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Focus on the business side of your business, while we focus on providing you with the right technology and top-notch backend development and support services.

What is Backend Development?

Any website or app has two core elements to it – it’s frontend and backend. Besides what a user can see (delivered by the frontend team), there's also the architecture behind the service that keeps it running. Think of backend development as a backbone, something any web application or website is relying upon to work.

An easy way to separate frontend and backend would be to think of a website or app as a restaurant. Yes, a nice interior and well-trained staff would be nice (and that would be what frontend is responsible for), but what people expect first and foremost is good food. Backend development is the kitchen, it’s what makes-or-breaks the experience and lays the foundation of your product. Solid backend allows for reliable architecture of the service, its consistency and business logic.

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Why Invest into Backend Development Services?

This question is valid, because a website can actually be built through frontend technology only – backend isn’t the exclusive way to go anymore. However, there are at least three good reasons to contemplate hiring a backend team.

Reason 1: Your business is built to grow.

Using frontend only would be a good option in case something simple is needed. But as the app grows, so does the volume of files and data connected to it, and if the technology is unable to support this growth, it will eventually fail. A project developing fast can expand exponentially, and a structure not designed to carry the load will soon become cumbersome and likely to fall apart. 

So, if you know that your business is built with prospective scalability in mind, investing into quality backend solutions is fundamental. Professional backend developers are able to help reinforce your ideas and think through the logic that would enable the software to run smoothly, no matter how big it gets.

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Reason 2: You can’t afford any hiccups. 

There are industries like Healthcare or Finance where the cost of a mistake is extremely high. The solution has to be dependable, predictable and easy enough to operate, otherwise it inevitably malfunctions. In such scenarios, backend is not an option but a complete necessity. A massive amount of client data is stored and managed through big and complex systems like CRMs, and any breach or error may lead to a way larger predicament. 

Alternatively, if you’re working in e-commerce, investing into good backend support services will mean that your business is ready to attract more customers and deliver a consistent experience. If your website or mobile application is your main point of engagement, if it represents your flagship product/service or your business in general – you know it’s a good idea to make sure it’s reliable. 

No matter the industry, a good user experience will exponentially increase your company’s chances to grow, gain and retain customers. If you want your clients to become your champions, it’s extremely important to deliver a flawless web service. The solution should function like a well-oiled machine, an up-and-running, solid system that never fails. 

Reason 3: You want something unique and complex.

This is just plain common sense. If you require something bespoke, custom backend development would be the key to complex solutions and unique functionalities. If you know you’d like an exclusive project built from the ground up, you know this is a way to go. 

Also, an experienced team would be able to give you suggestions on the possible ways your idea can become a finished product. If you know you’d like things to work in a certain way, but you’re not sure of how this could be achieved, expert developers will give you options and the necessary direction.

Based on the requirements, a certain framework should be used to build the software. It has to be chosen carefully, because adopting a wrong toolset could kill the functionality of the website and be quite unfortunate for the UX. This is where a good backend development company potentially steps in, evaluating the case and choosing the technology accordingly.

If at least one of the reasons is a ‘yes’ for your business, then the next stage is choosing a suitable team.

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What CleverDev Software Brings to the Table

Well, our experience.

Our team has built complex and intricate solutions in the past, so we are not afraid of a challenge. We know how to not just build something from scratch based on your requirements, but help you optimize the architecture, think through every step and action taken on the website and take you from A to Z seamlessly. 

Our seasoned backend team will offer multiple scenarios to choose from, guide you through the process and provide the necessary support. Our ultimate goal is always to make our client’s life easier and to take our part of the job off your shoulders. 

If you want a website or application that is efficient and reliable, CleverDev Software will deliver it for you. We don’t really operate on ‘impossible’, and we strive to find a way to make things work – and for them to work well. 

We use, but are not limited to:

We’ll help you develop a strategy that will highlight the full potential of what you have in mind. Then we’ll choose the right framework to build it and give you full insight into the process. Then we’ll test it and deliver the finished product.

Also, we gladly arrange calls upon request – to discuss, answer your questions, ask ours, prioritize and change course if necessary. 

Ready to take the next step?  Hit ‘Contact Us’ and let us know how we can help you.

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