groups of patients.

#3 Select the Best Tech Stack

The third stage focuses on peculiar product specifications, optimal tech stack, time estimations, and budget.

All these truly complicated issues can be professionally solved by a trustworthy software development partner.

#4 Provide Privacy and Compliance Regulations

The essential requirement of data protection and regulations compliance. For instance, HIPAA compliance is a mandatory necessity for all developers of RPM systems.

Some other measures are multi-factor authentication, EHR data encryption, secure financial data integration, etc.

#5 Establish Excellent Design

It’s hard to underestimate the valuation of smooth, intuitive, and responsive interaction with your product for the future success of your business ideas.

To ensure it, you should concentrate on the UI/UX design essentials and find the best deliverables for interface and sitemap elements, databases, and sync methods for your RPM application.

#6 Pack the Features

If you aim at building a remote patient monitoring system from scratch and preparing it for future scaling and development, then customized software will be your best decision.

You can start with an MVP (minimal viable product) with only basic options, test it, and analyze the first customers’ reviews to understand all the pros and cons of your ideas. Then you can pack your app with additional features and upgrade and improve your functionality gradually.

#7 Testing

The main thing about the testing stage is that the earlier you launch it while developing software, the better the final product you will get. Besides that, testing should also be an essential component of all after-release updates and RPM platform modernizations.

Final Word

We, at CleverDev Software, are assured that RPM is more than just codes. It provides fast responsive care and ends up not only cutting costs and reducing operational expenses. It immensely contributes to people's health by avoiding hard conditions and serious diseases.

So, while building a remote patient monitoring system from scratch you should devote particular attention to such significant elements as utmost data confidentiality and accuracy and robust EMR integration solutions. Then you can follow our smart guidelines for the crowned with success delivery. And give particular importance to choosing a reliable custom software development partner.

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