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What is Frontend Development?

The simpler times when websites could just be plain, informative enough and decently functioning are long gone. Today, there’s a standard that’s expected: when you visit a website or log into an app, it makes (or fails to make) an impact instantly. There’s no space for mediocre and no patience for long waiting times. Any digital product has to do way more than provide info and be more or less visually appealing. It has to have a seamless, well-thought-out design, a user-friendly interface and in general it has to provide a great user experience. 

So, when you see a product that works, has great logic behind it and loads fast, it’s not purely aesthetics – it’s also great frontend solutions. Frontend is the facade of the software product, it’s presentation layer. It’s the part the client interacts with when they enter (thus called the ‘client side’). That would include all the buttons, fonts, styles, navigation, content, etc. 

Indicators of a front-end job well done are:

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Sometimes a website can be built using frontend only. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript only is enough to create something simple and elegant, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution by any means. It comes with certain limitations – software can be developed fast, but this so-called ‘scaffolding’ will not be able to support a very complex architecture. As the amount of data grows, the code may become messy, and will be extremely hard to debug later.

Basically, if you know you need a tool that will be multi-component, if your website will grow and scale – you’ll need frontend and backend working together. Making a correct choice that will stand the test of time proves crucial in such cases. Thus, it makes sense to think it through well and consult with experts if necessary. This will potentially save you a lot of time, effort and resources in the future and will guarantee that the system works efficiently and serves its purpose. 

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How Is It Important For My Company?

The reasons why this is crucial are quite obvious – a client that has trouble accessing the website or a customer who has to wait too long for the app to load will just leave. Typically, people would wait no more than 3 seconds (and 2 for e-commerce websites) before they make a decision to move on. Clearly, this is something any business owner would prefer to avoid.

When front-end developers do a decent job, it may come unnoticed. But if something goes wrong, it creates a first impression that lingers. We’re so used to certain things in terms of usability that any deviation from fast and smooth would be lethal for business. Users (and potential clients) just want things to work, and if they don’t – well, you lose them. Stakes are as high as ever.

Good design and a streamlined layout are now a prerequisite. Additionally, there are also many more components that ‘make or break’ the user experience. And for this reason, expert front-end services are crucial. 

Your website is the front of your business, it’s what represents it and brings in customers and revenue – it’s definitely not something you’d want to gamble with. So if you’re looking to build a great website, you know that a strong front-end team should stand behind it. Having developers by your side who know the inner workings and mechanics of a solid, efficient system means your website or application will have:

-> Increased conversion rates -> Higher ROI

And that’s exactly what investing into professional front-end application development grants your company – the fact of knowing that you have as many stages within the pipeline as possible under control, and that you’re not losing clients because of some minor issue that could be solved in a matter of days or easily avoided. 

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What We Bring to The Table

When choosing a front-end development company to work with, you have to make sure their team can create a full range of versatile solutions with a variety of frameworks. Every project is unique, and it requires appropriate custom technology. You’d want to make sure the technical aspect is covered. 

But there is another very important aspect to such cooperation, and it’s communication. Besides being able to execute something well, the team you hire should be able to consult you on the direction in which a project could go by offering options and scenarios to best implement the architecture, create visuals, etc. You have to be confident your questions will be answered.

And we’re just the right company for the job. Our CleverDev Software team will make sure to highlight your company’s identity and trademark features, plus have them work seamlessly. More importantly, we will consult you on the right path to user-centered design.  

Key technologies and frameworks we use for front-end website development are:

Don’t compromise on either good-looking or functional front-end solutions – you really can have the best of both worlds. Working with CleverDev Software guarantees:

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