Java Developer

Experts and connoisseurs of Java Development are needed for a new direction.The main goal of the project is the development and maintenance of software systems of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers. Using the opensource technology stack: JAVA 8 SE. The development team is consists of 10 people, Jira,Git, sprints and Agile.

What to do:

  • Develop new functionality, maintain and improve existing functionality
  • Interact with analysts: analyze tasksetting for technical feasibility, propose solutions
  • Interact with QA specialists: helpwith stabilization of a new functionality
  • Interact with infrastructurespecialists: assist in analysis and resolution of infrastructure problems oftest stands and production
  • Design system software modules
  • Diagnose and solve problems in the industrial environment

What we expect from a candidate:

  • Java development experience from 5 years
  • Confident knowledge of the Java SE(Java8) (strips, streaming, threading) Spring Framework (Core, Data, MVC)
  • JPA/HibernateSpring Boot (only forencapsulation of required dependencies in the form of starters and runningmodules on the local without a third-party server)
  • spring-boot-starter-data-mongodb
  • spring-boot-starter-jdbc (Spring JDBCTemplates)
  • spring-boot-starter-activemq
  • spring-boot-starter-web
  • spring-boot-starter-web-services
  • spring-boot-starter-data-jpa
  • spring-batch-core
  • spring Transaction Management.
  • Web services REST/SOAP (strong XMLknowledge, XSD validation, namespace, etc.)
  • JMS ActiveMQ (understand the basicconcepts, it is desirable to know different messaging strategies)
  • Relational database: PostgreSQL,Oracle (knowledge of types of locks, understanding of transactions, ability to read the query plan, build optimal queries on large amounts of data (knowledgeof PL/SQL and PL/pgSQL will be useful)
  • NoSQL database: MongoDB (ability to build queries and optimize queries, build indexes, see the query plan)
  • Confident knowledge of SQL, abilityto optimize queries
  • Distributed key-value storage RIAK, S3Cache Hazelcast Java application server Tomcat
  • Experience using Maven/Gradle (orothers). Build automation tool Maven
  • Good knowledge of git (merge, rebase, tags, cherry-pick)
  • Linux (ability to track load, resources, ports, search files, directories, stop running processes)
  • English at Technical Reading Level
  • Higher technical education as an advantage
  • Good communication skills:)


  • Formal employment
  • Stable payments to the bank card twice a month
  • Environmentally friendly atmosphere of communication and cooperation
  • Paid leave 25 calendar days
  • Open Free Control Style
  • Corporate English Courses

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